A rare "two-headed snake" among snakes, real? Why did it not survive so long?

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Legend has it that the two-headed snake is the invincible protective deity of the queen of heaven "Hera" in ancient Greek mythology, and demons and beasts will flee when they see the two-headed snake, but they did not expect that the mythical two-headed snake actually existed in reality. Let's see what's going on today?

A rare "two-headed snake" among snakes, real? Why did it not survive so long?

What is a two-headed snake?

In the traditional culture of the mainland, the two-headed snake is a bad omen, and those who see it are either dead or injured.

The two-headed snake mentioned here is not a blunt-tailed two-headed snake, the blunt-tailed two-headed snake is just a head and tail that looks relatively similar, and the two-headed snake mentioned today is a mutated deformed snake that really has two snake heads. Although uncommon, two-headed snakes have been reported around the world.

In essence, any kind of snake has the potential to become a two-headed snake, whether it is a highly venomous snake king cobra, or a docile and non-poisonous snake jade spotted brocade snake, can become a two-headed snake. But a probability is only one in ten thousand, and even if it becomes a two-headed snake, the probability of survival is not too high.

Once in the snake tube of the mainland Nanning Zoo, a Chinese cobra with two heads was found, the head of the double-headed Chinese cobra is separated from 6 cm of the body, and miraculously, in addition to the reproductive system, and the digestive system is shared, they all have their own brain, heart, eyes and other organs.

A rare "two-headed snake" among snakes, real? Why did it not survive so long?

The case of the two-headed snake

In the Indian state of Maharashtra, an 11-centimeter monster double-headed snake was found: the Russell Viper, which has just been born, each snake head is only 2 cm long, very fragile.

A rare "two-headed snake" among snakes, real? Why did it not survive so long?

On October 15, 2009, farmers in Bazhou, China, found a two-headed snake under the roots of an old house in the countryside.

A rare "two-headed snake" among snakes, real? Why did it not survive so long?

In early 2008, residents of the U.S. state of Myanmar spotted a two-headed snake with two heads but a common torso. It can be seen that there is still a two-headed snake in the world.

How to turn into a two-headed snake?

The snakes in this situation are basically genetically mutated snakes, and the reason for this condition is generally caused by an egg twin, coupled with environmental stimulation, resulting in genetic mutations and becoming genetically mutated two-headed snakes, resulting in two snakes sharing an organ.

Why do two-headed snakes survive so long?

The reason is because the two-headed snake in the process of life, it is difficult to effectively kill the prey, because they have two snake heads, they will see different directions, can see different scenes, one finds the prey, the other but does not know, resulting in two snakes disagreement, how to catch. thus influencing action.

If you encounter natural predators, it is likely that the direction is confused because of fear, so that you cannot escape, and the two-headed snake is likely to kill each other because of its prey during the feeding process. Wound their common body. Moreover, the place where the two snake heads bifurcate is extremely easy to tear, and it is easy to split into two halves and die.

A rare "two-headed snake" among snakes, real? Why did it not survive so long?

And the two-headed snake survives for a short time, most two-headed snakes can only survive for about a week, but there are exceptions, in some two-headed snakes, there is artificial breeding phenomenon, and it has survived for 17 years, which is the longest known survival of two-headed snakes known to humans.

Causes of mutated double-headed

A rare "two-headed snake" among snakes, real? Why did it not survive so long?

For example, the two-headed turtle with a Japanese gene mutation, the mutated two-headed pig in Iowa, the United States, and the conjoined crocodile on a Thai farm are all cases of mutation, whether it is air pollution or a variety of chemical pollution, all have an impact on various organisms, which is also a warning to us to love the environment, protect wildlife, and protect ourselves.

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