13,500 people of the "Extraordinary Decade and Eight Gui" moved out of the mountains to live a happy life

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Standing at the entrance to the Duonu community in Lihu Yao Nationality Township in Nandan County, hundreds of small farmhouse buildings with uniform styles are built against the mountain, looming in the morning fog, quite spectacular. Walking into the community, the front and back of the house are clean and tidy, the lawn is verdant, the trees are shady, and the side of the wide and tidy road is marked with a three-color cycling path, which continues to extend according to the mountain; Along the way, the theme villages with distinctive characteristics, such as the Inner Fighting Bird Village, the Copper Drum Village, the Niujiao Village, the Gyro Village, and the Sticky Paste Village, come into view, and at the foot of the mountain is the unique shape of the "Yaowang Village", full of strong national customs.

13,500 people of the "Extraordinary Decade and Eight Gui" moved out of the mountains to live a happy life

The Duonu Community of Lihu Yao Nationality Township in Nandan County is one of the three major resettlement areas for poverty alleviation in the county, with a total of 1127 households and 6840 people, most of whom are white pants Yao compatriots. In recent years, through the vigorous development of the rural tourism industry, the community has allowed the relocated people to eat "tourism meals" and achieved increased income and prosperity. The picture shows a corner of the community of Donu. Photo by Bi Rongxing

Is this a scenic spot? Yes, the Duonu community is also a Duonu scenic spot, and in recent years has been awarded the "Chinese Ethnic Minority Characteristic Village", "National Beautiful Relocation and Resettlement Area" and "National Rural Tourism Key Village".

Relocation area? Yes, the Donu community is one of the three major relocation areas for poverty alleviation in Nandan County. "We are the largest resettlement site for the 'Thousand Yao Zhai • Wanhu Yao Township' project, mainly for the relocation of the white pants Yao masses from the nearby mountainous areas." Li Xia, the first secretary of the Dunu community in the village, introduced, "The community acquired 1,200 acres of land, built 332 resettlement houses, and resettled 1,227 households and 6,840 people. ”

On the morning of September 22, next to the observation deck of the Donu community, resident Lan Huanmei was cleaning. "Customers drink and chat late, so usually we clean in the morning." Lan Huanmei said.

Lan Huan Mei is an authentic white-pants Yao sister. At the end of 2017, her family of 6 bid farewell to the thatched house of her hometown in Jiya Village, and moved to the Duonu community and lived in a beautiful "villa". During the day, Lan Huanmei worked as a scenic spot cleaner in the public welfare post provided by the government, 1500 yuan per month; In the evening, she and her husband started a late-night barbecue on the façade of the south gate of the community, doing tourist business, earning a considerable income, and the family was living a prosperous life.

13,500 people of the "Extraordinary Decade and Eight Gui" moved out of the mountains to live a happy life

Aerial view of Yaowangzhai scenic spot.

"At the beginning of the design, the party committee and government had already thought of the follow-up development of the relocated masses, and proposed to use the unique folk customs of Bai Jiaoyao to combine global tourism with poverty alleviation and relocation with the construction of scenic spots with the diversified financing model of 'superior support + financial input + enterprise participation'." Tan Shanqi, director of the Nandan County Culture, Radio, Television, Sports and Tourism Bureau, introduced.

"Yaowangzhai is a supporting project for poverty alleviation and relocation of Duonu community, implanted in the white pants Yao culture, built in accordance with the national 5A level scenic spot standards, and has now invested 500 million yuan." Wu Huaqing, head of Yaowangzhai Scenic Area and general manager of Guangxi Mengzhiyao Tourism Development Co., Ltd., said. According to reports, the main project of the scenic spot has been basically completed, and after the official opening of the project in the future, it can accommodate 10,000 people to visit and visit at the same time, and provide 3,000 jobs such as performance, service, catering and other jobs for the nearby white pants Yao masses, effectively driving the integration and development of the local one, two and three industries.

What does tourism development depend on? In addition to natural scenery, folk culture and cultural landscapes are particularly important. For the golden signboard of "living fossils of human civilization", how to retain its national heritage while relocating to get rid of poverty? This is also a matter of concern. Nandan County actively organizes folk artists to declare non-genetic inheritance, and carries out intangible cultural heritage entrepreneurship with the community ethnic handicraft display center, copper drum workshop, gyro workshop, weaving and embroidery workshop, and dyeing workshop in the resettlement area as the carrier. At the same time, strengthen the national culture into the campus, in the school opened a copper drum, leather drum, national costume inheritance and other interest classes.

At 5 p.m. on September 21, the reporter walked into Wang Shang Primary School next to the resettlement area of the Donu community, coinciding with extracurricular activities, only to see that some students of all grades jumped monkeys to inspire, some played gyro competition, and some played brass drums, and the whole school was like a large-scale literary and artistic exhibition and performance scene. "4:50-5:50 p.m. on the school day is the study time of the school's ethnic heritage interest class, every day." Wu Fubiao, the school's copper inspiration instructor, introduced it to reporters.

During the "13th Five-Year Plan" period, the number of poor people in Nandan Lika White Pants Yao reached 23,000. "There is little arable land, more stones, drought and lack of water, and I live in mud houses and thatched houses." Hua Mingjin, vice chairman of the Nandan County CPPCC Committee, who was born in Lihu Yuandi Village, briefed reporters on the common living conditions of the white-pants Yao masses in the past.

In order to fundamentally solve the survival dilemma of the Baijiao Yao masses, Nandan County has implemented the "Qianjia Yaozhai Wanhu Yao Township" ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation tourism development project in Lihu and Bawei Yao townships in the Baijiaoyao settlement, and has invested 1.37 billion yuan to build three centralized resettlement sites in Lihu Wang Shangduonu Community, Baxu Jiela Community and Baxu Yao Zhai Unity Community, resettling a total of about 13,500 people from 2,471 households of the Baijiao Yao people, and through the innovative implementation of the new model of "ex-situ poverty alleviation and relocation + tourism development", Baijiao Yao has achieved overall poverty alleviation.

On September 22, the reporter walked into the Jiela community of Bawei Yao Nationality Township, only to see rows of two-and-a-half-story "villas" with pink walls and green tiles standing next to the road, with gardens in front and courtyards in the back.

13,500 people of the "Extraordinary Decade and Eight Gui" moved out of the mountains to live a happy life

The Donu Community Resettlement Area is a key village for rural tourism in China.

"There are 93 such 'villas', and there are 35 apartment buildings, which have placed a total of 1,010 households and 5,945 people who have been lifted out of poverty." Liang Chendong, the first secretary stationed in the community, introduced it to reporters. The Jiela community is the largest resettlement area in Bawei, of which Bai Jiaoyao accounts for 78%, in addition to a smaller unity community, named for its location next to the Tuanjie Reservoir. Tuanjie Community covers an area of 130 acres, built 49 townhouses and 1,363 people from 221 households and 7 villages, including Yaozhai Village, Baha Village, Tanglang Village, Kansai Village, Tetra Pak Village, Liao Village and Xuanming Village in Liuzhai Town.

In the Jiela community, the reporter randomly walked into the home of Lan Yuhe, a relocated household. The conversation learned that the middle-aged man who originally lived in Taozhutun in Shachang Village had just sold more than 100 free-range chickens and harvested tens of thousands of yuan. Lan Yuhe worked outside the home in his early years, and now in order to take care of his children and his family, he stays at home, and can also make tens of thousands of yuan a year by contracting more than 10 acres of paddy fields and dryland to plant rice and corn, while carrying out family farming.

It is understood that the economic resources of the residents of the two communities, Jiela and Tuanjie, mainly rely on going out to work and returning to the original village to develop industries. Nowadays, many families involved in the poverty alleviation and relocation project of "Qianjia Yaozhai Wanhu Yao Township" are no longer engaged in traditional agricultural farming, young and middle-aged people go out to work, women who can sing and dance choose to work in scenic spots in front of their homes, some also start their own businesses, and many families have purchased various home appliances and purchased cars.

13,500 people of the "Extraordinary Decade and Eight Gui" moved out of the mountains to live a happy life

The resettlement area attaches great importance to the inheritance of ethnic culture, and the picture shows the students of Wang Shang Primary School learning to jump monkeys in the ethnic heritage interest class.

Move out of the remote areas of the poor countryside and move into the "happy homeland". The resettlement project of "Qianjia Yaozhai Wanhu Yao Township" is one of the representatives of Guangxi's poverty alleviation project in the past 10 years, and is the main carrier of the overall poverty alleviation of Baijiaoyao. Through the integration of poverty alleviation and cultural tourism, the project promotes employment and hematopoietic entrepreneurship at the doorstep of the masses, allows the relocated people to embark on the road of tourism, hold the tourist bowl, eat tourist meals, consolidate and expand the effective connection between poverty alleviation and rural revitalization, and let the people of Baijiaoyao leap from "the most backward living state in Guangxi" to the demonstration point of "happy life". In the "Implementation Plan for Follow-up Support for Poverty Alleviation and Relocation" prepared and implemented by the state, the resettlement project has become one of the 13 in the country and the only typical case in Guangxi to be recommended to the whole country.

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Guangxi Daily-Guangxi Cloud Client Reporter Zhou Ying

Draw a new era, strive for a century-old dream. Since 2016, Guangxi has used the strength of the whole region to promote the relocation of poverty alleviation and relocation of this people's livelihood project, party committees and governments at all levels, the vast number of poverty alleviation cadres and the masses have worked together to focus on difficult points, "great linkage" to carry out innovative work, move poor nests and change poor industries at the same time, live and work in peace, and move the masses out of the place where "one side of the water and soil cannot afford to support one person", and increase follow-up support with "one household and one policy" to ensure that the masses can develop and effectively consolidate the foundation for poverty alleviation. By the end of December 2019, 710,000 people had moved out of the poor ravines and lived a good life.

Nowadays, looking at Bagui, one after another relocated buildings have risen from the ground, and the people who have moved from different places have landed in employment and have a head start in life, embarking on a new journey and ushering in a new picture of rural revitalization.

Strive to set sail to a new journey, and continue to struggle to open a new situation. Guangxi regards the relocated population as the key object to prevent large-scale return to poverty, integrates the resources and forces of all parties, plays a "combined fist", further improves the supporting infrastructure and public services in the centralized resettlement area, grasps the two keys of industry and employment, increases follow-up support, and writes a good "second half of the article" on poverty alleviation and relocation.

In June 2020, Guangxi formulated and issued the "Guangxi Work Plan for Assisting Centralized Resettlement Sites for Extra-Large Poverty Alleviation and Relocation of More Than 10,000 People", which makes arrangements for public services, industrial cultivation, employment assistance, community management and other work in 13 exceptionally large relocation centralized resettlement sites for poverty alleviation and relocation in the region.

At the same time, the 13 districted cities in the region are responsible for large-scale resettlement sites of 3,000 to 10,000 people, and each county (city, district) is responsible for studying and formulating the work plan for medium-sized resettlement sites with 800 to 3,000 people one by one, and increasing the intensity of follow-up support work, without missing a single household or one person.

The support for industrial development and employment and entrepreneurship has been gradually increased. All localities and departments have conscientiously grasped the development of industrial projects, raised funds of 1.393 billion yuan from various sources, implemented 60 follow-up support industrial projects, and by the end of August 2022, 835 million yuan of investment has been completed; efforts have been made to solve the problem of employment and entrepreneurship of the relocated masses, and a total of 98 special job fairs have been held in the relocation and resettlement area; 256 on-site job fairs and remote online job fairs have been held relying on the Guangdong-Guangdong labor service cooperation mechanism. Organized the transportation of 54,200 people; opened 465 employment assistance workshops to absorb relocated labor force for nearby employment, and 340,400 people have been employed among 163,854 relocated households.

Community management services have been comprehensively strengthened. At present, of the 506 centralized resettlement areas, 420 party branches (general party branches) have been newly established, 86 village (resident) people's committees, 635 village (resident) groups or other autonomous organizations have been established, 447 trade union organizations, 429 Communist Youth League organizations, and 452 women's federation organizations have been established. Truly improve the rules of procedure for resettlement community party organizations and autonomous organizations, formulate residents' conventions or village rules and covenants, establish consultation mechanisms for civil people's deliberations, civil private offices, and civil civil management, and rely on grid chiefs, building chiefs, unit chiefs, and so forth for self-management and self-service. It took the lead in promulgating the "Implementation Opinions on Further Doing a Good Job in the Follow-up Management Work of Large-scale Relocation Grass-roots Organizations Reconstruction", promoting the establishment of streets in large-scale resettlement areas with more than 8,000 people, and improving the overall level of management services in resettlement areas through the upgrading of management institutions.

The integration process of the relocated masses has been accelerated. A total of 1,184 compulsory education schools were built in 506 centralized resettlement areas, 882 medical and health places were built, and 3,226 "nine centers" were set up for comprehensive community services to facilitate the people and benefit the people, etc., to solve difficulties and problems in production and life for the masses in a timely manner. Vigorously carry out activities such as national unity and progress and the creation of civilized families, and combine traditional Chinese festivals and festivals with ethnic minority characteristics to effectively promote the integration of relocated masses into their new lives. As of September 20, 2022, all 167,900 sets of real estate property rights certificates for resettlement housing (including synchronous relocation households) in the whole district have been completed, so that the relocated people can eat a "reassuring pill".

13,500 people of the "Extraordinary Decade and Eight Gui" moved out of the mountains to live a happy life

Tell the vision

Huang Ke is the secretary of the Nandan County Party Committee

Nandan County has adapted to local conditions and innovated the implementation of the "Qianjia Yaozhai Wanhu Yao Township" relocation and tourism development project, and after the relocation of the local white-pants Yao people, their lives have undergone earth-shaking changes. It not only changes the poverty situation of the people of Baijiaoyao that "one side of the water and soil cannot feed the other side", but also converts the culture of ethnic minorities into tourism resources and realizes the integrated development of "culture + tourism + poverty alleviation".

In the next step, we will deeply cultivate the characteristic tourism brand of "Southern Summer Resort • World White Pants Yao Township", take the rural revitalization and connection tourism project as the starting point, make every effort to tap the cultural tourism resources, enrich the connotation of Nandan cultural tourism, and exert efforts in cultivating the economic growth point of cultural tourism and optimizing the industrial layout system, and strive to create a national tourism demonstration zone. It will strengthen the in-depth integration of culture, tourism and health care, continue to promote the development of tourism poverty alleviation and enrichment of the people's global tourism, and achieve the goal of Nandan's everywhere scenery, global scenic spots, and global tourism. By building a new pattern of "Nandan Libo" cross-provincial (regional) tourism integration and development, Nandan will be built into a golden fulcrum for southwest China's tourism and a beautiful window for Guangxi's tourism to Qianchuan-Chongqing.

Wu Huaqing is the general manager of Guangxi Mengzhiyao Tourism Development Co., Ltd

Our "Geya Sigu Yaowang Village" is a supporting project for the relocation of the Duonu community, the scenic spot covers an area of 1.98 square kilometers, and the main project has been basically completed.

In the next step, we plan to continue to invest 350 million yuan to build a ropeway connecting the scenic spot and the Baijieyao "Baidi Sacred Mountain", so that tourists can easily tour the original landscape of Baijiaoyao and find the "roots" of Baijiaoyao. After the scenic spot is officially opened, the scenic spot can provide jobs, such as performances, services, and catering for the nearby white-pants Yao masses, so that the relocated people can make a fortune at their doorstep.

Lan Huan Sister Relocated households in Duonu Community, Lihu Yao Nationality Township, Nandan County

In the past, our whole family was crammed into leaking mud houses. At that time, I was working outside, and many friends wanted to come to my house to visit, but because the life and living environment at home were too difficult, I could only politely refuse.

After the immigrants moved to the community of Donu in 2017, I not only lived in beautiful buildings, but also had a job and started a business. Now, I no longer worry about my friends coming to the house and having no place to stay. I hope that friends from all over the world will come to our Nandan "Qianjia Yaozhai Wanhu Yao Township" sightseeing tour, to feel our white pants Yao national culture, taste my family's barbecue.

13,500 people of the "Extraordinary Decade and Eight Gui" moved out of the mountains to live a happy life
13,500 people of the "Extraordinary Decade and Eight Gui" moved out of the mountains to live a happy life

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