"Historical figures" make the emperor love and hate the "pen head slave", and Gu Bishu is an official model

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During the Northern Wei Dynasty of the Southern and Northern Dynasties, Gu Bi was known for being a straightforward and honest official, and as a humble man, he was good at riding and shooting from a young age, and liked to read, which can be described as "both literary and martial arts", and it was very special next to the "big old and rough" around him.

"Historical figures" make the emperor love and hate the "pen head slave", and Gu Bishu is an official model

Gu Bi was very capable in handling official affairs, coupled with his integrity, his reputation gradually became apparent, and the Ming Yuan Emperor Tuoba Si attached great importance to him, giving him the name "pen" (not a pen name), boasting that his personality was as straight as a "brush" and "useful" like a brush, and later gave him the name "弼", symbolizing that he could "assist" the emperor, and also let Gu Bi and Liu Jie's ministers share the state affairs and entrust him with heavy responsibilities. Later, when Emperor Taiwu ascended the throne, Gu Bi rose to the top and became a heavy minister with both culture and martial arts, leading an army to defeat the attack of Gao Che and the Xiongnu Helian Ding, with outstanding merit.

"Historical figures" make the emperor love and hate the "pen head slave", and Gu Bishu is an official model

However, Gu Bi was unsuccessful in attacking Feng Wentong of Northern Yan, and Tuoba Tao punished him to guard the city gate. When preparing to conquer Northern Liang, Gu Bi made another mistake, pointing out that Liangzhou lacked water and grass and was not suitable for attack. Tuoba Tao did not listen to directly destroy the Northern Liang, laughed at Gu Bi, and did not fight down? However, Tuoba Tao still attached great importance to Gu Bi's general talent, and later Gu Bi once again led troops to defeat the Southern Dynasty Liu Song.

Gu Bi was an expert in fighting, and later did the supreme Shangshu Ling was righteous and dared to argue with the emperor. Once Gu Bi played a thing to Tuoba Tao, it happened that Tuoba Tao was playing chess with a minister, and he was concentrating on playing chess to a key point, so he ignored Gu Bi. Gu Bi waited for a long time and finally couldn't hold on, he went up and slapped the minister, and even scolded him, "The imperial court is ruined, all because of people like you", Tuoba Tao quickly put aside the chess piece and said, "The mistake of decay, it does not concern others", Gu Bi only stopped and reported the urgent matter to the emperor, Tuoba Tao agreed to it all.

"Historical figures" make the emperor love and hate the "pen head slave", and Gu Bishu is an official model

Once Tuoba Tao went out to hunt in Hexi and arranged for Gu Bi to stay in Kyoto, he asked Gu Bi to supply good horses, but Gu Bi allocated some inferior horses. Tuoba Tao howled angrily, and the pen head slave even mixed water with what the emperor wanted, and I cut him off when I went back. Gu Bi's subordinates trembled with fright when they heard this, and Gu Bi said that not giving the emperor a good horse was a minor crime, that it was a major crime not to be prepared to let the thief commit a crime, that the enemy had a bad heart and unpredictable intentions, so as long as it was beneficial to the country, why be afraid? When the words reached the emperor's ears, Tuoba Tao sighed that such a courtier was really a national treasure and a minister of society. Not only did he not kill him, but he also rewarded Gu Bi.

However, Gu Bi, a loyal minister, was later involved in the internal struggle of Northern Wei and was unjustly killed, and many people in Northern Wei cried out for him.

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