Angola's mining of "rare pink diamonds" is estimated to be a world record, who can afford it?

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On 27 July, a pink diamond weighing about 170 carats was found at a diamond mine called Lulo in the Lunda nord region of Angola. The diamond's owner, Australia's Lukapa Diamond Company, claims that this is likely to be the largest pink diamond ever found worldwide in 300 years, and none of them.

Angola's mining of "rare pink diamonds" is estimated to be a world record, who can afford it?

The valuation of this diamond has not yet been announced, but from the news released by industry insiders, the price of this pink diamond may be called a world record. The largest diamond unearthed at the mine weighed 404 carats and sold for $16 million, but the diamond was not a pink diamond, just an ordinary diamond. So how do diamonds form? Why are diamonds so expensive? Today, I will talk to you about the diamond that is said to be eternal and eternal.

How exactly do the diamonds we usually see come to be?

As an expensive ore, diamond is actually very common on Earth, that is, carbon. Today's scientific community believes that billions of years ago, when the sun first formed, the core produced hydrogen helium fusion, and one of the products of nuclear fusion was carbon. So the carbon content in our universe is very high. Over the next few billion years, the planets of the solar system also gradually formed, and these carbon elements also gathered on the rock planets with gravitational action, and the high pressure and high temperature conditions generated inside the planets gradually formed hard diamonds.

Angola's mining of "rare pink diamonds" is estimated to be a world record, who can afford it?

At present, we have two kinds of common diamonds, one is from the earth's interior billions of years of formation of the product, in the earth's interior of the huge atmospheric pressure and thousands of degrees Celsius of high temperature, this shape of the condition must be 5 million times the pressure and 1000 degrees Celsius of high temperature to form a large number of diamonds; Another kind of diamond is from meteorites, in the long history of the earth, has experienced a large number of meteorite impact events, many of which have carried a large amount of graphite meteorite impact on the earth, the high temperature and pressure generated by the impact is enough to make the carbon element of graphite into diamonds, but it should be pointed out that these diamonds are currently very rare on the earth, and their prices are much higher than ordinary diamonds, which can be described as priceless.

If diamonds are so common on Earth, why are they still so expensive?

In fact, diamonds are not rare on Earth, and there are even many underground, so why are they still so expensive?

Angola's mining of "rare pink diamonds" is estimated to be a world record, who can afford it?

There are two reasons for this, but the biggest reason is the hype of the merchants. In the 18th century, when diamonds were first discovered, it was widely believed that diamonds were a very rare gemstone, so the price was inevitably high. With the discovery of huge diamond mines in South Africa, businessmen in order to make the price of diamonds not to fall, so they thought of limiting the production of diamonds, and then tied the concept of diamonds and love, this concept can be said to be the most successful advertising implant in human history, now people have generally accepted this idea, wedding rings are almost all diamond rings, many ring shops are also limited to a couple of couples can only order a pair of diamond rings, after years of publicity has also successfully stabilized the price of diamonds.

Angola's mining of "rare pink diamonds" is estimated to be a world record, who can afford it?

Secondly, the digging of diamonds is also more difficult, most of the diamonds on our earth are not on the surface, but hidden in deeper positions below the surface, these locations are often in the environment close to magma with high temperature and high pressure, it is difficult to go to the area where diamonds are formed on a large scale at the current level of human technology, so the diamonds we mine today are diamonds near the surface, these diamonds are moved from the earth's interior to the surface for billions of years with geological movements, from the earth's interior to the surface. But even near the surface, which is about 150 kilometers below the surface, the cost and difficulty of mining is not low, so it is difficult to reduce the price of diamonds.

So how much can this rare pink diamond be auctioned off?

It is not known what the reserve price of the 170-carat diamond will be, but sources claim that the diamond will soon be auctioned globally and that its price will likely be sold at a surprising record price.

Angola's mining of "rare pink diamonds" is estimated to be a world record, who can afford it?

Let's refer to the diamond named "February 4th" found in the Lulo Diamond Mine, which weighed 404 carats, and the final transaction price was 16 million US dollars, but it is obvious that pink diamonds are more valuable than ordinary diamonds, and a 59-carat pink diamond sold at the Hong Kong auction in 2017 finally sold for a staggering $71.2 million, which is converted into 480 million yuan, which is the most expensive diamond to date.

However, this "Lulo Rose" pink diamond is more than the former in terms of weight, clarity and brightness, so its price is expected to be more than three times its own, so who will become its new owner in the end? You are also welcome to leave a message in the comment area to interact with the author!

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