My son is infected with COVID-19 at a summer camp in Greece! Hurry up and take a dip in the beach to suppress the shock

author:Big head mango in Greece

On July 15th, my son went to a 15-day summer camp. At that time, I just wished him a good summer camp, and sure enough, this summer camp cannot be completed smoothly.

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A few days ago, I received a call from the summer camp, and the staff said: There are children in their dormitories who are infected with the new crown.

I asked: So what's next?

The staff member asked: Has your child ever had COVID-19 before?

I said: No. He went to the hospital for three injections.

The camp staff on the other side of the phone said: Then you can do nothing! He can continue to stay at camp and I'm just calling you to let you know what's going on!

I said: Okay! I know the situation. Thank you!

When we decided to send our son to summer camp, we took this situation into account, because last year we sent our children to summer camp and had some understanding of the operation of summer camp.

The child's first Greek summer camp, closed independent life for 15 days

The summer camp environment where many children eat and live together, as long as there is an epidemic, it is impossible to prevent. When I participated in the summer camp last year, the poison was not as contagious as it is now, at that time, they had children infected in the summer camp, and our two babies had better luck at that time and were not infected.

First of all, we feel that the US imperialist vaccine that we previously set up in Greece has completely ineffective against the current mutation of the unrecognizable poison. The chances of my son going to summer camp were very high. We know this very well, and all the other Greek or foreign parents who send their children to summer camps are very clear.

Secondly, now this seems to be what Omiker Velvet 5 is mainly a poison, super contagious, living in Greece, we have been unable to do without infection. By September, the children have begun to go to school, and they will definitely have contact with other children at school, and now there is no mandatory mask order for children in school; There is no regular weekly mandatory testing, even if you can do it yourself at home. In this case, it is simply impossible for the child not to be infected, because the people around you, especially the children in the school, are they infected, and whether the test is yang or yin? Is it yang, or is the yang turning yin, or is the original yin now yang again? ...... You simply don't know. No one around knows if they are yin or yang, or yin and yang people? Because now this poison is said to automatically turn yin after a few days of infection, most of them have no symptoms, that is to say, many people may be yang to yin, and he himself is completely unaware. There is a high probability that the people around you are all yin and yang people!

Finally, according to available official data from Greece and Europe, the incidence, severity and even mortality rates of this variant, which are now mainly prevalent, are already super low. The situation is completely different from the beginning of the pandemic. I would like to quote the Greek Chinese news media. The actual number of infections is definitely many times higher than this data, because almost only people who have found symptoms will be tested.

My son is infected with COVID-19 at a summer camp in Greece! Hurry up and take a dip in the beach to suppress the shock
My son is infected with COVID-19 at a summer camp in Greece! Hurry up and take a dip in the beach to suppress the shock

It is for the above reasons that all the countries of Europe have collectively "laid flat"! The US empire is said to be more thorough in "lying flat", and the people do not even wear masks! Even their boss white light is sunny! It is said that he is still insisting on working on a show.

But the interesting thing is that many Greeks are now consciously wearing masks! The Greek people generally distrusted their government, and when the Greek court repeatedly ordered them to wear masks, they were unwilling to wear them; Now the Greek court does not require them to wear masks, but they themselves very consciously wear masks.

Then the beginning of the article said that after receiving a call from the summer camp and being told that they had a child infected with the new crown at the summer camp, we did not go to pick up the child back, because even if we went to pick up the child immediately, there was no point, the whole summer camp must be infected, it depends on whether the disease is sick or not. Anyway, when you get sick later, you will take it home, and if you don't get sick, you will continue to do what you should do at summer camp, that's it!

The Greek summer camp does not do any preventive testing, if there are children with symptoms, they will be isolated, but in this case, the children who have symptoms will not be tested to confirm whether the child is infected with the new crown, the reason is very simple, according to Greek law, doing this test is not the responsibility or obligation of the summer camp; On the contrary, without the authorization or consent of the child's parents, the summer camp has no right to test the child without authorization. Under such circumstances, the summer camp side informed us that there was a child infected with the new crown in the summer camp, which must have spread long ago.

A few days later, the night before, we received another call from the summer camp, and the staff on the other side of the phone said: My son has a fever, his body temperature is 37.7 degrees, and he is now isolated in a room, and he suggests that we take him home.

The child's mother asked: Is he infected with the new crown?

The staff said: We don't know either!

The child's mother said: Then give him a test!

The staff said: You want to test your child, right?

The child's mother said: Yes!

The staff said: OK, contact later.

We immediately got in touch with our son on WeChat, the son was going to the summer camp with his mobile phone, in the video chat, the son said: There was a team leader who saw that he was not very energetic, so he took him to take a temperature, said that he had a little fever, and then he was taken to this room, there were two other children in the room, also a little fever, they ate and drank everything, there was also a bathroom in the room, just can't go out of the room door.

The son said: He has nothing to do, he is very happy at summer camp, happy does not want to go home, he does not want to go home.

We told our son: we have asked the summer camp to test him, if the test is negative, you can try to communicate with them to send you back to continue the summer camp life, if the test is positive, then you can only go home!

We were videotaping with my son, and my son said that the doctor was calling him, and the next morning, my son sent a message saying: They said I was infected with new crown, you come and take me home.

So my family drove to their summer camp, which was located in halimiki and was less than an hour's drive from our house. There are many Greek parents picking up their children at the gate of the summer camp; At the same time, more children are still playing in the summer camp, and groups of children are being taken by the leader to swim on the exclusive beach of the summer camp.

After receiving our son and preparing to leave, a staff member came to us and asked: Are you paying for summer camp? Do I need to give you a refund here?

I said: no refund required, because we only paid a deposit of 150 euros!

My son told us: I was really unlucky, I was found to have a high body temperature, I had to go home, and other people without symptoms could continue to play in the summer camp, their summer camp children had almost all had new crown before, and a Serbian child said that he himself was already infected with new crown for the fifth time!

I said: It is still summer, and this poison is the real high incidence season in autumn and winter, when the incidence and severe disease rate are the highest. Now infect this new version of the virus, stimulate the antibodies in the body, it is regarded as a pre-vaccination!

Now that you have driven to haliki and picked up your son, the family rushed to the nearby beautiful beach to swim under the beach and suppress the shock!

My son is infected with COVID-19 at a summer camp in Greece! Hurry up and take a dip in the beach to suppress the shock
My son is infected with COVID-19 at a summer camp in Greece! Hurry up and take a dip in the beach to suppress the shock

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