My Daily Life in Ecuador, South America, today takes some of the guests on a double-decker coach tour of Quito City

author:Purple Annihilation

Today, I have time to take some of my guests on a double-decker tour bus to visit Quito City

I took the video all the way, but unfortunately I didn't have time to cut it

Let's post a few pictures here

Streets of Quito Norte District


It's time to enter the South Zone


This is the San Riqui Market



Vendors with stalls on both sides of the streets of the South End

Panoramic view of the church

This double-decker coach takes 3 hours to stop here for 25 minutes when you reach the bread.

A group of us lined up on Bread Hill to go to the toilet, and then we went to eat and watch the local dances, and the coach actually left

In desperation, I had to call for rent, and I met a black rental and charged $8.

Quito is located in the north of Ecuador, is the capital of Ecuador and the capital of Pichincha Province, is the closest capital to the equator, and is the economic and cultural center of the country. Quito is well-developed in tourism and has many churches in the city, among which the Church of San Francisco is regarded as a masterpiece of Baroque architectural style and is one of the finest examples of american religious architecture in Spain. Bread Mountain at the southern tip of Quito city is also very famous, with a large stone statue of the goddess Quito on the top of the mountain, which is known as a symbol of the people of Quito's struggle for independence and freedom. In addition, there are many buildings in the city, such as squares, monuments, museums, observatories, and universities, reflecting the art of different historical periods in South America, and the equatorial monument in the north of the city is also a popular attraction for tourists.


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