Ten anecdotes about Hidetoshi Nakata that you may not know

The personality is bohemian, self-contained, belongs to the atypical Asian star, coupled with the strength of the heyday and the way of playing makes people feel as if they have an innate sense of detachment, coupled with their own existence at that time the overall Asian football world is more backward than the current one, there is a sense of standing out, for various reasons, the achievement of Nakata Hidetoshi as an Asian business card star unique style.

For many modern Asian fans, Japanese player Hidetoshi Nakata is a very unique and impressive presence, his appearance and rise is actually a symbol of the beginning and rise of Japanese football, and his early retirement and dashing sleeves are always surprising but not surprising choices for fans of the year.

Any star has their own anecdotes or anecdotes, and Hidetoshi Nakata is no exception. In fact, it can be said that Hidetoshi Nakata is a representative of the stars who feel familiar and alienated by the majority of fans. In this article, the author will sort out a little bit of anecdotes that may not be widely known by this former Asian football brother, so that fans who are interested in him can get to know him more fully.

Ten anecdotes about Hidetoshi Nakata that you may not know

First, Nakata Hidetoshi was influenced by "Football Boy" to embark on the path of playing

Hidetoshi Nakata comes from an ordinary family in the countryside of Kofu City, Yamanashi Prefecture, Japan, and his family is not rich, "Football Boy" is the beginning of leading him to a professional player. Back in time to the age of 8, When Nakata was 8 years old, Hidetoshi Nakata, who was influenced by "Soccer Boy", began to play with his brother to the local youth football club, and then showed a different talent for football, and his idol was the 10th big empty wing.

In the case of obviously not dominant figure, the unique Nakata Hidetoshi can go on a rampage, run over the court like a fully fireless chariot or cross the ball over the defender, and his performance has attracted wide attention. At the age of 14, Hidetoshi Nakata was selected for the Japan National Youth League, and at the age of 15 he became the captain of the Japanese U17.

After graduating from high school, Nakata Received 11 requests from professional teams to join, and he finally chose to join the professional team Hiratsuka Hitori, became the new core of the Japanese national team in his early 20s and then joined Serie A, and then led the national team to the World Cup and made a breakthrough in the World Cup.

It can be said that "Football Boy" influenced the life of Nakata Hidetoshi, and his heroic appearance as a football player on the field has affected the lives of countless football players.

Ten anecdotes about Hidetoshi Nakata that you may not know

Second, at the age of 10, Nakata Hidetoshi dared to refuse the coach's physical training after losing

Relatively speaking, the discipline of Asian players is relatively strong, and Asians are also more introverted and respectful of elders or leaders. When it comes to the impression of Asian players, european coaches such as Wenger, who has coached in Asia, have generally expressed views similar to players relying too much on coaching instructions or being too afraid of coaches.

In such a situation, Nakata Hidetoshi is really a very special one. As an example of this move, in Nakata's teenage years, after a defeat, The Enlightenment Coach With Nakata, Minegawa (above), was dissatisfied with the team's performance and asked the whole team to practice physical fitness after losing.

Ten anecdotes about Hidetoshi Nakata that you may not know

As a result, after running 10 rounds, 10-year-old Hidetoshi Nakata ran directly to Coach Minekawa and said to him: Why don't you have to run coach? You are also responsible for losing. After Coach Minekawa heard it, he said that people were stupid, teaching football for so many years, he had never met a Japanese kid who had the courage and courage to say such a thing to the coach, and then responded to Nakata: You are right, let's run together!

Ten anecdotes about Hidetoshi Nakata that you may not know

Third, about the value of the peak Nakata Hidetoshi

What level of player is Hidetoshi Nakata? Before Son, he was the first Asian player to be named to the Golden Globes Shortlist for the Year. As a professional player, Hidetoshi Nakata's peak season was the 98/99 season.

At that time, Hidetoshi Nakata, who played for Perugia, scored 10 goals in 33 Serie A appearances, and helped the team with the goal of relegation with an absolute core position to win the 14th place in Serie A. By 2000, Roma had acquired Hidetoshi Nakata for £13 million. In the Roman era, Nakata Hidetoshi was positioned as a semi-main force, and once played the savior in the key battle for the championship.

By the summer of 2001, Parma had spent £18.5 million to acquire Hidetoshi Nakata from Roma, who had played a decent role in Parma, leading Parma to victory over Juventus in the Coppa Italia final.

The peak of Nakata Hideshou is about the current quarter of the transfer market top 10 level of the existence, to the past year's transfer market data for a little reference, the peak Nakata Hideshou put the current 50 million euros problem is estimated to be small.

Ten anecdotes about Hidetoshi Nakata that you may not know

4. About the representative competition of Hidetoshi Nakata

When it comes to the game that best represents Hidetoshi Nakata's ability, I wonder which one you will think of? Personally, I think that at the national team level, it was the 1997 World Cup play-off, in that game, Japan defeated Iran 3-2, completing the achievement of reaching the final round of the World Cup for the first time, and the three goals of the Japanese team were all planned by the 20-year-old Hidetoshi Nakata, which completely laid the status of Japan's ace in the next few years.

At the club level, I believe many people will mention this game, the 29th round of the 00-01 Serie A season, Roma away to Juventus. In that crucial battle that directly affected the ownership of the championship, Nakata Hidetoshi replaced the Roman prince Totti, and then first shot the ball like Hyuga Kojiro, and then a razor-like pass to find Montella to break the goal, helping the team to a 2-2 draw with the opponent and get an extremely valuable point.

Ten anecdotes about Hidetoshi Nakata that you may not know

5. Hidetoshi Nakata is a Juventus killer

Looking back at his Serie A career, you will find that Hidetoshi Nakata is really a dozen Juve in the future, in three Italian teams have been 5 times to break juventus goal, serie A debut against Juve twice, in Rome led the key battle against Juve, in Parma with a goal to help the team beat Juve to win the FA Cup, the real Juventus killer also.

Ten anecdotes about Hidetoshi Nakata that you may not know

6. Reasons for Nakata's retirement

2002 was a watershed year in Nakata's career, when he led the Japanese team to qualify for the group as captain. After 2002, Hidetoshi Nakata began to decline, and in addition to the unsatisfactory level of the club, the rise of Shunsuke Nakamura also made his position in the Japanese national team shake.

After the end of the last match of the 2006 World Cup japan group stage against Croatia, Nakata Hidetoshi, who won the best match, held a press conference without warning and announced his decision to hang up his boots and retire, giving Nakata Hidetoshi a reason: I have completely lost interest in football.

That year, he was only 29 years old when he played for Bolton Wanderers in the Premier League, and he still had the best ability to win a single game in the World Cup. In 2022, Hidetoshi Nakata is actually only 45 years old, but because of the premature announcement of retirement, his memories of players seem to be gone.

Ten anecdotes about Hidetoshi Nakata that you may not know

7. Hidetoshi Nakata has been selected as an annual candidate for the Golden Globe Awards three times

In 1998, 1999 and 2001, Hidetoshi Nakata was shortlisted for the 50-man candidate of the year for the Ballon d'Or for French Football three times. It is worth mentioning that in the 2004 FIFA official organization of the list of the greatest 125 players (living), Nakata Hidetoshi was shortlisted as the representative of Asian players and Hong Myung-fu of South Korea.

In the era when there was little presence in Asian football, Nakata Hidetoshi's presence was particularly strong. Compared with his contemporaries in Asia, his achievements are indeed significantly higher.

Ten anecdotes about Hidetoshi Nakata that you may not know

Nakata Hideto's favorite car brand is BMW

The sword is given to the hero, the red powder is given to the beauty, and Nakata Hidetoshi's earliest car was Subaru. After becoming famous and having conditions, he has always opened a BMW car that he loves, and it has been a BMW for so many years, and the work of car spokesperson has always been a BMW cooperation. Because of Nakata's great fame and his brand enthusiast, BMW has long had an endorsement cooperation contract with him in Japan.

Ten anecdotes about Hidetoshi Nakata that you may not know

9. After retiring, what was Hidetoshi Nakata busy with?

Life is the journey, the journey is the life,—— Hidetoshi Nakata

Maybe I'll die tomorrow, maybe in a few years, so the only thing that matters is that I've been doing what I love all my life. --Hidetoshi Nakata

These two sentences are the famous words of Nakata Hidetoshi, and they are also the tenets of life that he has always believed in. After retiring from football, he has largely never touched a football that he has publicly acknowledged has long since lost interest.

After retiring from the army, Nakata Hidetoshi first traveled the world and traveled all over the world, and then traveled around Japan to meet the baptism of different cultures with an in-depth and simple attitude, constantly looking for his true self. After opening his eyes to the world, Nakata Came to study interior design, architectural craftsmanship and jewelry design courses, winemaking, and reached the level of craftsmanship in pottery, jewelry, and winemaking. In addition to being interested in fashion, Nakata Hidetoshi has studied various traditional crafts in recent years and is committed to the preservation of traditional handicrafts.

Ten anecdotes about Hidetoshi Nakata that you may not know

10. Hidetoshi Nakata claims to be unable to distinguish between love and passion

Since his debut, Hidetoshi Nakata has been on the sidelines with countless laces, and his former dates or girlfriends include Miho Nakayama, Ohkuro Moji, Maggie Q, Riki Miyazawa, Mila Jovovich, Chai Qiyuki and many other actresses. However, over the years, Nakata Hidetoshi has been in the kaleidoscope of flowers, the leaves do not stick, and has not been married.

In an interview with Tian Pujun the year before, Nakata Hidetoshi expressed his myths about love and frankly admitted that he could not distinguish between love and passion, and it was impossible to find passion before it came.

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