Dachuan District held "520" rich marriage and love activities to help love

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"Marriage registration is a major event in life, and at such an important moment in life, it is really meaningful for us to register our marriage in such a beautiful and warm scene." On the morning of May 20, a couple who had just completed their marriage registration at the Marriage Registration Office of the Civil Affairs Bureau of Dachuan District came to the marriage and love Internet celebrity check-in place in the courtyard of the Civil Affairs Bureau to "check in" and feel the beauty of happiness.

Because of the homonym "I love you", May 20 every year has become a sweet day for marriage and lovers to express their love. In order to create a dating platform for marriageable people, and provide prospective newlyweds with a more ceremonial and experiential marriage registration scene. Recently, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Dachuan District held a 520 colorful marriage and love activity of "Affection for Qin Se and Ming in this Life" to "help" love.

Creation in service

Internet celebrity check-in points are deeply rooted in the feelings of Daxian County, Laojia

Dachuan District held "520" rich marriage and love activities to help love

In order to meet the needs of newlyweds to check in and record happy moments, from May 16, the Dachuan District Civil Affairs Bureau has set up more than 50 square meters of Internet celebrity check-in points outside the gate of the marriage registration office. The check-in point integrates Dachuan elements into the design of the check-in point in the ingenious form of patterns and words, arranges the proposal scene, lays out the red carpet, and provides a venue for the newlyweds who have not yet had time to experience the marriage proposal process or want to experience the joy of being proposed again, and is witnessed by the staff of the Civil Affairs Bureau, who are old in the world. Imitate the interface of the circle of friends to set up a photo check-in box for lovers, and send newlywed blessings in the comment area with the image of traditional Chinese immortals; The addition of Internet celebrity place name signboards combines the feelings of Laojia County with the joy of tying the knot, and specifically locates the joy of registering marriage within the scope of Dachuan District, so that the registered newlyweds have a greater sense of belonging.

It is reported that on the day of "520", the Marriage Registration Office of the Dachuan District Civil Affairs Bureau handled marriage registration procedures for 113 couples.

New in the connection

Cross-border cooperation mails "sound" happiness

Dachuan District held "520" rich marriage and love activities to help love

"This device is such a surprise, and I plan to send this postcard to the two of us in the future to relive the joy of working together today." A couple of prospective newlyweds who were making exclusive marriage and love postcards by themselves said with a smile.

On May 20th, the Dachuan District Civil Affairs Bureau and Dazhou Post jointly set up a declaration postcard all-in-one machine in the marriage registration office of the Dachuan District Civil Affairs Bureau, and the registered newlyweds can upload photos and record voices, print out their own exclusive postcards, stamp them with Dazhou characteristics, and mail them to family or friends, and the other party can scan the QR code on the postcard to listen to the joy of the two newlyweds on the day of registration. It is reported that a total of 15 couples made exclusive love postcards on the same day, recording the happy moment with sound.

Love is in Dachuan

Immersive cultural activities build a platform for making friends and networking

Dachuan District held "520" rich marriage and love activities to help love

On May 18, the Civil Affairs Bureau of Dachuan District held the 2024 Dachuan District 520 Immersive Marriage and Love Cultural Activity on Sanli Ancient Street, Dazhou City, with 200 single school-age youths participating. More than 10,000 people watched the event "online and offline".

At the event site, interesting links such as "fairy parade" to find the other half, a game of talented and beautiful women, a match of hydrangea, a story about ancient wedding etiquette, a pot throwing game and a matchmaker were carried out. During the event, the young people bravely came to the stage to show themselves and made a declaration of love, which won bursts of applause. At the end of the event, the seven flower gods played by the staff carried flower baskets and distributed flower branches to the youth, and the young people presented the flower branches to their favorite objects to show their kindness.

The 520 series of marriage and love activities aims to deeply implement the people's expectations for marriage and family, strive to improve the level of marriage management services, and guide marriageable people to establish correct marriage and love values. (Author: Ma Chao, Wang Xiaofei, Wu Shancheng)

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