The "three insistences" promote the prevention of road traffic accidents and "reduce and control".

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The "three insistences" promote the prevention of road traffic accidents and "reduce and control".
The "three insistences" promote the prevention of road traffic accidents and "reduce and control".

The "three insistences" promote the prevention of road traffic accidents and "reduce and control".

Since the beginning of this year, the Wujiaqu Municipal Public Security Bureau of the Sixth Division of the XPCC has taken the "Thunder 2024" strike hard special operation as the starting point, adhered to the "1266" work idea, and made every effort to plan and do a good job in the prevention of road traffic accidents. So far, there have been no fatal road traffic accidents in the jurisdiction, a decrease of 100% compared to the same period last year.

Adhere to the government's leadership, strengthen the top-level design, and improve the road traffic safety responsibility system

Strive for attention, support, and strengthened safeguards. The Party Committee of the Division Municipal Public Security Bureau attaches great importance to the work of "reduction and control" of accident prevention, adheres to the top-level layout and mechanism first, strengthens the investigation of the basic situation of road traffic safety in the jurisdiction, and actively reports to the Party committee and government, and strives for support in policy formulation, financial guarantee, and collaborative co-governance. The main leaders of the division bureau listened to the work report many times and made instructions and requirements for the work of "reducing and controlling the large". The traffic police detachment set up a special work class to benchmark the "six major system construction" and "two key problems", and reported the ranking month by month, so as to build a solid foundation for promoting the "reduction and control" work.

Benchmarking superiors require up and down. The division city public security traffic management department and the traffic police corps command center, accidents, order and other departments to establish a normal communication and liaison mechanism, actively implement the work deployment of the Ministry of Public Security and the Corps Public Security Bureau, combined with the department's guidance, continue to make efforts in hidden danger investigation, order management, emergency response and other aspects, and promote the improvement of the overall traffic management level of the jurisdiction.

Anchor the advanced areas to bury their strength. Promote exchanges and learning with other divisions and cities, learn advanced work experience, develop work ideas, and plan systematically in combination with the actual situation of the jurisdiction in the application of big data platform, accident prevention, and the reform of "decentralization, decentralization and service". The main leaders pay close attention to the implementation of the work, and go to the front line to carry out special supervision such as early warning, interception and guidance, safety protection inspection, etc., to ensure that the key work is effectively promoted.

Adhere to overall planning and coordination, strengthen social co-governance, and improve the road traffic safety supervision system

Highlight key source supervision. We will vigorously promote the "zeroing" of potential safety hazards at the source of key vehicles and drivers. Since the beginning of this year, it has visited 47 key transportation enterprises in the jurisdiction, organized 6 safety meetings for the heads of key transportation enterprises, and held 2 safety meetings with the Municipal Transportation Bureau and the Urban Management Bureau. Through telephone contact, on-site visits, public account publicity, etc., a total of 978 key vehicles that have not been inspected and scrapped have been cleaned up, and 109 illegal acts such as overdue license renewal and overscoring have been cleaned up, giving full play to the role of source gatekeeping.

Highlight the strict management of the road surface. According to the characteristics of the season and the law of traffic accidents, the quarterly road traffic safety action is carried out on a rolling basis, and serious violations such as speeding, overcrowding, drunk driving, and fatigue driving are strictly investigated, and the traffic environment in the jurisdiction has been significantly improved.

Highlight the order control of regiments and companies. Focusing on mechanism innovation, we actively explored working mechanisms such as "integration of police and teams" and "linkage of police and security", actively promoted the construction of "two stations and two members" and "one light and one belt" at peaceful intersections, and established 9 traffic safety publicity positions and 14 traffic safety persuasion stations, which effectively consolidated the foundation of road traffic safety management of the regiment and company.

Persist in consolidating the foundation and strengthening the foundation, strengthen the grassroots foundation, and improve the road traffic safety protection system

Comprehensively investigate and manage potential road safety hazards. Establish a public security traffic police, transportation, emergency management hidden danger investigation mechanism and a "two-level supervision" governance mechanism for division reclamation, a total of 274 road traffic safety hazards, to the division city safety committee, division city emergency management bureau, traffic bureau, city management bureau, regimental town party committee, etc. to inform 25 road hazard reports, take listing supervision, time-limited acceptance, inspection and assessment to complete 195 hidden danger management, rectification rate of 71.1%, effectively maintain the continuous stability of the road traffic safety situation in the jurisdiction.

Continue to strengthen the highway safety prevention and control system. Deepen the "one road and multi-party" linkage service, and sign a joint logistics linkage framework agreement with the Eighth Division Traffic Police Detachment, Urumqi New Urban Traffic Police Brigade, Changji City Traffic Police Brigade, and Kaziwan Traffic Law Enforcement Brigade to carry out joint rectification in key areas at the junction of the jurisdiction to ensure the safety and smoothness of the road traffic environment in the jurisdiction.


Source: Wujiaqu City Public Security Bureau of the Sixth Division

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