A new round of heavy rainfall in the south is coming, and the range of high temperatures in North China and Huanghuai has expanded

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In recent years, due to climate warming and other reasons, extreme weather events have occurred frequently, which has had a great impact on people's production and life. Especially in summer, extreme weather such as high temperatures and heavy rainfall poses great challenges to disaster preparedness in various regions. Now, another round of heavy rainfall is coming, Guangxi, Guangdong and other places will usher in the test of continuous rainfall, and at the same time, the high temperature weather in North China, Huanghuai and other places will continue to escalate. How to do a good job in the prevention of various extreme weather has become the focus of attention from all walks of life. What exactly causes such frequent extreme weather events? How should we respond to these sudden weather challenges? Let's dive into it.

A new round of heavy rainfall in the south is coming, and the range of high temperatures in North China and Huanghuai has expanded

1. Extreme weather is frequent, and climate change is the main reason.

From the perspective of recent extreme weather events, whether it is continuous hot weather or frequent heavy rainfall process, these are inextricably linked to climate change. In recent years, with the continuous development of global warming, extreme weather events have also shown a series of characteristics, such as longer duration and expanded impact range. And all this is due to a series of changes in the earth's climate system caused by climate warming. According to scientists' research, climate warming will lead to the redistribution of heat on the earth, forming a weather pattern of alternating high and low temperatures, which will affect the stability of the atmospheric circulation system, and then lead to the frequent occurrence of extreme weather events.

A new round of heavy rainfall in the south is coming, and the range of high temperatures in North China and Huanghuai has expanded

Especially in the process of continental rainfall, the impact of climate warming on rainfall patterns is particularly obvious. In recent years, there has been a significant increase in rainfall in the southern region, which is accompanied by some extreme weather processes, such as continuous heavy rainfall and extremely heavy rainfall. At the same time, some northern regions have experienced little rainfall or even persistent dry weather. This significant regional difference in rainfall is largely due to changes in regional rainfall patterns due to climate warming. The change of this rainfall pattern will not only have a certain impact on the local ecological environment and agricultural production, but also may cause a series of natural disasters, such as floods and droughts, which will bring great trouble to people's production and life.

A new round of heavy rainfall in the south is coming, and the range of high temperatures in North China and Huanghuai has expanded

Second, extreme weather is coming, and urban construction urgently needs to strengthen preventive measures.

In the face of extreme weather events brought about by climate warming, how to do a good job in preventing various weather has become an important issue that needs to be solved urgently in the current society. Especially when the rainstorm is coming, the flood prevention work in various regions is particularly important. Because heavy rain may lead to a series of secondary disasters such as waterlogging and flash floods, if the local flood control measures cannot keep up, it is easy to have a great impact on people's production and life.

In the context of urban construction, the improvement of urban flood control facilities and the improvement of urban drainage systems will play a vital role in the prevention of heavy rain. It can be said that the flood control work of the city is no longer just a simple increase in the diameter of the drainage pipe, but needs to be considered from the overall urban planning and construction. For example, in the construction of urban roads, the natural infiltration and storage of rainwater can be realized by setting up permeable bricks and establishing rain gardens, so as to reduce the impact of rainwater on the city. Or in the planning of urban greening, the construction of some wetlands and artificial lakes can be appropriately increased to play the role of water storage and storage, and effectively alleviate the problem of urban waterlogging caused by heavy rain.

Not only that, the current urban construction also needs to take into account the content of ecological protection and natural restoration, give full play to the regulation and protection role of the urban ecosystem, form a three-dimensional protection system with all elements of urban disaster prevention, and provide a more solid "protective wall" for the sustainable development of the city.

Third, as the climate warms, human health needs to pay attention to prevention.

In addition to the impact on the natural ecological environment and urban construction, frequent extreme weather events will also have a certain impact on human health. For example, in the process of continuous high temperature weather, people are easily troubled by heat stress, heat stroke and other problems, which have a certain impact on people's lives and work. In this context, how to do a good job in health protection in hot weather is particularly important.

First of all, the public needs to raise awareness of the health effects of hot weather, understanding that the human body is susceptible to heat stress during the continuous hot weather, which can lead to heat stroke, heat exhaustion and other diseases. Only by fully understanding these health hazards can we carry out targeted health protection work. Secondly, relevant departments need to strengthen meteorological monitoring and early warning, timely issue yellow and orange warning signals for high temperatures, and remind the public to take measures to prevent heatstroke and cool down. Thirdly, various units and social organizations can also carry out some beneficial health publicity activities in their own work and life, such as publicizing the knowledge of heat stroke prevention and cooling, organizing "summer camp" activities for primary and secondary school students, and so on.

Of course, fundamentally speaking, in order to solve the problems caused by frequent extreme weather events, it is necessary to comprehensively strengthen the response to climate change, actively participate in global emission reduction work, and jointly respond to the various challenges brought about by climate warming. Only by forming a win-win climate governance pattern on a global scale can we provide a more solid guarantee for the sustainable development of human society.


In the face of frequent extreme weather events, we must face up to the challenges brought about by climate change, enhance our awareness of ecological environmental protection and climate mitigation, and contribute to sustainable development from ourselves. I believe that with the joint efforts of all countries, mankind will be able to overcome all kinds of difficulties and challenges and usher in a better tomorrow.

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