Lin updated his love affair exposed!

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

Friends, "Walking with the Phoenix" has really been a bit popular recently.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

I thought it was another mediocre ancient puppet, but I didn't expect the plot to be a bit interesting.

The most important thing is that the CP feeling between Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin is really good, just watching the clip, the kind that makes me even more stumbling, I thought it was the boss and the little wife, but I didn't expect it to be a female A and a male O.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

Who else doesn't know that Lin Gengxin is one year younger than Zhao Liying?

When "Walking with the Phoenix" was finished, Lin Gengxin was crying on the side, and Zhao Liying happily wiped his tears, and the contrast was directly full.

Who knows, the picture is really funny and good.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

Afterwards, Lin updated his response: I am reluctant to end this role, and I am reluctant to say goodbye to everyone.

You may not know that Lin Gengxin has really not posted so many words on Weibo for a long time, and combined with the crying when he finished the film, I feel that he really attaches importance to this drama and this role.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

Back to Zhao Liying, she herself is very interested in this drama.

This is the first work she supervised after her debut, and its importance is self-evident, so she can often be seen communicating with the director and other staff in behind-the-scenes footage.

Ten yuan watched some tidbits, and felt that she was a more thoughtful person, and would take the initiative to express her own views and opinions, which is actually rare for film and television practitioners.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

As an actor, she is also conscientious, and she entered the group in advance to practice playing, and many of the fight scenes are played in person, so the action scenes in the play will be so smooth.

You can take a look at the tidbits of Zhao Liying's practice, from the beginning when she couldn't hold it to the back of the gun play very slippery, without practicing over and over again, it is really difficult to achieve this effect.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

Of course, "Walking with the Phoenix" also has shortcomings, such as the heroine Shen Li is dubbed.

One thing to say, Zhao Liying's previous line skills are really not good, but the progress in the past few years is obvious, and her voice is okay, so it is quite surprising that she did not use the original voice

At the press conference, Zhao Liying responded to this incident, saying that "I tried a lot of styles and made a lot of designs, but I still chose to substitute the voice for everyone to be more suitable for the role."

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

Dubbing, although it is a matter of opinion, has indeed caused a certain amount of controversy.

However, judging from the final presentation results, there is no sense of disobedience in the dubbing, and the plot is okay, so the audience is no longer entangled in the original sound or dubbing in the later stage.

Should I say it or not, Zhao Liying and Lin Gengxin's aura is very compatible, and the results of the two partners are good.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

With "The Legend of Chu Qiao", both of them are in the rising period of their careers, both of them exploded + gained a large number of CP fans, and to this day, many viewers are shouting to make a sequel, hoping to get Yu Wenyue out of the lake as soon as possible.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

The second ride is "Walking with the Phoenix", Zhao Liying proves her ancient puppet appeal, and Lin Gengxin is directly "returning to blood", her figure is good, her popularity has soared, and the two sides have achieved a win-win situation.

The business of both parties during the broadcast of the drama is also worth learning from peers, such as praising each other without shying away from it.

Zhao Liying: Lin Gengxin not only has a handsome skin, but also an interesting soul.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

Zhao Liying's praise is incredible, and Lin Gengxin directly incarnated as the "crooked mouth dragon king".

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

Let's just say, hasn't anyone seen Lin Gengxin's crooked smile emoji?

Lin Gengxin's little expression after hearing the praise really couldn't help it, and netizens also gave him an inner OS:

"Liying is really", "The dream of 900 million girls is not just talking"

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

Lin Gengxin also has unconditional trust in Zhao Liying, and directly said in the interview, "I haven't read the script before, and I came to Zhao Liying"

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

This seems familiar, it turns out that Lin Gengxin said it once during the "Biography of Chu Qiao".

At first, Lin Gengxin was not particularly interested in the script of "The Legend of Chu Qiao", but after knowing that the heroine was Zhao Liying, he immediately decided to star, so there was the first cooperation between the two.

Lin Gengxin and Zhao Liying had not worked together before "The Legend of Chu Qiao", but he had seen Zhao Liying's works and knew that her acting skills were good and dedicated, so he was willing to cooperate.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

In addition to praise and trust, the business at other times is also very good.

For example, when Lin updated the live broadcast, Zhao Liying frantically swiped gifts and directly swiped the position of "big brother on the list". Obediently, has Zhao Liying interacted with male actors like this before? It feels amazing~

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

After seeing Zhao Liying enter the live broadcast room, Lin Gengxin's behavior was also very good.

The voice suddenly caught up, and she showed Zhao Liying the little rabbit she liked, and she kept taking pictures of very cute toys, and asked Zhao Liying which one she liked to buy for her.

It's not a joke, Lin Gengxin really bought a panda doll for Zhao Liying.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

There is a lot of interaction on the surface, and the relationship seems to be good in private.

Zhao Liying's 35th birthday was celebrated by the crew of "Walking with the Phoenix", and the crew celebrated her birthday at that time, including Lin Gengxin, and the two also took photos together, and the photo posture is enough to see the relationship between the two.

Some netizens posted this set of photos on Xiaohongshu, and Lin Gengxin himself also liked it.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

Should I say it or not, it's really good, no wonder netizens shouted at them to quickly "three rides".

At the same time, many netizens commented on Lin Update: "Chase her, she wants you!"

But how do you say that? Generous is friendship, and careful is love.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

When netizens were on the top, the well-known paparazzi Liu Da Hammer directly dismantled the CP: "The pair of cps with Fengxing that everyone has been concerned about recently, the pair of CPs and the two of them can't be together."

Although the paparazzi can listen to it, don't take it too seriously, after all, there are too many fakes.

However, it is indeed impossible for them at this stage, because Lin Gengxin has a girlfriend! I was photographed several times last year, and I was photographed again when "Walking with the Phoenix" was about to end.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

I haven't denied being photographed frequently, it shouldn't be fake, right?

"Gossip Girlfriend" Shi Ruiyi is also an insider, she once participated in the Creation Camp 2020, and she is really young and beautiful, I have to say that Lin Gengxin's aesthetics are very online.

On the one hand, the screen CP is in full swing, and on the other hand, there is a real girlfriend who has been exploded many times, under the pull of the two, many CP fans began to bow their heads, and some people even complained about Lin Gengxin's collapsed house on the Internet.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

The explosion of love will indeed affect the mood of CP fans, and it is estimated that it is no fun for popularity and popularity to rise again, so Lin Gengxin is likely to fail to become popular. But it's not necessary to say that he collapsed, right?

Because his scandal has never been broken, where did the collapsed house come from, it has long been in ruins......

In addition, he and Zhao Liying don't seem to have an ambiguous double arrow, right? They just interact and operate generously, and they play better in private, and it's not their fault that the sense of CP is too strong.

Lin updated his love affair exposed!

You can't start complaining about the mode just because the two are not together in real life, right?

In the end, whether it's watching TV or knocking CP, it's just Tu Yile, don't really take it too seriously

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