Bruce Lee, Zhu Yilong, Ma Long...... So many stars are dragons!

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2024 is the year of the dragon in the lunar calendar, starting from February 10 of the solar calendar, all "dragon" friends will usher in the natal year until January 28, 2025, a total of 354 days. It is worth noting that many stars in the entertainment and sports world were not only born in the Year of the Dragon, but also happened to have "Dragon" in their names.

Looking back, celebrities born in the Year of the Dragon (e.g. 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012) vividly interpreted the image of courage and wisdom symbolized by the "Chinese Dragon" with their outstanding talents and perseverance in their respective fields.

1. "Kung Fu Superstar" Bruce Lee

(1940, 84 years old)

The late martial arts star Bruce Lee was born on November 27, 1940 in San Francisco, USA, and his ancestral home was Shunde, Guangdong, China. He is the pioneer of kung fu films, the first Chinese protagonist in Hollywood, and the first global promoter of Chinese kung fu.

Bruce Lee was born as Li Zhenfan (later changed to Li Zhenfan), and in his short but brilliant life, he used several stage names, such as "Li Long", "Little Li Haiquan", "Li Xin", "New Li Haiquan", "Little Li Long" and so on. These names reflect the image and positioning of his artistic career at different stages.

However, it is regrettable that on July 20, 1973, Bruce Lee died suddenly in Hong Kong at the age of 32. According to the information released by the hospital at the time, the cause of his death was determined to be cerebral edema, and the sudden change of life made the life of the international superstar freeze at the peak of his career.

2. "Oriental Beauty" Zunlong

(1952, aged 72)

Zunlong was born in Hong Kong, China in 1952. His early life was full of hardships, as an outcast he never recognized his biological parents, but was raised by a disabled woman. According to the information, his original name was Wu Guoliang, but Zunlong said that he didn't know what his surname was.

When preparing to travel to the United States, a man gave him a random name due to a lack of official identification information, and when he arrived in the United States, he received the English name John Lone. So, according to his pronunciation, he called himself Zunlong. Although the origin of "Zun Long" has nothing to do with his genus "Dragon", someone told Zun Long that "the spirit of all things is honored by dragons", and he said that he liked it very much.

In his artistic career, Zunlong has left a deep mark on the international film industry with his unique oriental temperament and excellent acting skills. His representative works include The Last Emperor, in which he played the role of Pu Yi, the crime thriller The Year of the Dragon, and the theatrical film Butterfly. With his outstanding performance, Zunlong was nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 43rd Golden Globe Awards and Best Actor in a Drama Film at the 45th Golden Globe Awards.

3. "Powerful actor" Chen Long

(1976, age 48)

The actor Chen Long, who recently played the role of Tao Tao in the hit drama "Flowers", is also a dragon. He was born in Shanghai on July 24, 1976, and this year he is about to celebrate his 48th birthday.

Bruce Lee, Zhu Yilong, Ma Long...... So many stars are dragons!

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As early as 2002, Chen Long starred in the costume martial arts TV series "The Palm of the Gods", and was successfully nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the 39th Golden Bell Awards in Taiwan with his outstanding performance strength, becoming the first mainland male artist to receive this honor. There are many masterpieces in his acting career, such as the popular "Langya Bang", "Ode to Joy 2" and the recently hotly discussed "Flowers".

It is worth mentioning that Chen Long married actress Zhang Lingzhi in the year of the dragon in 2012. In January 2013, their son "Jiujiu" was born, and since the Lunar New Year of that year was on February 10, according to the traditional Chinese zodiac chronology, "Jiujiu" is actually a dragon.

4. "New actor" Zhu Yilong

(1988, age 36)

Zhu Yilong, born on April 16, 1988 in Wuhan, Hubei Province, graduated from the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy. Regarding the origin of the name, there is a theory that because it was born on the first day of the third lunar month, its surname is Zhu, and the zodiac is a dragon, so it is named "Zhu Yilong", which means the beautiful meaning of the combination of the day of birth and the zodiac.

Bruce Lee, Zhu Yilong, Ma Long...... So many stars are dragons!

Source: Zhu Yilong's social account

Zhu Yilong has made a series of remarkable achievements in his acting career, and has won the love of the audience with his solid acting skills and excellent works, including "Life Events", "Mistakes by the River", "Disappearing Her" and other films. Especially in 2023, Zhu Yilong won the Best Actor Award at the 35th China Film Golden Rooster Awards for his outstanding performance in the movie "Life Events", which is a high affirmation of him as a professional actor.

5. "Hexagonal Warrior" Malone

(1988, age 36)

Olympic champion Ma Long, born on October 20, 1988 in Anshan, Liaoning Province, is the first super Grand Slam male player to win the Olympic Games, World Championships, World Cup, Asian Games, Asian Championships, Asian Cup, Tour Finals, and National Games singles championships.

Regarding the origin of the name, some media reported that it was named Ma Long because it was born in the Year of the Dragon. When he was 5 years old, his father introduced him to table tennis on the grounds that he could "exercise" and "not easily get injured".

Bruce Lee, Zhu Yilong, Ma Long...... So many stars are dragons!

Source: Malone social account

Later, Ma Long became an Olympic champion step by step, and also became a "hexagonal warrior" in Japanese media reports. This accolade stems from a visual six-dimensional radar chart analysis model that represents strength, speed, skill, serve, defense and experience, and Malone has peaked in all of his ability indicators, meaning he has no shortcomings.

6. "Overcoming thorns" Zhang Yunlong

(1988, age 36)

Actor Zhang Yunlong was born on March 2, 1988 in Dalian, Liaoning Province, and after graduating from the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy, he started his career in the entertainment industry. has performed well in many popular film and television dramas such as "Detective of the Republic of China", "Xuanyuan Sword: Han Zhiyun", "Different Beautiful Man", "Dear Translator" and so on.

Bruce Lee, Zhu Yilong, Ma Long...... So many stars are dragons!

Source: Zhang Yunlong's social account

Zhang Yunlong was selected by the school's coach to join the football team on the first day of primary school, and since then he has played all the way from the school team to the club, kicked into the Dalian Shide Youth Team, and then transferred to Beijing Baxi, starting the professional competition of youth football, during which he continued to shuttle to Italy, Japan and other places to receive professional training.

After 13 years of football, he decided to go to art school. Because he didn't go to an ordinary high school, Zhang Yunlong started classes at 7 o'clock every day for 3 months, and didn't sleep until 3 o'clock in the morning, and finally entered the undergraduate class of the Performance Department of Beijing Film Academy with the first place for boys.

In 2022, he participated in the variety show "Overcoming Thorns" and won the love and praise of the audience.

7. "National Feather Singles Player" Chen Long

(1989, age 35)

Badminton Olympic champion Chen Long was born on January 18, 1989 in Shashi, Jingzhou, Hubei Province, because the first day of the Lunar New Year was February 6 in the solar calendar, and he was born before the Spring Festival, so his genus can be traced back to the previous year's "dragon".

Bruce Lee, Zhu Yilong, Ma Long...... So many stars are dragons!

Source: Chen Long's social account

On August 20, 2016, in the men's singles final of the Rio Olympic Games, Chen Long defeated Li Zongwei 2-0 and won the Olympic championship for the first time, which is the third consecutive year that Chen Long defeated Li Zongwei in the final of the World Series, and it is also the third consecutive championship of the Chinese badminton team to win the Olympic badminton men's singles.

Three years later, Chen Long and his wife Wang Shixian welcomed their son and named him "Little Coffee". On May 19, 2023, Chen Long officially announced his retirement, ending his brilliant badminton career.

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