Ren Min better not come out! Qin Hao's "Three Teams" is already enough water

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Ren Min better not come out! Qin Hao's "Three Teams" is already enough water

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The recently popular online drama "The Three Teams" was expected by countless fans before it was broadcast. As an adaptation of real events, it was supposed to faithfully present the atmosphere of that historical period. However, as the plot progresses, we can't help but ask, what exactly is this drama playing?

From the wonderful plot of the first 10 episodes to the nonsense of parachuting in the back, it can be said that the reviews are polarized. Especially the "Legend of Great Bravery" that suddenly appeared at the beginning of episode 11, it is simply dumbfounded. The villains, who have always been ruthless, seem to be collectively mentally retarded, and they are easily led by the nose by a small character. This screenwriting technique is simply insulting the audience's IQ!

Ren Min better not come out! Qin Hao's "Three Teams" is already enough water

What makes fans even more angry is the appearance of Ren Min, an alien character. The setting of her, the daughter of a criminal, completely subverts the audience's three views, and she is simply beautifying the criminal. Such a plot arrangement has seriously deviated from the historical facts of the original work, and it is completely in the heat of consumption.

Overall, "The Three Teams" started well, but the plot direction behind it is really incredible. Is the screenwriter forcibly prolonging a plot that could have ended perfectly in order to earn eyeballs? This has seriously damaged the quality of the series. I hope that the relevant parties can learn a lesson and stop ruining this originally very good play!

The plot of "The Three Teams" has disappointed countless audiences

The drama "The Three Teams" initially attracted countless audiences with its reliable cast and real historical themes. The plot is very exciting from the beginning of the police and bandit duel, and the back and forth between the policeman Cheng Bing and the gangster Wang Dayong is fascinating.

Ren Min better not come out! Qin Hao's "Three Teams" is already enough water

Especially in the first 10 episodes, Cheng Bing was forced to go to prison, and after being released from prison, he faced the misunderstanding and painful struggle of his family, which was even more touching. This kind of intricate relationship between police and bandits is very well portrayed.

But in episode 11, Wang Dayong, an ordinary little character, somehow suddenly developed amazing skills, and he was directly promoted to the underworld boss. He has the ability to slip into the police system single-handedly, and he can easily subdue a group of well-trained armed police.

This distorted strongman logic directly subverts the audience's three views. The villains are also collectively demented, and being led by the nose by a nobody is really ridiculous!

What's even more absurd is that the plot of 24 episodes actually adds a female character of unknown origin Ren Min. She, the daughter of a criminal, not only came to have feelings for Cheng Bing abruptly, but also had three distorted views of popular science with the audience, which is really acceptable and incompetent.

Ren Min better not come out! Qin Hao's "Three Teams" is already enough water

It can be said that since episode 11, "The Three Teams" has embarked on a road of no return made up. The well-arranged plot synopsis is all mixed beyond recognition, such a tragedy is comparable to Stephen Chow's "Journey to the West". The drama that originally had a good reputation instantly became the laughing stock of drama chasers.

Screenwriters do not hesitate to consume historical themes in order to earn popularity

So, what is the reason for the collapse of the middle of "The Three Teams"? It is not difficult to find that this is mainly the result of the screenwriter's hesitation to make up nonsense for the sake of consumption popularity and IP effect.

The prototype of "The Three Brigades" is a real story of a model policeman who adheres to his ideals at the beginning of the last century. The screenwriter could have used this positive material to tell the intricate human light and shadow between the police and the bandits. But in order to consume the popularity of this high-quality IP, the screenwriter gave up the original intention of faithfully restoring history, and embarked on the road of deformity.

Wang Dayong, a small person who should have been inconspicuous, was portrayed as the "Staircase God of War", and all the masters were beaten by him. This method of relying on strongmen to promote the plot directly destroys the worldview in the play. The audience originally expected the police in the film to defeat the forces of evil by outwitting and insisting on justice, rather than relying on an outsider guest show.

Ren Min better not come out! Qin Hao's "Three Teams" is already enough water

What's even more terrifying is that the screenwriter also added a completely fictional female character, Ren Min. A criminal's daughter has feelings for a positive character, and such a plot contrast directly subverts the audience's three views. The screenwriter regards the audience's emotions as nothing, and only uses unscrupulous means to consume heat.

It can be said that this kitsch screenwriting technique seriously deviates from the historical theme of the play. The audience originally expected to learn about the style of that era through this true story, but the screenwriter completely deviated from the original defense of the play for the sake of eyeballs, which can be described as self-defeating.

After the end of the play, the team should learn from the lessons and start again

This time, the plot of "The Three Teams" was forcibly made up nonsense, which led to a plummeting reputation, which can be said to be a mistake of the screenwriter team. So how do they start over and avoid making mistakes again?

Ren Min better not come out! Qin Hao's "Three Teams" is already enough water

First of all, they must face up to the lessons of this failure and deeply reflect on the mistakes made in writing the script. Making up a plot and playing with the audience's emotions is irresponsible. Screenwriters should respect history and the audience, and not just focus on consumption and popularity.

Secondly, if you want to adapt historical themes, you should do more research, and you can't make up characters as you like. The setting of the characters must be in line with the characteristics of the era and cannot be made up out of thin air. The plot should also be advanced according to the historical context, not for the sake of drama.

Finally, screenwriters should also pay attention to rhetorical devices and not rely too much on strongmen and contrasts. To promote the plot, you must pay attention to the point and not tease the audience like a fool. A good play should have sufficient internal persuasiveness.

In short, I hope that the writers and production team of "The Three Teams" can learn from this failure and start anew. Only by respecting history and the audience can we create excellent film and television works, otherwise being treated coldly is also the result of self-inflicted blame.

Ren Min better not come out! Qin Hao's "Three Teams" is already enough water

Netizens are hotly discussed, and most of the comments are negative

This incident quickly aroused heated discussions among netizens on the Internet, and some netizens believed that the screenwriter was unscrupulous in order to consume the popularity of the drama and the IP effect. Some netizens think that this technique is disgusting, and it is completely respectful of the audience. Some netizens think that the level of screenwriters is really limited, and they should relearn how to tell a good story Xi.

Specifically, many fans of the show expressed great disappointment. They thought that they could learn Xi history through this drama, but the screenwriter's nonsense directly destroyed the coherence of the plot. Some netizens are even worried that this will mislead people's perception of that era.

Some netizens also proposed that the screenwriter joined the role of Ren Min in order to consume the popularity of "prison police intelligence". It is inherently strange for a criminal's daughter to fall in love with a positive character, and the choreography is completely consuming the audience without regard for the three views.

Ren Min better not come out! Qin Hao's "Three Teams" is already enough water

Of course, there are also a small number of netizens who feel that this kind of fictional plot is acceptable. They believe that screenwriters need to take care of the tastes of ordinary audiences, and it is understandable to add some easy-to-understand bridges. But such views are clearly in the minority.

On the whole, most netizens have a negative attitude towards the plot arrangement of "The Three Teams". They demanded that screenwriters should relearn how to tell a solid story Xi not rely on fancy memes to attract attention. This also puts forward a profound warning to peers.

Ren Min better not come out! Qin Hao's "Three Teams" is already enough water


Through the controversy caused by the forced continuation of the plot of "The Three Teams", we see that if a good historical theme is indiscriminately adapted by the screenwriter, it will not only ruin the work, but also mislead the audience. If the screenwriter only wants to consume the heat and does not respect the audience and history, his play is doomed to failure.

So, how do you think the screenwriter should handle the historiography and drama of the adapted theme? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area to express your opinion!

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