Little Red Book + Big Language Model, where exactly is the "Little Red Book" enhanced version?

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Little Red Book + Big Language Model, where exactly is the "Little Red Book" enhanced version?
Little Red Book + Big Language Model, where exactly is the "Little Red Book" enhanced version?

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After ChatGPT "everything", major domestic manufacturers have joined the AI track. On March 16, Baidu released Wenxin's words, and Baidu's founder said at the press conference that Wenxin's words were aimed at GPT-4. On April 11, Ali launched Tongyi Qianwen at the summit. Huawei's version of ChatGPT "Pangu Chat" is expected to be released at the HUAWEI CLOUD Developer Conference on July 7 this year. Although Tencent and NetEase have not launched large models, but in the game industry, the actions of these two are not small, the AI laboratory set up by Tencent has been "implemented" in a variety of fields, NetEase has also announced that it will apply ChatGPT-like large language models to games that have not yet been launched, these signs are enough to see the fierce battle between domestic manufacturers in the field of AI.

As a big platform for sharing life, Xiaohongshu is certainly an opportunity that cannot be missed.

According to relevant sources, Xiaohongshu has also begun to form a large model team internally, and this team is even kept secret internally, it seems that Xiaohongshu's plans are not small. In early April, Xiaohongshu launched an AI creation app that allows users to upload their own pictures and have them converted into artistic images by AI.

Speaking of Little Red Book, I have to mention its development history.

Xiaohongshu originated in 2013, initially, Xiaohongshu was just a community dominated by fashion notes, and the user group was mostly young female users. In the initial period, Xiaohongshu established a community with the theme of fashion, beauty, home and so on through user sharing and social recommendations.

After 2014, Xiaohongshu transformed on the basis of sharing content community, and at the end of 2014, Xiaohongshu launched an overseas shopping sharing community, allowing users to share their shopping experience and overseas shopping experience, and also began to get involved in cross-border e-commerce business. In March 2015, Xiaohongshu established a self-operated bonded warehouse in Zhengzhou, which allowed Xiaohongshu to occupy a certain position in the cross-border e-commerce market. After 2016, Xiaohongshu has upgraded its business while developing rapidly, not only expanding third-party platforms and brand merchants, but also cooperating with many well-known brands at home and abroad, providing users with richer product choices. Since then, Xiaohongshu has officially developed in the direction of diversification, and after the launch of the international logistics system in 2017, the user experience of Xiaohongshu cross-border e-commerce has also been comprehensively upgraded.

In the process of updating and "upgrading" again and again, Xiaohongshu has become a social e-commerce platform with sufficient influence through continuous updates and attempts, covering beauty, fashion, furniture and other fields, and the number of users has exceeded 500 million. Some netizens once lamented that their posts on Xiaohongshu were just casual questions, and in just ten minutes, there would be more than double-digit "live accounts" actively replying.

Little Red Book + Big Language Model, where exactly is the "Little Red Book" enhanced version?

The impact of the AI era on Xiaohongshu is also very large, and when the trend of language models is sweeping, a large number of teaching posts on Xiaohongshu that generate Xiaohongshu style promotion copy through ChatGPT appear. Do we have to "strictly guard against AI" for this reason and not join this wave?

Of course not. Xiaohongshu has already responded with such a firm response with the large model team that is in preparation. To prevent risks and explore, the person in charge of the technical foundation NLP construction of Xiaohongshu Commercial Department said that ChatGPT and Xiaohongshu should be superimposed to make further upgrades for Xiaohongshu. From the perspective of enriching a large number of community ecosystems, Xiaohongshu also has enough content capital to try and update data and AI-assisted content.

What kind of position will Xiaohongshu's big model team occupy in the AI big model track in the future? Can the "Little Red Book Plus" formed by the addition of the big language model and Xiaohongshu satisfy users? It is believed that in the future, Xiaohongshu will hand over satisfactory answers.

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