Can you drink overnight tea at all?

author:Fat tiger light science popularization

In the elders' words, overnight tea is generally not allowed to be drunk, but what the specific reason is is not discussed, today I will share with you the knowledge here.

Can you drink overnight tea at all?

In general, overnight tea is not recommended to drink. Because the components in tea will gradually oxidize and degrade over time, resulting in the taste of tea becoming tasteless and losing its nutritional value; In addition, tea stored for a long time is also easy to breed bacteria and mold, which is harmful to health. So, if possible, it's best to drink freshly brewed tea every time and throw out the rest of the tea in time after drinking.

The composition of overnight tea mainly changes as follows:

1. Polyphenols and other components in tea will gradually oxidize and degrade, resulting in the taste of tea and loss of nutritional value.

2. Long-term storage of tea is easy to produce the growth of microorganisms and mold, which is not good for health.

3. The caffeine component in tea is unstable and may degrade and decompose over time, resulting in a decrease in the caffeine content in tea.

Can you drink overnight tea at all?

If you have to drink overnight tea, here are a few tips to help you minimize your risk:

1. First observe the appearance and smell of the tea. If the color change is obvious, the tea has a peculiar smell, or suspended solids appear, it is best not to drink it.

2. The tea is likely to have lost some of its taste and nutrients after overnight, so consider adding some new tea leaves or other drinks to increase the taste and nutrients.

3. If you must drink overnight tea, it is best to heat it to a boil, killing any bacteria and viruses that may be present.

4. If your body is sensitive, or you have chronic diseases and other conditions that require special attention, it is best not to risk drinking overnight tea to ensure good health.

Can you drink overnight tea at all?

PS: In fact, the tea drinks sold in the supermarket have been in the container for so many days before they are sold, is it also considered overnight tea, but thanks to the sealing of its bottle cap, there is no contact with the outside world, so that it is guaranteed freshness.