Is motorhome travel feasible?

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Sometimes I see some people on the Internet who still want to drive RVs around, indicating that they haven't traveled for a long time.

Many scenic spots have stopped this kind of people who want to travel the world with some tolls and gasoline.

Think about it, tourists are afraid of spending money, want to rub to see scenic spots, scenic spots want to charge to improve the quality of life, isn't this a contradiction?

In previous years, some people rubbed it. But everywhere they went, there was a curse, and some people left a wolf trail wherever they went. Where to get hungry, get down from the car in the field, in the clearing, pull on the line to cook food, after eating the garbage is not collected. Some swim wildly by the river, basking in the sun bare-chested. It pollutes the local environment and destroys local folk customs. You don't stay or eat in scenic spots, you don't drive local consumption, increase local government revenue, and cause trouble for others, right? It's like going to a relative's house to play, empty-handed you still have to do something wrong at a relative's house, how can others think, is there a next time?

I remember that I went on a trip three years ago, when it was introduced by others, and my friends also wanted to go, and as a result, from the first arrival at the meeting point, the price of various routines of the travel company doubled from a few hundred yuan at the beginning to more than 1,000 yuan when signing the contract. What ancient city construction fee, mountain oxygen fee, etc., my friend and I refused at that time, or insisted on the original price.

You have a policy, he has a countermeasure, he rides in someone's car, eats other people's food, lives in someone else's shop, he has a way to rectify you.

A car of passengers, from all over the country, the price is also several grades, this food, accommodation, travel reflected in three, six and nine. The hotel with the most money is in the front of the car, followed by the middle price, and the least money is second. The content of the explanation along the way is all local products, as if we were here to shop. Some people close their eyes and take a break and are scolded, saying that we enjoy government subsidies to travel, we should buy things and consume, otherwise we are sorry for the country. After this trip, I really don't want to travel to this place. It turned out to go again this year.

This year's tour guide did not swear as much as before, but still mobilized everyone to buy. And taking my jade bracelet as an example, I talked about the benefits of jade bracelet, so that everyone can buy it with confidence. To be honest, my jade bracelet bought three years ago, 10,000 yuan, will sell for 20,000 this year, but it is also limited to Dai Dai, it can no longer be turned into money. According to each person's preferences, it is not necessary to listen to others.

Is motorhome travel feasible?
Is motorhome travel feasible?
Is motorhome travel feasible?

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