30 trivia facts about Nepal that will take you to know the real Nepal

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Nepal is a landlocked mountain country in South Asia, located in the southern foothills of the Himalayas, the capital Kathmandu, 7 federal provinces in the country, with a population of 30.035 million.

1. Nepal's flag is very special, basically the world's national flags are rectangular, and Nepal's flag is composed of two triangles. The only non-rectangular flag in the world.

2. Nepal only abolished the monarchy in 2008 and is now part of the Federal Democratic Republic.

3. The birthplace of Buddha Shakyamuni is in Lumbini, which is now Rupandeshi County in Nepal. It is one of the most important holy places in Buddhism.

30 trivia facts about Nepal that will take you to know the real Nepal

4. Nepal is a landlocked country in South Asia, located in the southern foothills of the Himalayas, bordering China to the north and India on the other three sides. The terrain is high, three-quarters of the country's territory is mountainous, there are more than 240 peaks over 6,000 meters, and there are 14 peaks over 8,000 meters above sea level in the world, of which 8 are located in the Himalayas on the border of China and Nepal, so Nepal has the reputation of "the country of high mountains".

5. The first Chinese in China to Nepal was the senior monk Fa Xian of the Jin Dynasty, and the second was the famous monk Xuanzang of the Tang Dynasty.

6. The only foreign diplomatic mission in Tibet is the Consulate General of Nepal in Lhasa.

7. During the Qing Dynasty, China had 19 dependent states, and Nepal was one of them. At that time, the "Gurkor" was now Nepal, and at its peak, the territory was three times the size of present-day Nepal, and it invaded mainland Tibet twice in 1788 and 1791, and later Qianlong sent Fu Kang'an to Tibet to force back the Gurkor, and since then he has sought peace and submitted to the Qing Dynasty, paying tribute every five years. It was not until Nepal was controlled by the British and stopped paying tribute, becoming the last vassal state of China.

8. Mount Everest is shared by China and Nepal, with the north being owned by China and the south being Nepalese. Generally, climbing Mount Everest is mainly two routes, the northern slope is more steep and difficult, and the southern slope is more climbing from the Nepalese side, because it is easier, foreigners are basically climbing from this side. And one of Nepal's largest foreign exchange earnings comes from here. Of course, there is also the eastern slope, but the most difficult is that few people climb from here.

30 trivia facts about Nepal that will take you to know the real Nepal

9. In fact, Nepal is very similar to Mongolia. Both have only two neighbors, Nepal is the only neighbor of China and India, while Mongolia has China and Russia. These two are landlocked countries, but Nepal has no navy or air force, only an army, while Mongolia, although landlocked, has a navy with seven navy soldiers and a fleet. This fleet was originally used to transport oil at Lake Kusugul. And three boats, two guns, one engine. That's what the whole navy did.

10, Nepal is a country with more women and fewer men, local people marry quite early, Nepalese law is monogamous, but local remote areas "polyandry" is very common, but a woman has multiple men, but these men are related by blood, that is, brothers share a wife. The reason for this is also due to the lack of local planting area and lack of materials.

30 trivia facts about Nepal that will take you to know the real Nepal

11. The Sherpas of Nepal are specialized in mountaineering guides, especially climbing Mount Everest, living on both sides of the Himalayas, and have the title of "porters on the Himalayas". Sherpas only have a first name, no surname, they have a characteristic is that the lung capacity is amazing, blood oxygen is extremely low, so when climbing Mount Everest, oxygen cylinders, compasses are not carried, endurance is very good. They earn a lot of money as mountain guides, but many have died as a result, dying in avalanches or falling into glaciers.

30 trivia facts about Nepal that will take you to know the real Nepal

12. The Kas in Nepal are the main local ethnic group, that is, the Gurkhas, who are very brave and loyal and have become the main mercenary recruits in Britain. There are also large numbers of Gurkhas in the armies of other countries.

13. The Gurkha scimitar is Nepal's national knife, commonly known as the "dog-legged knife", this scimitar can cut off a human head at once.

30 trivia facts about Nepal that will take you to know the real Nepal

14. The middle base map of Nepal's national emblem is Mount Everest.

15. Nepal is the only country that exempts China from visa fees, note that it is not visa-free, but visa-free, so visas still have to be processed.

16. Nepal is like a slide country, with a large difference in altitude, the highest in the north reaches 8848 meters of Mount Everest, while the average altitude in the south is 70 meters.

17. Nepal's Newar people, women must marry at least three times in their lives, and women are arranged to marry at the age of 7, but the object is not a person but a fruit called "bell tree" "wood apple", which is very hard. The girl's first husband was a wooden apple, and she had to take it with her wherever she went. A few years later, when she became a young girl, she had to marry a second time, the object was the sun, and her parents locked the girl up alone and the room was as dark as possible, and the whole process lasted 11 days, and she was not allowed to go out or see any men. The third time is to marry a man.

30 trivia facts about Nepal that will take you to know the real Nepal

18. Nepalese bride price is very simple, only 10 betel nuts, 1 box of powder, 2 sets of new clothes can be done.

19. In addition to marrying Princess Wencheng, Songtsen Gampo also had the "Princess Ruzun" of the ancient Nebra kingdom, which is today's Nepal.

20. The only route in the world that flies over the Himalayas is the Chengdu-Kathmandu route, which is the capital of Nepal.

21. Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world, there are almost no garbage cans and traffic lights in the city, the traffic is messy, cattle can walk at will not be driven away, most of the local people believe in Hinduism, cattle are sacred.

30 trivia facts about Nepal that will take you to know the real Nepal

22. Nepal, like Indians, nods to indicate NO disagreement, while shaking its head indicates YES agrees and appreciation.

23, Nepal does not feel strange to see two men holding hands on the street, because it is too normal, just a symbol of friendship, and male and female couples are not allowed to do these intimate acts, the social atmosphere is very conservative, let alone kissing in public.

24. Nepalese women will bathe on the street, this is called "street bath", usually several people wash together, but wrapped in a cloth, for public bathing locals have become strange.

30 trivia facts about Nepal that will take you to know the real Nepal

25. In the western rural areas of Nepal, women will be kicked out when they come to their aunt, feeling unlucky, and some of the better ones will not be driven out, but they will not be driven out but have to live in a small black house at the entrance of the village, and they can only go home when they are finished.

26, the world's largest wild bee is the Himalayan cliff bee, scientific name black bee, the largest is 178 centimeters, a hive can produce 60 kg of honey and a lot of beeswax, the price is also relatively expensive. Locals usually take a portion and leave a portion for bees to re-nest.

27. Nepalese worship the goddess Kumari very much, and each local goddess Kumari is 3~7 years old and will be worshipped for 10 years. Goddess Kumari could not go out at will, and even if she did, she could not touch the ground, and believers would bow down to her, and in the past, even high-ranking courtiers or kings would kneel to see her. The girl has to be carefully selected and tested, and she must be from the Shakya tribe, and she will abdicate the throne when the first time the great aunt comes.

30 trivia facts about Nepal that will take you to know the real Nepal

28. Nepal implements 10 years of free compulsory education, and tuition and miscellaneous fees are free.

29. In Nepal, fire is very sacred, do not throw garbage into the fire.

30. Nepal has frequent power outages, with an average of 8 hours a day, and water resources are scattered, and people line up with colorful buckets every day to fetch water.

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