Fumio Kishida has visited France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Canada in succession, and his visit to the United States has attracted attention

author:Yang Chunsi

On December 16 last year, the Cabinet of Ministers of the Japanese Government deliberated and approved the new version of the "National Security Strategy," the "National Defense Strategy," and the "Defense Force Readiness Plan," stating that Japan will commit to possessing the enemy's offensive capability and other policy propositions, and will significantly increase military spending (military spending will increase to 2% of GDP) in the next five years. The issuance of the three documents represents a major metamorphosis in Japan's defense strategy, completely abandoning the principle of "exclusive defense", completely deviating from the peaceful concept of the Japanese constitution, and will bring new threats to regional peace and stability.

The Kyoto Shimbun editorial believes that in the past division of labor, the US military served as the spear and the Japanese Self-Defense Forces as the shield. If Japan and the United States move toward military integration, it will greatly increase the risk of Japan being drawn into war.

Fumio Kishida has visited France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Canada in succession, and his visit to the United States has attracted attention

As the rotating presidency of the Group of Seven (G7) in 2023, Japan began the new year with intensive diplomatic actions. Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida's recent successive visits to France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Canada are even more noteworthy.

Before Kishida arrived in the United States, John Kirby, the strategic communications coordinator of the White House National Security Council, said in an interview with the Nikkei that the United States is willing to help Japan acquire and improve its ability to launch missiles against "enemy territory." At the leaders' meeting, Biden praised Kishida's commitment to Japan's defense and Japan's efforts to enhance its national security strategy.

"The United States is fully and thoroughly and unreservedly committed to its alliance, most importantly, to Japan's defense," Biden said. ”

The United States is repeating the old tricks before World War II, there is a path dependence!

Since the beginning of the Meiji Restoration, Japan is a British support of the Far East agent, used to counter Russia's expansion in the Far East and disrupt China, in the middle of the nineteenth century, Britain and Russia in Eurasia hegemony, in the face of Russia's expansion in the Far East, Britain is beyond reach, urgently need allies, there were two choices at that time, one is China, the other is Japan, the British Parliament after fierce debate, that China is too big, China is strong and difficult to control, and finally selected Japan as an agent, support Japan, Britain is in the role of mediator, Use the contradictions between China and Japan to control China, and use the contradictions between Russia and Japan to suppress Russia's expansion in the Far East! And the sphere of influence was demarcated for Japan, that is, the Northeast and the Russian Far East, and the Kannai was the British sphere of influence!

Fumio Kishida has visited France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Canada in succession, and his visit to the United States has attracted attention

After World War I, Germany was irreconcilable with Britain and France, and Foch was very dissatisfied with the armistice that was finally signed, and he said unabashedly: "This is not peace, this is a 20-year truce." "The United States makes full use of the contradictions between Germany and Britain and France, lending Germany a lot of money, so that Germany can develop military heavy industry, which is equivalent to feeding Germans aphrodisiacs, Germany can't do it if it wants to commit crimes!" While feeding the Germans aphrodisiacs, the United States supported Japan and sold Japan a large amount of strategic materials to support Japan in making trouble in China to attack Britain.

The United States supported Japan and Germany to make trouble, the purpose is to seize the currency hegemony of the pound, an American economist once said: "Since 1896, the United States ranked first in the world in industrial output, and in the 50 years from 1945 to 1945, the United States has only done one thing, that is, to crush the hegemony of the pound"!

The conspiracy of the United States before World War II, the Americans must not admit it with both hands, just like now provoking the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, both hands are spread, do not admit that it is the United States that provoked the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, and cannot come up with definite evidence!

Now while provoking a Russian-Ukrainian conflict in the European direction, according to which Europe is controlled, and now letting Japanese dogs out of the cage, this is to copy the situation before the Second World War! Before World War II, it was to seize currency hegemony, and now it is to maintain currency hegemony and smash others, and he has become the least rotten one when the United States hides behind!

Fumio Kishida has visited France, the United Kingdom, Italy and Canada in succession, and his visit to the United States has attracted attention

If China does not expand its armaments and war, war will soon come to us, no more than fifteen years at the latest!

Japan's targeting of China is not just an excuse for China, but a life-and-death struggle for leadership in East Asia, and Japan knows that now is the last time to contain China's development, but it has insufficient spare resources so it desperately introduces foreign forces.

China's military spending is only 1.27% of GDP, Japan and European countries have to raise it to 2%, and the United States 3.5%.

In the context of China's increasingly tense security situation, China should also increase its military spending!

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