Detailed explanation of the men's basketball training list: the difference between Qiao Shuai's standard and Du Feng's Zhang Ning Lin Wei led the 5 beads

On January 19, Beijing time, with the official announcement of the latest 18-man training squad of the national team by the Chinese Basketball Association, Serbian coach Jordjevic will usher in the debut of the Chinese men's basketball team and will lead the team to the sixth window of the World Preliminary Tournament. In response to the 18-man training list announced today, Giordjevic responded to his 3 criteria for selection, which are different from former coach Du Feng, and the failure of previously selected players such as Jiang Weize is also an expression of his hope to achieve. Public opinion is still discussing the defeat of many players, and Zhang Ning, Tao Hanlin, and Lin Wei are also leading the 6 beads.

In the first five window periods of the Chinese men's basketball team, Du Feng as the coach led the team, has locked the main stage of this year's men's basketball World Cup in advance, and the remaining two games in the sixth window period are more about training and grinding the lineup, and it is also a player who makes Jordjevic familiar with the Chinese men's basketball team.

Now the 18-man training list of the Chinese men's basketball team is announced as follows:

Qi Zhou (NBL Phoenix)

Allen Guo, Jiwei Zhao, Zhenlin Zhang (Liaoning)

Wu Qian, Cheng Shuaipeng ( Zhejiang )

Zhao Rui and Hu Mingxuan ( Guangzhou )

Hu Jinqiu, Zhu Junlong (Guangsha)

Zhu Xuhang ( Xinjiang )

Zhu Mingzhen, Jiao Boqiao, Cui Yongxi ( Guangzhou )

Cui Xiaolong ( Jiangsu )

In this 18-person training squad, Zhou Qi, Guo Allen, Wang Zhelin and Zhao Jiwei are the absolute main players, while Zhao Rui, Wu Qian, Hu Mingxuan, Cheng Shuaipeng, Hu Jinqiu and Zhu Junlong have also been selected for the national team before. Zeng Fanbo and Zhang Zhenlin have also been selected for the national training team before, and now they are not surprised to be selected again, while Jiao Boqiao, Cui Yongxi and Cui Xiaolong are selected for the national training team for the first time.

In this regard, Jordjevic announced his 3 criteria for selecting players, and there is no doubt that there is still a difference with Du Feng's standards, "My first consideration is 3 H: Healthy, I mean health more in the mind." Hungry desire, desire must be displayed on both ends of the offensive and defensive ends. Humble humility, a must-have quality for a national team player. ”

Giordević further elaborated on his requirements, "In addition, I will also pay attention to the degree of selflessness, the quality of defense, which includes the quality of individual defense, as well as the ability to understand the overall defensive rules of the future national team, physical strength, athletic talent, etc., as well as the consideration of future national team construction." ”

Since there is no record requirement in the sixth window of the World Preliminary Tournament, after all, the World Cup place has been locked in advance, so Jordjevic also revealed that the focus is, "Establish our communication tacit understanding as soon as possible, so as to transform my personal basketball concept into our collective basketball concept, establish the connection between the team members, establish the internal code of conduct, and let these connections and guidelines become the basis for positive results." Work as a team as soon as possible, form a tacit understanding between the coaching staff as soon as possible, and constantly exchange opinions and strengthen communication between coaches and other team members. ”

In addition to Yao Ming as the team leader, the assistant coaches are Guo Shiqiang and Liu Wei, who are very familiar with the situation of Chinese basketball and these selected players, and will cooperate with Jordjevic to better complete the coaching work.

Of course, there are also a lot of heated discussions in public opinion about the 18-person training list, especially for the failure of many players, the following brings six major pearl inventory:

1. Zhang Ning

Zhang Ning's defeat has always caused public opinion, after all, he has been extremely good this season, he has averaged nearly 40 minutes per game, averaging 18.4 points and 5.8 rebounds per game, both of which are career highs.

2. Tao Hanlin

Tao Hanlin is also a "difficult to even" unsuccessful recruit, he averaged 29 minutes per game this season, 14.4 points and 7.9 rebounds. It's just that when the national team already has Zhou Qi, Wang Zhelin and Hu Jinqiu, it is understandable that Tao Hanlin was defeated.

3. Lin Wei

Lin Wei is the hottest rookie player of the season, and he just finished in the second stage with a career-high 35 points. Lin Wei averaged 16 points, 3.1 rebounds and 3.1 assists per game this season.

4, Jiang Weize

Jiang Weize was previously selected for the Chinese men's basketball national team and also participated in the World Preliminary Round and the Asian Cup with the team, but he unfortunately fell out of the training list this time. Jiang Weize is a homegrown quality goalscorer, he has averaged 17.8 points and 5.1 assists per game this season, and his height of 1.82 meters is a weakness, which may not meet the requirements of Qiao Shuai's preference for high defenders.

5, Liu Zeyi

Zhejiang interior lineman Liu Ze has performed well all season and won the Player of the Month award, averaging 15 points and 7.9 rebounds per game, and Liu Zeyi's reasons for being selected are similar to Tao Hanlin.

Of course, the national team list of the Chinese men's basketball team will be adjusted, after all, injuries, personnel needs and other circumstances, there is still the possibility of change.

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