Buddha "Nameless" transforms into a fight to defeat the Buddha? The first pre-sale of the Spring Festival stall has finally become a super dark horse

If you want to become a dark horse, the objective condition is that when the publicity is launched, it is ignored or not favored by the outside world, and the subjective condition is that the film quality is excellent or particularly outstanding in some aspects, and it becomes a dark horse after completing the box office and word-of-mouth counterattack.

Seven new movies will be released in the Spring Festival in 2023, and this period of recovery of Vientiane once again presents the situation of immortal fighting. And in it, the industry began to be unfriendly to "Nameless". The predictions of various institutions for their final box office are basically about 500 million.

Undoubtedly, "Nameless" meets the first condition of becoming a dark horse at the box office, and is objectively ignored or not favored.

And what about subjective conditions? Before we see the main film, we can peek at the leopard through the tube of the "Nameless" trailer.

First, exquisite, connotation, aesthetics

After only watching the trailer of "Nameless" for thirty seconds, I felt the texture of this movie.

The delicacy of the picture is something that director Cheng Er has always insisted on, and the service road in the movie has been carefully designed.

Take the screenshot of Tony Leung in the office trailer as an example, ordinary props such as newspapers, desk lamps, and data cabinets are nothing more, and the focus is on other details.

The meticulous clothing and hairstyle hint at the character's extraordinary identity and rigorous style, while the different color inkwells on the desk suggest that Tony Leung should be playing a figure with considerable power.

Directors in the new era generally like to use movie pictures to do some background expressions, and "Nameless" director Cheng Er is also a master in this regard.

A filthy puppy sits on a street that has been blown into ruins, looking helplessly at the unrecognizable house.

This shot should be prototype, that is, the photo of the child sitting on the bombed-out station platform crying loudly, that photo is very famous and has been circulated all over the world.

When the picture turns, a clean Shiba Inu wearing a flight cap and windproof goggles sits on a Japanese bomber, accompanying the owner to complete the bombing mission, the meaning of this shot is obvious, and it is a strong contrast with the dirty puppy just now.

The shadow of the Japanese bomber is reflected in the sea, and at first glance it looks like a shark looking for its prey in the sea, which is very distinct.

A group of Japanese troops and a Japanese armored vehicle marched silently on the streets on a rainy night, dark night, rain, gray raincoats, black rifles, beast-like armored vehicles, the suffocating sense of terror instantly hit, and the tension of the whole film was instantly filled.

Some netizens commented on the director of "Nameless":

Second, the role that cannot be guessed

There are some details of the relationship between the characters in the trailer of "Nameless", which makes people immediately become strongly interested in the identity of the characters.

There is a Japanese flag next to Tony Leung's office, so Tony Leung's public identity should be serving the Japanese military, and the biggest possibility is the Wang pseudo secret agency.

Does this mean that Tony Leung has once again played the role of a traitor?

Not necessarily, Tony Leung also has a shot where he goes to a "peaceful bathroom" and places a delicate box in the bathroom locker.

Therefore, in addition to his public identity, Tony Leung should also have a secret identity, but which of the two identities is real and which is false, or whether there is a third identity, it is temporarily not visible in the trailer.

The character played by Wang Yibo wears a delicate suit and is very appropriately dressed, like a small open on the beach, or an elite person who has returned from overseas.

In the trailer, Wang Yibo and Japanese soldiers fought a big battle, on the surface, against the Japanese, it should be a positive character, right? But the next shot was slapped in the face because he was fighting for life and death with Tony Leung's character.

The most burning shot in the trailer of "Nameless" is probably the fight scene between Tony Leung and Wang Yibo, the two first have a shootout, then a hand-to-hand fight, and they are very ruthless, eager to put each other to death.

The brain-burning place came, Tony Leung's public identity and Wang Yibo seemed to be opposites, and it was normal for the two to fight. But Tony Leung still has a secret identity, the question is whether his secret identity and Wang Yibo's secret identity are cooperation or opposition?

If Tony Leung's secret identity is the underground party, who is Wang Yibo who beat him to death? If Wang Yibo's secret identity is an underground party, then who is Tony Leung? Or are they not underground parties? Or is it all an underground party, just a misunderstanding?

Interestingly, the interest in watching movies was immediately full.

Seven movies in the Spring Festival file, most of them are comedy or family movies, there is a brain-burning high-quality spy war film, absolutely unique, you can say that spy war films are a disadvantage in the Spring Festival file, in fact, the other way around, no opponents of the same theme may also be an advantage.

3. The meaning of "nameless"

A movie with many actors and powerful people such as Tony Leung, Huang Lei, Dapeng, Wang Chuanjun, a movie with many idols and powerful actresses such as Zhou Xun, Jiang Shuying and Zhang Jingyi, a movie with Wang Yibo, the top in the entertainment industry, actually ended up with a name called "Nameless", so many good actors have been blinded, right?

At first, I felt that the director of "Nameless" was playing deeply, and after watching the trailer of "Nameless", I had a new understanding of why this movie is called "Nameless".

The first meaning is the identity of the main characters in the film, and many people have dual or even multiple identities.

"Nameless" is set during the Anti-Japanese War, the story mainly takes place after the outbreak of the Pacific War, and the location of the story is Shanghai.

Shanghai at this time in history can be described as full of spies, Japanese, Wang, Chongqing, Yan'an, American, British, Soviet agents almost all, the relevant plots you can see in the old movie "The Eternal Airwave" and the TV series "Lurking" and "The Pretender".

As mentioned above, Tony Leung's role in "Nameless" is multiple, and the identity of Wang Yibo's role is also multiple, in addition, Zhou Xun, who holds the delicate box in his hand, the role she plays does not seem to be clear.

Due to the complex identity of some agents, it is not uncommon to have dual identities and multiple identities, so the question is, which name is the real name? Or maybe all the names that appear in the movie are not real names, they ignore real names, just one unknown person after another engaged in secret work.

Another meaning should be the final outcome of these secret workers, because of their special identity, but also a lot of confidential information, contact with a lot of things under the sun, so many people may not be known to the outside world until death.

Their future may be an ordinary cadre in an institution, an ordinary patient in a nursing home, an ordinary white-collar worker in a company, of course, they may have been sacrificed, they may be heroes in a book or movie, but their real names will forever be hidden in secret archives, or even forgotten in the corners of history.

Therefore, underground workers are sometimes called unknown soldiers, which is the deepest meaning of "Nameless".

As of the press of this article, "Nameless", which was originally not optimistic in box office predictions, has achieved a somewhat surprising result, the film won the first place in the pre-sale box office of seven Spring Festival movies, taking the lead in breaking through the 10 million pre-sale box office mark, and the dark horse posture has become a reality.

Finally, let's leave a suspense, how many more surprises will "Nameless" give us? In its current state, it is really limitless!

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