DC's new film of the year "Blue Beetle" released its first trailer

DC's new film of the year "Blue Beetle" released its first trailer, Latin superheroes are coming! When a recent college graduate encounters the alien biotechnology "Scarab", everything will change for him!

The film is directed by Angel Manuel Soto ("The King of Street Racing") and Gareth Dunnett-Alcose is responsible for the script. Solo Maridona and Bruna Marcusin starred, and Oscar actress Susan Sarandon, Harvey Gillan, Raul Trujillo and others also starred.

"Blue Beetle" is the first DC superhero film featuring a Latina! Blue Beetle was born in 1939 and is also one of the earliest DC Comics superheroes, with a total of three generations, and the movie version mainly tells the story of the third generation Jaime Reyes. Jaime Reyes, played by Solo Maridona, returns to his hometown after graduating from college, full of ambitions for the future and looking for his purpose. However, Jaime Reyes accidentally harvested an ancient relic with alien biotechnology, "Scarab"... Jaime Reyes also became a symbiotic host for the "scarab"!

This also allowed Jaime Reyes to obtain a magical set of armor and was given unexpected superpowers, turning into the superhero "Blue Beetle". The Blue Beetle can fly, has increased strength and stamina, can conjure up a variety of weapons, and can translate alien languages.

In the film, Susan Sarandon plays the film's original villain, Victoria Kord, and her relationship with the "second generation blue beetle" Ted Kod has yet to be revealed. In the trailer, you can also see the "second-generation blue beetle" Ted Codd's spaceship piloted by the protagonist group - The Bug. In addition, the uniform of "Generation Blue Beetle" Daniel Garrett can be seen in the background of the scene.

DC's new film of the year "Blue Beetle" released its first trailer
DC's new film of the year "Blue Beetle" released its first trailer

Many people said that the film is to compete with Marvel's Spider-Man, and a war of words broke out between fans! However, Phil Lord, the screenwriter of the movie "Spider-Man: Across the Universe", updated a creation drawing to express support for the two Latino heroes of "Little Black Spider" Myers and "Blue Beetle" Jaime Reyes going hand in hand on the big screen this year.

"Blue Beetle" will be released in North America on August 18! DC Pictures co-CEO James Gunn also enthusiastically promoted the film, "Did I say that "Blue Beetle" is very cool! Come and watch this warm, joyful and wonderful movie and walk into the cinema together. ”

I hope the mainland can introduce it!

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