Starring Feng Xiaogang and Chen Chong, the Chinese version of "Loyal Dog Bagong" is set! The first protagonist is a Chinese pastoral dog

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Good films continue in March, this time the Chinese version of the movie "Loyal Dog Bagong" is suddenly scheduled to be released at the end of this month, and posters and trailers are released!

A story that touched the world, the protagonist is a dog, starring Feng Xiaogang and Chen Chong.

This theme, this lineup, this trailer, is very surprised, no wonder many people have left messages expressing their expectations.

The story of "Loyal Dog Hachiko" has long touched too many people, and many movie versions have been made before, including the Japanese version of "Loyal Dog Hachiko Monogatari" in 1987 and the American version of "The Story of Loyal Dog Hachiko" in 2009, all of which are super high-scoring movies with more than 9 points on Douban.

The Japanese version of "The Tale of Hachiko" was also the Japanese box office champion in 1987, with a box office score of 5.4 billion yen (about 270 million yuan today).

The movie comes from a true story that touched hundreds of millions of people around the world, at the beginning of the last century, Professor Ueno and his dog Ah Hachi at Tokyo Imperial University in Japan were inseparable, commuting to work every day, Ah Hachi must wait at Shibuya Station, rain or shine, becoming a landscape, simple and sincere emotions between master and servant...

Today, the statue of Hachiko the loyal dog is located outside Shibuya Station in Tokyo, Japan, watching the people coming and going every day, making this warm story remembered by the world.

The prototype of the dog of "Zhonggu Hachiko" is an Akita dog, and this time the dog of the Chinese version of "Zhonggu Hachiko" is localized as a Chinese pastoral dog.

It is worth mentioning that the Chinese name of "Hachiko" this time is "Hachiko", which comes from mahjong and is very grounded.

What is touching is that in the trailer of "Loyal Dog Bagong", the first position of the leading actor was given to the dog Rhubarb, and it was specially noted as a "Chinese pastoral dog", which made people watch very warm.

In the trailer, the dog "Eight Tubes" is the absolute protagonist, not only as a child, but also as an adult, all of which are quite cute, and many people have been cute by it and have been fanned by the "Eight Tubes" circle in advance.

Surprisingly, the movie "Loyal Dog Bagong" starring Feng Xiaogang and Chen Chong, two powerful actors and actresses teamed up for the first time, plus the director is the highly respected Xu Ang in the industry, his representative works include the movie "Twelve Citizens" starring He Bing, the drama "Comedy of Sadness" starring Chen Daoming and He Bing, and the TV series "Forensic Qin Ming" and so on.

Such a golden lineup, plus the story itself, is quite fascinating!

The film was shot in Chongqing, the scene selection is full of sense of age, in the trailer, climbing the hill, playing mahjong, Chongqing dialect are full of daily human touch, the warm atmosphere of the last century makes people like it very much.

Feng Xiaogang plays the male protagonist Chen Jingxiu, who has a deep love with dogs, and his scholarly appearance in the film is also very convincing:

With gray hair, glasses, a gray short-sleeved shirt, and an old-fashioned briefcase, he walked on his way to work, and the dog Hachi followed him and took him to work.

The heroine Li Jiazhen played by Chen Chong and Chen Jingxiu played by Feng Xiaogang are husband and wife in the film, in the film, she did not like dogs at first, but the intelligence and cuteness of the eight tubes gradually infected her, so that she also began to like this puppy picked up by her husband from the wild.

In the trailer, she went from being difficult to accept, to liking, and then to later "eight tubes" can go to bed, fully reflecting the change in attitude and pampering of dogs.

Whether it is Feng Xiaogang or Chen Chong, the performance presented in this movie trailer is natural and simple, very plus, I haven't seen such an exciting actor partner for a long time, and it is quite exciting to see their cooperation.

It is worth mentioning that unlike the Japanese movie, where the dog sends the owner to Shibuya Station, in the Chinese version of the movie "Loyal Dog Hachiko", the filming location is in Chongqing, and the station is also localized, and the "eight tubes" are to send the owner Chen Jingxiu to take the "Yangtze River Cableway" with very Chongqing characteristics to work.

In the trailer of the Chinese version of "Loyal Dog Bagong", the eight tubes wait for their owner Chen Jingxiu in the "Yangtze River Ropeway" day and night.

When Chen Jingxiu, who was soaked in sweat, rushed to the station to look for the dog Eight Tube, one of the eyes of the Eight Tube, that look, immediately made people's hearts soften.

This look is full of love, expectation, and a trace of grievance, I have to say that this "eight tubes" are too pitiful, and after watching the trailer, I can't help but like it.

At the same time, I can't help but praise the acting skills of "Big Rhubarb" first, hoping that after the release of this movie, more people can see the loyalty, intelligence, bravery, cuteness, and such great acting skills of our Chinese pastoral dogs through the big screen!

Remaking classic movies is not easy, easy to be compared, and there is pressure from pearl jade in front, but this time the trailer of the Chinese version of "Loyal Dog Bagong" came out, more warmth and surprise.

In particular, the protagonist this time is the Chinese pastoral dog "Eight Tubes", which is worth looking forward to.

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