Overseas Legion Day Ping Yi brother Zhang Benzhihe and his Chinese coach Dong Qimin: The Chinese team is difficult to overcome

Overseas Legion Day Ping Yi brother Zhang Benzhihe and his Chinese coach Dong Qimin: The Chinese team is difficult to overcome

Life is sometimes full of changes, but in order to survive, you need to try, you need to migrate, and in order to realize your ideals and ambitions, you have to travel to other places and be a guest. However, no matter how a person walks and develops, once he himself has the imprint of his hometown, even if he is thousands of miles away, he will feel homesick every day and will think of returning to his roots. A person, as long as he goes out of China, no matter how far he goes, whether he joins another country or not, he is the descendant of the descendants of Yanhuang, we must accept him with an inclusive attitude, and welcome him to return home often, and participate in activities in his hometown to enhance his national pride.

Tomokazu Zhang Ben, born in 2003, joined the Japanese nationality at the age of 11, is now the absolute main force of the Japanese table tennis team, his parents Zhang Yu and Zhang Ling went to Japan in 1998 to work as a coach in a table tennis club in Sendai, Japan. Her mother was teammates with Deng Yaping and Qiao Hong and participated in the 1995 Tianjin World Table Tennis Championships. At the age of two, he learned to play at the club wearing diapers. His father kept him learning Chinese, and brought pinyin teaching materials from China for him to learn, and he could also speak a few words of Sichuanese. When he was 10 years old, in order to qualify him for the adult international competition, his father added his nationality to Japanese nationality and added a book to his Chinese, hoping that he would not forget his book, which also showed that the family did not forget his book. In order to serve as his son's national team coach, his father Zhang Yu also joined the Japanese nationality.

Overseas Legion Day Ping Yi brother Zhang Benzhihe and his Chinese coach Dong Qimin: The Chinese team is difficult to overcome

Zhang Yu and Zhang Ling just arrived in Japan, when they were coaches at the club, they earned more than 20,000 yuan a month, which is a very ordinary income in Japan, and the family rarely goes to restaurants to eat, and Zhang Ling has always cooked at home. After the club owner did not operate the venue, Zhang Yu and Zhang Ling contracted the venue. After he entered the national team, his father took him to train in Tokyo, and his mother led his sister to continue running the club in Sendai. At present, the stadium is still at the level of domestic amateur sports schools.

In this regard, Liu Guoliang once commented, he said, Zhang Ling and they have all been in the national team, have a deep understanding of table tennis, the atmosphere of table tennis at home is strong, and the hopes of parents are placed on their children, which is understandable. For Zhang Benzhi and this kind of player, we should encourage them more, they are really not easy, if his parents are the world champions of the Chinese team, they will not necessarily immigrate to Japan, because the national table tennis is too strong, and it is too difficult for them to develop in the soil of China.

Playing in Japan, in addition to financial constraints, the family is also mentally stressed, and at home, they are accused of being "traitors", and in Japan, they are abused to "go back to China". He participated in the junior category of the All Japan Open, and in the match, he lost 2:3 to Haruki Miyamoto, causing the Japanese audience to angrily scold "Go back to China", and he had to cry bitterly. In 2018, he returned to China to Sichuan to participate in the competition, and at the scene, he was yelled by the people to "go back to Japan", and in the end, he lost the competition and his voice stopped.

Overseas Legion Day Ping Yi brother Zhang Benzhihe and his Chinese coach Dong Qimin: The Chinese team is difficult to overcome

Father Zhang Yu wanted him to participate in Sichuan's training, the provincial team listened, immediately refused, Zhang Yu used to be a member of the provincial team, through contacts to get a training place, originally wanted to take the opportunity to improve his son's playing level, but was still refused. Faced with this situation, he cried and said, Sichuan is also my hometown, I can't go back to my hometown for training, I am really disappointed. In 2019, Zhang Yu visited the door three times and hired Dong Qimin as his son's coach with a high salary. In 2020, Japanese table tennis fell into a slump, launched the generation breaking training method, the Japan Table Tennis Association used Chinese coaches in large quantities, and Dong Qimin entered the Japanese national youth team.

Dong Qimin aimed at Zhang Benzhihe's playing style, using a backhand twisting and pulling serve play, reaching the extreme in speed, angle, and violent pursuit, making him the first brother of Japanese ping. And in China's three consecutive competitions, there are outstanding performances, defeating Fan Zhendong and Wang Chuqin in the World Table Tennis Championships, Xinxiang World Cup finals, Asian Cup win. Some people predict that Dong Qimin will lead Zhang Benzhihe to win the gold medals in the men's singles and men's team at the Paris Olympics in 2024, reach the peak of his life, and become a god in the hearts of the Japanese.

Dong Qimin, began to learn to play at the age of 8, was selected for the national second team at the age of 15, in 1995, in the national table tennis championship broke into the men's singles top 8, in 1997, won the table tennis super league championship, Croatia table tennis open men's singles third place, and Liu Guoliang, Kong Linghui, Qin Zhijian was teammates. At the age of 23, retired due to injury, Shi Zhihao, the national table tennis gold medal coach, suggested that he go overseas to play, and then went to Japan and worked as a coach in a club, at the Yokohama World Table Tennis Championships, he led a female member of his club to the semifinals, and trained a number of Japanese national champions, led the Sixteen Bank Club to win the professional league championship, and in his wife's Misaki Club, he discovered and trained Kizo Brave into the national team.

Overseas Legion Day Ping Yi brother Zhang Benzhihe and his Chinese coach Dong Qimin: The Chinese team is difficult to overcome

In Japan, you need to find your own coach to play, in addition to fixed training, you have to find your own field training. After he became Tomokazu Chang's coach, sometimes, it was he who went to Tokyo, and sometimes it was Tomokazu Chang who went to train at his Meidian High School, but fortunately, the Shinkansen took only 2 hours to reach each other, and in 3 months, the two reached a tacit understanding. As for his disciples, Dong Qimin said that he had a strong desire to win. After losing to Egypt at the Tokyo Olympics, Dong said that his skills and tactics certainly need to be improved, but the most important thing now is to help him unload his psychological baggage and put himself in the right position.

At the WTT Championship, Zhang Benzhi and Lin Gaoyuan won the title, and before the tournament, he shouted "beat the Chinese team", Dong Qimin said, in fact, all foreign players are proud to beat the Chinese team. In the field of table tennis, only by defeating the Chinese team can we prove our value, but I feel that this is a kind of respect for the Chinese team. The Chinese team is like a great wall for them, which is difficult to overcome. Zhang Benzhihe's victory once did not shake the Chinese team. Lin Gaoyuan's loss was a wake-up call for him and the Chinese team, but I felt that harsh criticism of him was completely unnecessary. In fact, the Chinese team has the trouble of happiness, which is the trouble of too much talent.

Overseas Legion Day Ping Yi brother Zhang Benzhihe and his Chinese coach Dong Qimin: The Chinese team is difficult to overcome

Dong Qimin is most proud of the famous high school team he coaches, very close to China, in the 1971 Nagoya World Table Tennis Championships "table tennis diplomacy" good story, then Japan Table Tennis Association President Goto Koji is one of the promoters, he served as the chairman of Meidian High School. The exchange between China and Japan in table tennis continues in this school. In 1998, he went to Japan to play ball, met his wife Zheng Qi, came and went, relied on each other, and entered the palace of marriage.

Zheng Qi came to Japan in 1992, playing ball in Aomori while studying, Dong Qi Min first arrived in Japan, got a lot of help from her, the two now have a private house of more than 200 square meters in Gifu, Zheng Qi opened the Misaki Table Tennis Club to train young players. Zheng Qi has become a Japanese citizen, and Dong Qimin is also eligible to become a Japanese citizen, but he is unwilling to give up his Chinese passport, he said, I Chinese do a good job, why change nationality? Fallen leaves always come back to the roots. Now our life is still normal, and if the Japanese government announces the spread of nuclear radiation, we will consider returning to Shanghai.

Overseas Legion Day Ping Yi brother Zhang Benzhihe and his Chinese coach Dong Qimin: The Chinese team is difficult to overcome

When the two were in love, the boss thought that the employees they paid for should work hard, rather than fall in love as soon as they arrived in Japan, thinking that they had a negative tendency to sabotage. The two tried hard to communicate with the boss, but the effect was not satisfactory, and the two decided not to renew the contract after it expired. The boss saw that Dong Qi Min's results were getting better and better, and in a hurry, he withheld his passport, saying that it was to guarantee his priority to renew the contract, but the two believed that the boss had seriously hurt Chinese's self-esteem, and he was suspected for no reason, which was an insult, and decided to act as planned. Finally, they arrived in Gifu.

Just arrived in Gifu, due to work and life, forced to do so, Zheng Qi applied for Japanese citizenship, Japan has a rule, as long as the individual has been in Japan for 5 years, can apply for nationality, one of the husband and wife is Japanese, the other party can also apply for 3 years. In 2004, their son, Dong Bowei, was specially arranged by the two to be born in Shanghai, saying that we cannot deprive the child of the right to choose, if he was born in Japan and is Japanese, what if he likes to be a Chinese in the future? In order to let his son accept the influence of Chinese culture from an early age, he gave his son to his grandparents to take care of.

Overseas Legion Day Ping Yi brother Zhang Benzhihe and his Chinese coach Dong Qimin: The Chinese team is difficult to overcome

This is a pair of praiseworthy masters and apprentices, although they represent other countries to fight, but they show China's strength, because with them, they can always alert their domestic counterparts, let them work harder, because with them, can show the super strength and excellence of Chinese technology. It is admirable that they have been able to achieve such remarkable results despite the hardship of surviving in a foreign land. Sportsmanship knows no borders, but it is high and as long as he can win and stand on the highest podium, he should be respected.

Zhang Benzhihe is the descendant of Yanhuang's descendants, he was discriminated against in a foreign country, but still wanted to rise, at this time, his rise is not simply the journey of a small person, but the rise of the descendants of a Chinese player, in Japan, he still represents China in competition and competition with Japanese local players, still showing the Chinese spirit and strength, he should have backup, be pulled, not pushed out.

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