Elizabeth II and her crown 1. The Imperial Crown is studded with the exotic ImperialState Crown, which is set with 2868 diamonds and 273 treasures

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Elizabeth II and her crown

1. Imperial Crown

The Imperial State Crown is studded with 2,868 diamonds, 273 pearls, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds and 5 rubies.

Among them, there are famous and surnamed and have their own separate encyclopedias, such as the Black Prince Ruby (about 170 carats), the Cullinan Diamond II (317.4 carats), the Stewart Sapphire (about 104 carats), and the St. Edward Sapphire, weighing 1.06 kg.

2. The Crown of George IV

Although there are no large diamonds on it, there are four bouquets of roses, thistles and clovers on the crown, which are the floral symbols of England, Scotland and Ireland, and the king's cross, focusing on symbolism.

Beginning with Queen Adelaide, wife of William IV, every queen and queen has worn it.

3. Cambridge Lover's Knot Crown

The crown was made by Queen Elizabeth's grandmother, Queen Mary, at the request of the British royal jeweller Garrard, and in the year before the pearl was large-scale culture, every pearl in the crown was precious, this is a truly natural seawater pearl, and it is a teardrop-shaped, which is quite rare.

This crown is probably really Princess Diana's favorite crown, so she has worn it many times.

4. Queen Mary's spike-shaped crown

This should be Elizabeth II's favorite crown, after all, she also chose this one at the wedding ceremony, and her eldest daughter Princess Anne and Beatrice's granddaughter also wore this crown when they married.

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