Glory of kings: The wrath of the polymath adjusts, passively increases it by 20%, can it reforge the glory of the mage

Text/Jing Haijun

Previously, due to the severe weakening of the wrath of the polymath, the gradient of the mage had changed greatly. After the collective slump of many explosive mages, the functional mages took the opportunity to ascend to the throne. For example, the winning rate of Nuwa is now 55.27%, the winning rate of Yixing is 53.7%, and the winning rate of Xi Shi is 52.91%.

But when it comes to playing with these mages, the coolness is really average (quite so if you like to torture opponents), and everyone is eagerly waiting for the callback of the erudition's anger, and looking forward to recasting the glory of the mage.

The successive adjustments of the Polymath's Wrath

Compared with the Pain Mask, the number of adjustments to the Mage Artifact of the Scholar's Wrath is really not much.

1.0 version of The Wrath of the Polymath

I'm not sure if the version above is the 1.0 version of The Wrath of the Polymath, but since I've had the impression, this one is the oldest:

For a long time, +240 spell attack power, +35% spell attack power made the Wizard's Wrath the core equipment of the explosive mage.

The Echoing Staff provides basic mana and additional damage, the Wizard's Fury continues to amplify the mage's damage, and the Void Staff continues to increase damage while also providing spell penetration effects, and these three pieces of equipment are the most familiar output three-piece sets.

A version of the experience suit of the Wrath of the Learned Scholars

In order to make the transition smooth, the planner once launched a short version of the experience suit, in which the data of the Polymath's Wrath is: mana +260 and spell attack bonus is 25%.

Simply put, while increasing its own mana strength by 20 points, the passive effect is reduced by 10%, and I still remember that I had carefully calculated the impact of this adjustment on the wrath of the polymath, but this version was not officially served at all.

2.0 version of The Wrath of the Polymath

After lowering player expectations, the true 2.0 version of Polymath's Fury comes:

+240 spell attack damage, 25% increase spell attack damage.

The only difference between this version and version 1.0 is that the Destruction Passive has been reduced by 10%, and if it is the previous Echo Staff + Scholar's Wrath + Void Staff + Glow Moon, the mage will reduce the spell attack power by 88 points. Regardless of whether the last item was the Book of the Sages or any other spell equipment, the losses of the Explosive Mage were very heavy.

3.0 version of The Wrath of the Polymath

In the latest version, the destruction passive bonus has been adjusted to 30%, and if calculated at a rate of 25%, the increase has reached 20%.

It is precisely because the passive bonus has been improved to a certain extent, so there is the question of whether the mage glory can be reforged after the anger of the polymath is strengthened.

The influence of the Erudite Wrath callback on the Mage

So the core question is, what kind of impact will the callback of the Erudite Rage have on the mage?

Why must the wrath of the polymath be strengthened?

In the new season, all the auxiliary outfits have been enhanced, the shooter's vampire equipment has been greatly adjusted, and if the mage's damage can no longer keep up, their presence will really drop to the freezing point.

So, we found the original intention of planning to adjust the anger of polymaths.

The influence of the Erudite Wrath callback on the Mage

Without significant adjustments to the other equipment, whether the Retracement of the Scholar's Wrath can reforge the Mage Glory actually depends on how well it fits into the Book of the Sages.

After the engraving passive was changed to increase the spell damage effect, its applicable population has changed greatly, from the previous half-meat half-output to pure output, so is the Book of sages and the Wrath of the Polymath matched?

The advantages of the Book of Sages are: limit increase mana strength, increase cooldown reduction, increase subsequent damage.

The downside of the Book of Sages is that the price is too high, and the passive effect takes time to trigger.

After destroying the passive pullback effect by 5%, the Wrath of the Polymath can increase by 20 mana points if combined with the Book of sages. 20 points of magic strength does not seem to be much, but do you remember the version that The Wizard's Fury tested in the experience suit before? At that time, the increase was actually 20 points of legal strength.

In addition, if we calculate the impact of the 5% mana boost on the four pieces of equipment of the Echoing Staff + The Wrath of the Polymath + the Void Staff + the Hui Yue, we will get a 44-point additional mana boost, counting the Book of Sages adding up to 60 points, the effect is absolutely OK.

brief summary

Therefore, the future of the explosive mage in the new season is definitely much better than last season, and with the enhanced Frost Staff (Breath of Ice), S27 may not be able to talk about mage glory, but there should be more mages to use to score points.

Above, I am Jing Haijun, the rivers and lakes are not big, we have the opportunity to say goodbye.

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