League of Legends, Dungeons & Dragons, Peace Elite, which game do you prefer?

When we were children, we were exposed to games, maybe it was the Three Kingdoms War Chronicles in arcade games, the King of Fighters, or it could be the Sail number in the 4399 mini game, locke kingdom, maybe it was the glory of the king in the mobile game, the peace elite, crossfire, or it could be the League of Legends in the computer game, dungeons and warriors, QQ speed car, PUBG...

Everyone grows up with a game to spend with you for a while. There are many types of games, so do you remember why you had so much fun playing a certain game for a certain period of time? It's because of the joy and excitement of the little friends together, or the joy of winning with their teammates, or the surprise after practicing and improving their skills alone. Each game carries many players' memories or youth.

Today we take the memories of many players to see our forgotten youth.

League of Legends

Summoner, this affectionate name does not know whether there are memories that awaken us, once we stayed in a place called Summoner Canyon, there are still many players online. In 2018, the little IG won the championship, and how many players burst into tears, there were many old summoners who have been taken away by life, but our footprints have always remained in the summoner canyon. Yaso, Sword Saint, the old sword Ji, blind monk, these heroes really at that time and loved to play...

Glory of Kings

At the beginning of the king because it is very similar to the League of Legends, so the editor also fell in love with this game, the glory of the king behind shaped his own world view, but also redoed a lot of skills that resemble the heroes of the League of Legends, remember that before only to play Miyamoto in the glory of the king, because it is similar to Yaso chose to continue to play, in no time to go to the Internet café only choose to cool in the yasuo. The glory of the king in the back is also very successful, creating a game that is very suitable for mobile phones, and also making mobile games have many more features.

Dungeons & Dragons

Moving bricks - another meaning of the word, from the dungeons and warriors know, moving bricks to sell gold coins to buy annual sets, sometimes moving themselves will be very tired, think about it, am I playing a game? Or the game me. In the past, when I played dungeons and warriors, I only wanted to upgrade quickly, until after the full level, I found that the original full level may just be the beginning, the equipment building behind, enchantment, and upgrading the panel attributes have become my daily necessities, and later found that gold coins seem to be insufficient, and I can only open another trumpet to move bricks to feed the large. Slowly, time is running out, and the bricks can not be exchanged for the Internet fee, and slowly withdraws from online games.

Peace Elite – Stimulating the Battlefield

When the peace elite just started to come out, I began to play, just at the beginning not called the peace elite, called the stimulation battlefield, there is also Tencent's called the whole army attack, only the stimulation of the battlefield is popular, the peace elite played the ace of 7 seasons, from the beginning of the 2 fingers, to the back of the four fingers, followed by the anchor to set the sensitivity, slowly the peace elite to krypton gold, but we can also understand, after all, a game support to the end is also kryptonite gold. G port, N port, military base, P city, are all holy places of steel guns...

Fire Emblem --- Trilogy

This is an unpopular game, but it is my best memory, and probably many players have not played it. A wargame that I loved very much as a child, the class in it is very novel, but it has appeared for a long time, of course, the Fire Emblem series still has a sequel, but as a GBA player, this game is worth recommending. They are "Flame Emblem - Sword of Seal", "Flame Emblem - Sword of Fire", "Flame Emblem - Sacred Demon Light Stone"

Like the editor can pay a little attention, your little love is the best motivation for me to bring you information, I am Park Linjun.

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