No wonder Zhang Daxian said that playing Wang Zhaojun was uncomfortable, learning the details, player: too funny

Glory of kings is a mobile game that everyone is very familiar with, there are hundreds of heroes in this game, each hero has his own unique mechanism, so the playability of this game is very high! When some powerful anchor gods and professional players operate, they can see very wonderful pictures, so the popularity of this game is getting higher and higher!

Wang Zhaojun is a mage hero that everyone is very familiar with, this hero has a good ability to guard the family, because her big recruitment is very convenient, so it is also called "Highland Security" by many players! When Zhang Daxian played Wang Zhaojun in a game, he said that it was very uncomfortable to play Wang Zhaojun, and when he learned the details, the player: It was so funny!

In this match, it was Shangguan Wan'er who was facing Zhang Daxian, which also made him very uncomfortable against the line! After the opposite Shangguan Wan'er was promoted to the fourth level, she directly cooperated with her teammates to cross the tower, so that Zhang Daxian had no way at all, so he was also directly uncomfortable, and the hit rate of Zhang Daxian's skills when playing the group was not very high!

Therefore, Zhang Daxian also cried out that it was uncomfortable, but fortunately, Wang Zhaojun had a strong ability to guard the family, and after the golden body, Zhang Daxian was not afraid of being flown by shangguan Wan'er on the other side! After feeling it, Zhang Daxian also froze the opposite side several times and successfully led the team to victory!

I have to say that the fault tolerance rate of Wang Zhaojun, the hero, is still very high, as long as the early situation is not too collapsed, there is still a chance to turn over in the middle and late stages! Therefore, the little friends who like to play the middle road can also try to practice Wang Zhaojun, and maybe they will find the way to the upper part from now on! What do you think about that?

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