Beimu Zhang Laosan 100 consecutive victories succeeded! A lesson was taught to all the anchors, and Lai Shen was envious

In the recent anchor circle, somehow set off a wave of challenging Yum, a large number of anchors have begun to challenge Yum, but this season it is too difficult to be in a single row, and many anchors have failed. But just recently, the double-row team of Beimu and Zhang Laosan has successfully challenged a hundred consecutive victories, and this strength can be said to have impressed all the anchors, and Lai Shen is envious.

Challenging Yum is a thing that will not be recorded on the personal homepage, but challenging Yum is a test of the anchor's hero pool, hero proficiency, tactical planning and other aspects of ability. But in the S26 season, challenging Yum is a difficult thing, because after challenging Yum became a hot event, a large number of people began to snipe the anchor to get heat, and even low segments frequently fried fish.

In this case, many anchors have failed and met the challenge. However, in it, Zhang Laosan's punishment for himself is also the most hateful to directly shave his hair into a brine egg. This also attracted the attention of Beimu, but at this time, Zhang Laosan was a whim, directly inviting Beimu and himself to challenge Yum, and increased the punishment, if he failed, he would directly shave his eyebrows.

But the sniper attack on this two-man convoy was even more serious, and both of them sometimes struggled to play the Bronze Round, but the two still won consecutively with their excellent strength. After breaking through the initial golden position, the two can be said to feel more relaxed the further they play, and even the two still play better than before in the king's dan position.

This is a complete departure from the director's arrangement, and recently they have jointly challenged the king of twenty stars, which is the last game of The Yum. In this game, Beimu also encountered some obstacles, and was killed twice in a row in the game, but soon Beimu found its rhythm and finally won the hundred victories with an excellent record of 11/3.

The victory of the two can be said to teach all the anchors a lesson, and the snipers in the face of snipers sometimes only need to show stronger strength. But this time Zhang Laosan was very modest, and told Beimu that he was basically all Beimu in the belt, otherwise he would definitely fall in the golden position again. And the two said that they would continue to cooperate in the future.

Personal opinion: In fact, many anchors in this game actually have the possibility of successful challenges, but due to a large number of snipers, they have failed to challenge, but most anchors are helpless in the face of these snipers. However, Beimu and Zhang Laosan fought back with their own strength, directly breaking through the siege of these snipers, and eventually became the first anchor to successfully challenge the double-row challenge in the boom of the anchor Yum challenge.

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