LOL mobile game B test online, or the original voice actor, ten years later to re-dubbing, players tears

author:Stimulate the practical classroom

Now that the super-burning test of the League of Legends mobile game has been opened, many players are also looking forward to this game. In this B round test, we found that the dubbing of the national costume is almost similar to the end game, the original national costume also uses a lot of voice actors of the end game, at the same time, this is also 10 years later, everyone once again got together to re-dub, each role can be said to be very memorable, players hear these familiar voices also feel that youth is back.

We can see that the actors in this dubbing include Di Feifei (Ah Tan), Xie Yuanzhen, (Jin Kesi), Gui Nan (Jian Sheng), wu Lei (Ya Suo). At the beginning of the end of the game burst into flames, we often heard these sounds, and this mobile game will also be able to hear these familiar sounds to make everyone feel more intimate, it can also be said that the official is really careful, in the end game and mobile game are used the same voice actor, is to let the player have enough familiarity. In fact, players who participated in the super-burning test should also be able to feel how high the degree of restoration of the League of Legends mobile game is, almost exactly the same as the end game, whether it is the gameplay mode, or the system, heroes, skins, etc., are infinitely close to the end game.

It's just that some heroes' operations are more complicated and can't be consistent with the end game, so some small changes have been made in terms of skills and other aspects, but players have said that these changes are also great. And most players are also more looking forward to the League of Legends mobile game. At the same time, we can also see that the production of the national costume is very close to localization, some players feel that there is a great difference between international service, which is also a more satisfactory point, but the most important thing is the picture quality and hero modeling, it is simply a restoration of the end game, and the skin and hero of the mobile game are also constantly online, according to this speed it is estimated that it will soon catch up with the end game.

Official in order to follow up to let THE LOL mobile game open the market, will also arrange various events after the national service is launched, that is to say, players can play the League of Legends mobile game at the same time, you can also watch a variety of games, which also shows the official attention to LOL mobile games, we can also see the intention of the national service on the skin, not only a lot of skins like the end game, the later stage will also be synchronized with the end game on the new skin, in the official eyes these two games are equally important.

There are also some novice players in the super-combustion test, after playing the game for a few days, these players have said that there are indeed a lot of play methods worth looking forward to in the game, and because of the restoration of the content of the terminal game, these players are also excited. It is only a while before the public beta of the national service, and most of the players who participate in the super-combustion test are also Android users. Many players also analyze the B-round test starting from July 20, then after 45 days of testing, the mobile game should be launched in September or during the eleventh period, which needs to wait until the official further announcement.

It can be said that players should actively participate in the B round test, so that they can also feel the charm of the national costume in advance, there are many players in the League of Legends mobile game itself, not only including the players of the end game, but also many novice players are interested in the game, so the number of players is larger than expected, otherwise it will not take only three days, and its heat will catch up with the glory of the king, what do you think?

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