In terms of the Jingyun drum alone, who is better, Zhang Yunlei and Tao Yang?

author:Good habits

This question is not scientific to ask

1 TaoYang Xiangsheng's main business is Peking Opera, Jingyun currently has no so-called shicheng, and Guo Degang including other cross-talk actors, Jingyun big drum is only a cross-talk actor to learn to sing, even if there are professionals like Wang Hui around to point out, the ceiling is also the benchmark set up before Shaoma.

Zhang Yunlei first contacted Jingyun before contacting cross-talk, and studied with Mr. Zhao Tongguang, the representative figure of Liu Pai, because of the relationship between his cousin, there will be no connections in the drum music industry, no matter whether his identity is a cross-talk actor or a singer, his Beijing rhyme level should not only be on par with other cross-talk actors who learn to sing, otherwise, after a hundred years, there is no face to see the teacher, and today there is no face to see the drum music industry to give him care for the old predecessors who helped him contact from the special period.

2 There are very few videos of Tao Yang singing large sections of Jingyun with drums and drum plates, only visiting fragments in cross-talk works, Zhang Yunlei from small to large, there are several segments with bands or recording accompaniment, holding drum boards and drumming accompaniment of Jingyun big drums, iron pieces of big drum clips. Objectively, there is a lack of comparative material.

3 The drums that Tao Yang struck at the opening of the Drum Music Club are not the common accompaniment instruments in the form of Jingyun, but are mostly found in Peking Opera, but only the addition of Mr. Luo Yusheng's personal innovation in special fragments, and the later Jingyun actors followed Mr. Luo's practice when singing this period, and the drum boards and drums struck by Zhang Yunlei were the regular singing accompaniment instruments of Jingyun. Therefore, Tao Yang's drumming skills are still related to his Peking Opera background and cannot be compared with other Jingyun actors.

It's like asking a person who has been teaching mathematics for 20 years and accidentally writing a popular science article to promote the public's interest in learning mathematics, and a person who is a newspaper writer who specializes in literature and history from time to time, who has a better language?

Hobbies outside the profession, and even hobbies, are not necessarily the labor required by pure work, and how can they be the same as the skills that are cultivated from an early age but do not have a full-time status but are in it and have intersected with work and profession?

You learned Chinese of birth did not work as an editor and reporter and language teacher, went out to do e-commerce, the second profession to do free media people Publishing units naturally have high standards and strict requirements according to the standards of professional practitioners to pick some problems for you, you a math teacher for the work needs to write a manuscript, naturally it is encouraged, the article can play a relevant role on the line.

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