440,000 to win Porsche? The price of the Taycan has been reduced by 35%, and some luxury cars are not selling

440,000 to win Porsche? The price of the Taycan has been reduced by 35%, and some luxury cars are not selling

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A few days ago, car blogger @Sun Shaojun09 revealed that Porsche China's sales have plummeted this year, and pure electric models cannot be sold, resulting in dealers selling cars at a loss. At present, dealers are using the stop of entering the car as a weapon to ask the Porsche headquarters to give subsidies and replace executives.

In response to the rumors of "forcing the palace", Porsche officials have not yet responded. However, there has been a lot of talk in the market about Porsche's sharp price cuts and recent sales trends.

440,000 to win Porsche? The price of the Taycan has been reduced by 35%, and some luxury cars are not selling

Can you buy a Porsche for 440,000? Sales: The price of naked cars, it still takes 50-600,000 yuan to land

Recently, some sales stores said that Porsche's Macan model has a maximum discount of 160,000 yuan, and the lowest starting price of this car after the discount is only 448,000 yuan. The aforementioned Macan is Porsche's lowest-priced entry-level SUV and is one of its best-selling models.

For a time, the news that 440,000 could own a Porsche was very loud. Is the price of luxury cars Porsche really reduced so much?

The Blue Whale reporter called a Porsche store in South China and learned that the Macan model is currently discounted by 15 or 6 points, but the preferential offer of more than 400,000 yuan is actually just a naked car price. Porsche does not have a naked match, under normal circumstances, there will be tens of thousands to 200,000 options, including purchase tax, insurance, etc., the landing price is still between 50-600,000.

440,000 to win Porsche? The price of the Taycan has been reduced by 35%, and some luxury cars are not selling

Store quotation reference / Source: Autohome

Earlier, a Porsche store in North China also announced a preferential activity of "buy Taycan and get Xiaomi SU7 free". Although the store team involved later clarified that the promotion was not a direct gift of a Xiaomi SU7 with a Taycan, but a discount of more than 200,000 yuan, which is equivalent to the price of a Xiaomi SU7.

The Taycan is Porsche's only all-electric sports car, with a guide price starting at 898,000 yuan. According to the Blue Whale reporter, the current discount of Taycan in a number of Porsche terminal stores is between 30-35 points (including installment discounts), and the price reduction is unprecedented, which can basically achieve about 70-800,000 landing.

According to a sales report, this car was originally going to be expensive, but in the past two years, Porsche's price reduction has been relatively common, and the Taycan has dropped by almost ten or twenty points before. Falling above 30 points is a recent thing. The reason for this is that the sales explained that because the Taycan is about to be replaced with a new model, the old model has to be cleared to have this price, "At present, the inventory is not very large, and some stores are not enough to sell." ”

In fact, several other Porsche models other than the Macan and Taycan have also reduced their prices to varying degrees. According to the feedback of many Porsche sales, the current discount of the 718 and 911 series is basically more than 10%. For this wave of extremely strong discounts, some sales believe that it is caused by the environment, "car companies are losing money and cutting prices"; It was also revealed that stores were under pressure to a certain extent, but sales were relatively stable.

Price reductions can be an important part of the deal. According to the financial report, Porsche's global deliveries in the first quarter of this year were 77,600 vehicles, down about 4% from the same period last year. As one of the most important markets, Porsche China sold 16,340 vehicles in the first quarter, down 24% year-on-year.

The sales of luxury car brands in China have generally declined, and BBA has cut prices to save itself

Not only Porsche, but also a number of traditional luxury brands also saw a cold start in sales in the Chinese market last year. According to the 2023 financial report information, the sales of ultra-luxury brands such as Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Bentley in China declined to varying degrees last year. Among them, Bentley's sales in China in 2023 will fall by 18% year-on-year, and Lamborghini will decline by about 17% year-on-year.

It is worth mentioning that BBA (Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Audi), which was ridiculed by netizens as a miscellaneous electric vehicle, doubled its sales last year. The three luxury brands together sold more than 2.3 million units in China, accounting for about 70% of the total sales in the luxury car market. An important reason for the best-selling may be that BBA has cut prices to save itself.

In 2023, when the price war runs throughout, the terminal price of some BBA models will be reduced by more than 100,000 yuan, and second-tier luxury brands such as Cadillac and Lincoln will also launch promotional discounts. The latest news is that the landing price of the CT4, the most affordable in Cadillac's product line, has been less than 160,000.

Interestingly, the aforementioned Porsche sales once said in an interview that the Porsche entry-level model is a product that many BBA owners tiptoe to reach. But for now, it seems that the number of middle-class customers who tiptoe to buy a Porsche is decreasing. Luxury brands such as BBA are also facing the impact of price wars in the auto market and domestic new energy high-end models.

Many domestic new energy brands have launched luxury models of more than 5 or 600,000 yuan, and the degree of intelligence and innovative services are better than some old luxury cars - the luxury filters of the old brands are gradually broken. Therefore, some people joked, "If you don't work hard, you can only buy BBA." In order to cope with the competition, in addition to price cuts, luxury brands such as Porsche and Bentley have also stepped up their electrification transformation in recent years.

Yuanchuan Automobile commented that looking at the current Chinese luxury car market, traditional brands and new domestic forces may envy each other. In the same bloody competition, traditional brands have witnessed the latter's technical roll-ups; The new domestic forces have once again realized how profitable traditional brands can be - as long as the price is reduced, BBA's brand power can be immediately converted into considerable orders.

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  • 440,000 to win Porsche? The price of the Taycan has been reduced by 35%, and some luxury cars are not selling
  • 440,000 to win Porsche? The price of the Taycan has been reduced by 35%, and some luxury cars are not selling

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