Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom

Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom

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There is a saying that when you sell when people are buzzing, you buy when no one cares.

The same applies in the auto market, the traditional off-season of the auto market in the middle of the year, the demand is sluggish, the overall volume has declined, and the goals and tasks of most car companies are not discounted, so for the sake of sales and share, there will inevitably be actions.

In order to prepare for the concentrated release of consumer demand, various factors are superimposed, and buying a car in the middle of the year is obviously the best choice. Today, let's take a look at the 6 cars that are suitable for buying the bottom before September, if you have a product that you like, you can consider starting it.

Geely Emgrand

The naked cars have fallen below 50,000 yuan, and the money to buy a MIN EV can take away a sedan.

Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom

This is Geely Emgrand, and the 2024 model year is coming soon. The power remains the same, the appearance has been optimized and improved, according to the news, the new threshold price will be reduced, from the price point of view, now is the most worthy of the bottom of the current model of the good time.

At present, the official website shows the price, with a time limit of 50,900, which is not a gimmick and a false slogan. Judging from the actual transaction price of the latest car owners, Geely Emgrand terminal even has a naked car price below 50,000, and the highest drop in some areas can reach 21,900, and the entry-level naked car has fallen to around 48,000.

Combined with the official time-limited offer, the terminal has at least 16,000 yuan of cash subsidies, as well as 4,000 yuan of financial discounts, and 4,000 yuan of replacement subsidies, it is really possible to enter the price range starting with 4 words, and most areas can also guarantee 16,000+ discounts. And there is also a 3-year free basic traffic gift for the first owner and a 4-year/150,000 km vehicle warranty policy. For an A-class car, these configurations and price advantages are attractive enough, and the budget is similar and has certain requirements for space and configuration, you can take a look at this car.


The red-clothed leader has not been able to reverse the decline in Nezha's sales, can Nezha S save the market?

Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom

In April, the delivery volume of the Nezha brand did not exceed 10,000, and some people said that the red-clothed leader Zhou Hongyi stood on the platform of the Beijing Auto Show, and failed to reverse the decline in Nezha's sales? Don't worry,Nezha L only began to be delivered in May,The cardinal master can't make a conclusion about the conversion effect of traffic,At that time, it was certain that with Nezha's current products (excluding Nezha L),It's really powerless,Unless Nezha S can be cheaper。

Judging from the current situation, Nezha S is destined to lower the price. First of all7monthNezhaS's hunting version is about to debut,Judging from the signal released by NezhaL,After Nezha's failure to hit the high-end market,Now it has re-impacted the cost-effective position,So NezhaSThe hunting version will come before and after the debut,It will bring NezhaS's overall price down,At least the price should be closer to zeroC01。

And Nezha S hunting version from the current product information, frameless doors + contrasting calipers, integrated die-casting + 800V high-voltage platform, lidar, high-end intelligent driving, if these elements can be superimposed to enter the 150,000 price range, the lethality is also very strong. Then the current Nezha S must make concessions on the price, and first reduce it to 130,000 to see.

Cadillac CT4

Have you seen the hot search? Cadillac has fallen to 130,000! The people who watched it were enthusiastic, and they wanted to rush into the 4S store to get one to go home every minute, which was quite a bit hot when ATS-L fell below 170,000 that year.

Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom

But obviously, 130,000 can't buy Cadillac CT4, judging from the actual transaction price of the owner, although the current Cadillac CT4 has dropped very much, it will remain at 50,000+, and the price of the naked car of the entry-level model can enter the beginning of 150,000 It is not easy, let alone 130,000. The last time there was a naked car price of 130,000 yuan, it was back to the end of 23 years, which was the superposition of how much discount and manufacturer pressure.

However, Cadillac CT4 is worth starting from the perspective of cost performance at this stage, after all, the same level of models, showing Audi A3, the price is similar, but the size and power and the overall car experience are not as good as it, plus Cadillac is also a second-tier luxury brand, has a certain influence and popularity, for consumers who do not care about the cost of using the car and pay more attention to the brand effect, as well as favor fuel vehicles, you can choose the right time to shoot.


Again, the Zhiji L6 is very good, but if it is an SUV, the Zhiji LS6 with the product power of the L6 is easier to get out of the circle. Before the new LS6 is facelifted, the current LS6 will have to rely on price cuts to maintain sales and popularity.

Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom

The Internet is overwhelming with Cadillac dropping to 130,000, please take a look at Zhiji LS6, naked cars in some areas have entered the 180,000 price range, what is this concept? 180,000 NVIDIA Orin-X chip + intelligent driving on the car, range 560km+, wheelbase 2950mm, the overall car texture and experience is not better than Cadillac's entry-level model?

Of course, 180,000 is likely not to be bought, there should be a variety of comprehensive discounts superimposed on the limit price, in most areas after the current terminal discount, the price of the entry-level naked car is maintained at around 19W, and some places are around 20W. There is a high probability that the new car will be remodeled in September/October, and before that, it is a good time to buy the LS6.

Lexus ES

Who would have thought of such a day? Lexus can also reduce prices, and the price will be reduced by more than 70,000!

Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom

Still shocked that Cadillac fell to 130,000? Let's take a look at Lexus, which has dropped by more than 70,000. Who would have thought that there would be such a day, when there was no drop in the price, and even the terminal had a price increase and options, and the Lexus ES that was a discount without a price increase once surpassed Mercedes-Benz BMW and Audi, and now it has to rely on price reductions to maintain heat and sales.

Judging from the actual transaction price of the latest owner, the Lexus ES has dropped by 70,000+, the entry-level naked car has fallen to more than 220,000, and the full amount is around 250,000, which is very attractive for a Japanese luxury car that is free to repair and maintain during the warranty period, and the cost of using the car is more advantageous. Moreover, the information of the latest generation of ES has also been exposed, and the new car will also usher in a new round of replacement and facelift, and the terminal discount of the current model will gradually increase, and consumers who have ideas can wait.

Mercedes C-Class

Mercedes-Benz is also working very hard, two facelifts in two months, and the terminal also gives a drop of 100,000, and the luxury medium-sized car market is difficult to mix!

Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom

How much volume does the luxury midsize car market have? Just look at the Mercedes-Benz C-class, once lay down to make money, relying on the brand and luxury texture and sense of grade to harvest the hearts of countless consumers, but now it is constantly decentralizing the Mercedes-Benz S-class with the same configuration, two months of remodeling, the terminal also gave a drop of more than 100,000, still can't stop the ups and downs of sales.

Although the Mercedes-Benz C-class still sold more than 10,000 units, the drop of 100,000 also shows that the model is struggling to maintain sales. Now the entry version of the 2024 C200L has dropped by around 100,000, although the threshold is as high as 333,200, but the naked car has fallen to more than 230,000 after the actual discount, and the full price is around 260,000, which is very cost-effective, which was unimaginable before.

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  • Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom
  • Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom
  • Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom
  • Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom
  • Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom
  • Before September, 6 cars suitable for buying the bottom

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