Helping people's livelihood protect the people's livelihood Xinhua Insurance protects the people's better life in an all-round way

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The number of first aid certificate holders exceeded 4,900, and the "New Baoxia" first aid team was fully established, the "Juvenile First Aid Officer" public welfare project was launched, and a variety of insurance products for the elderly, inclusive and rural revitalization were developed, covering nearly 12,733,800 people with "Silver Hair Worry-free", opening up a new track for home care for the elderly, and more than 1,200 check-in qualification letters were issued to promote the construction of the "Xinhua Xinhuaan" service system...... New China Insurance provides customers with all-round, multi-level and high-quality livelihood protection services.

In 2024, under the guidance of the Working Group on People's Livelihood Protection for Enterprises Directly Managed by CIC System, Xinhua Insurance will focus on its main business and strive to do a good job in the "five major articles" of finance, continue to promote people's livelihood protection work such as first-aid capacity building, pension finance, health care services, inclusive finance, volunteer services, and emergency response, and practice the political and people's nature of financial work with practical actions, so as to protect the people's better life in an all-round way.

Strengthen first-aid capacity-building

Build a strong life safety barrier

Helping people's livelihood protect the people's livelihood Xinhua Insurance protects the people's better life in an all-round way

In order to promote the construction of a healthy China, starting from January 2023, the Working Group on Livelihood Protection of Enterprises Directly Managed by CIC Systems has launched a special project of "Ensuring Life Safety and Strengthening First Aid Capacity Building". New China Insurance has taken active actions to implement the "New Heart Companion, Save by Your Side" first-aid capacity building public welfare project nationwide, comprehensively improving the company's first-aid capacity building and building a solid barrier for life safety.

In the first quarter of 2024, Xinhua Insurance carried out 54 first-aid training activities, and the number of first-aid certificate holders in the whole system has increased to more than 4,900. At present, the achievement rate of the first aid certificate holder plan has been included in the national strategic assessment of branch services; 35 branches across the country have fully set up a "new Baoxia" first aid team.

Focusing on the main business of life insurance, New China Insurance launched the "Zhen Guard" term life insurance product, which covers sudden cardiac death. From January to April, the average time limit for applying for payment of sudden cardiac death cases was 2.31 days, which was better than other death claims.

Xinhua Insurance Charity Foundation, together with One Foundation, launched the "Junior First Aid Officer" first aid knowledge popularization public welfare project for young people over 6 years old across the country, aiming to popularize first aid knowledge through interactive experience and help young people establish a sense of reverence for life, the ability and attitude to protect life. In April, the "Junior First Aid Officer" has organized 33 public welfare activities in 18 large and medium-sized cities including Beijing, with more than 1,000 teenagers participating, learning first aid knowledge and skills in interesting interactions.

Promote the development of pension finance

Help the elderly to take care of themselves

Helping people's livelihood protect the people's livelihood Xinhua Insurance protects the people's better life in an all-round way

With the deepening of the aging of the mainland, the problem of old-age care has become increasingly prominent. In response to the call for the development of the third pillar pension insurance system, Xinhua Insurance completed the change and adjustment of the excellent and preferred exclusive commercial pension insurance, and launched the Yumantang pension insurance product for the elderly to support the construction of the pension insurance system.

At the same time, the company's "Silver Worry-free" and "Silver Hair Station" projects provide insurance products and services that are more suitable for the needs of the elderly, and have been selected as "Typical Cases of Inclusive Insurance in the Insurance Industry" to help the elderly enjoy their old age in peace. As of the end of 2023, nearly 12,733,800 people have been covered by the "Silver Hair Worry-free", and the proportion of elderly people (Shanghai) participating in the insurance in the past three years is about 15%; More than 630 "silver hair stations" have been opened, benefiting more than 300,000 elderly people, demonstrating the responsibility of state-owned financial enterprises.

Optimize the health care service system and service capacity

245% year-on-year increase in eligibility letters

Helping people's livelihood protect the people's livelihood Xinhua Insurance protects the people's better life in an all-round way

Health care service is an important part of Xinhua Insurance's service to protect people's livelihood, and the company continues to improve the health care service system and enhance the health care service capacity. On the one hand, the company actively explores the track of home-based elderly care, and plans to pilot the implementation of home-based elderly care services in some regions; Continue to optimize the layout of health care communities centered on economically developed regions such as Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei, Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macao; We continued to improve the service quality of the three existing health care communities, and signed more than 1,200 eligibility letters for elderly care communities in the first quarter, a year-on-year increase of 245.43%.

On the other hand, Xinhua Insurance has made every effort to promote the construction of the "Xinhua Hua'an" home care service system, focusing on the core needs of customers such as health management, safety monitoring, renovation for the elderly, life services, and home care, enriching the supply of home care services, and inviting customers to experience by building various forms of home care service experience scenarios such as workplaces, activities, and visits, so that customers can better plan their retirement life and help the development of the elderly care industry.

Contribute to the development of inclusive finance

Promote the construction of rural revitalization

Helping people's livelihood protect the people's livelihood Xinhua Insurance protects the people's better life in an all-round way

New China Insurance fully understands and meets the financial service needs of various market entities for the development of new quality productivity, uses inclusive insurance to serve key groups such as new citizens, small and medium-sized enterprises, and launches group accident insurance for small, medium and micro enterprises to provide protection for accidental disability, death and sudden death for employees of small and medium-sized enterprises. Launched a new business format of group medical insurance for accidental injuries of new citizens to provide exclusive accidental medical protection for new citizens; It has served 12,500 small and micro enterprise customers, with an insured amount of more than 1.4 trillion yuan, and participated in 47 Huimin Insurance projects.

Sanitation workers are the representatives of the new citizen group, and Xinhua Insurance has given full play to the role of inclusive life insurance in protecting people's livelihood and providing exclusive risk protection for sanitation workers. In the past seven years, the project has covered 186 cities and benefited a total of 5.05 million sanitation workers, which has been recognized by all sectors of society.

Xinhua Insurance also actively explored new ideas for financial services for rural revitalization, and for the first time included fixed-point assistance and rural revitalization in the company's annual assessment system for serving the national strategy, and developed and launched three exclusive products for rural revitalization in the first quarter.

In addition, New China Insurance also actively responds to various emergencies, promotes the reinstatement of "sleep policies", and innovates a new underwriting model for inclusive financial customers. In the future, New China Insurance will continue to focus on its main responsibilities and main businesses, identify its development positioning and main direction, and promote people's livelihood protection to a new level.

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