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Recently, the cryptoptera has been on the hot search again, and many people have been tricked!

Note! Don't shoot!

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Netizens in many places said that they had seen cryptoptera recently

There are also some people who have been "attacked" by cryptoptera

Is this bug found all over the country?

How to tell?

Let's take a look!


Note! Don't shoot!

From June to September, it is the active period of Cryptopteryx, and some people call it a green-waisted insect and a flying ant, which is a "small Internet celebrity" in the insect world. Don't look at its small size, most of them are only 7~13 mm long, but their family is quite large, in the family of cryptoptera, there are more than 63,000 species combined!

Note! Don't shoot!

Source: CCTV

Every year after the rain from June to September, it is the active period of this large family. They survive in weedy, damp places, and the hotter the weather, the more frequent they are. I like to fly to a bright place, especially at night, and fly around the lights in your room, the stronger the light, the easier it is to attract it.

Note! Don't shoot!

It will "pour sulfuric acid" on you

Cryptoptera contains an acidic liquid with a pH of 1-2. This is already in the range of strong acids, which is about the same as the pH of ordinary concentrations of hydrochloric acid. According to experts, "all segments of the body of the cryptoptera contain toxins, which is a strong acidic poisonous juice, which flies into the room at night and falls on the surface of the human body to secrete poisonous juice, or the insect body is crushed and releases venom, which can cause dermatitis within 2-4 hours, also known as cryptoptera dermatitis." ”

After exposure to cryptoptera secretions, the following changes are usually experienced: burning sensation ↓ redness of the skin, gradually turning purplish-red → grayish-white pustules of various sizes appearing ↓ expanding into patches or strips of pustules ↓ blisters bursting ↓ crusting ↓ brown marks on the skin of the damaged area after healing

If it gets into the eyes, it will burn the conjunctiva and cornea, and if not treated in time, it will even cause blindness in severe cases.

Note! Don't shoot!

Cryptoptera. Diagram of Jiangsu Institute of Schistosomiasis Control

Note! Don't shoot!

What should I do if I encounter a cryptoptera?

"When you find a cryptopteryx, don't beat or rub it with your hands, but gently blow it off or shake it off." Experts said, "If you accidentally come into contact with the body fluids of Cryptoptera, you should wash the damaged skin repeatedly with soap in time, and repeatedly wipe the damaged skin with 4% baking soda solution or 10% ammonia to neutralize the toxins." After the appearance of herpes, analgesia and itching, anti-inflammatory and astringent drugs are used to reduce irritation, and severe cases should be treated in the dermatology department of the hospital in time. ”

At home, you can stick it with tape or catch it with a paper towel and throw it away, but don't touch the venom.

Memorize 4 words on your body: "Blowing can be broken", and blowing like a lung capacity measure will definitely send it away. If it doesn't work, use the "finger magic skill", and hit it while it is unprepared, and remember not to bounce it on other people.

If you have already touched the venom, do not touch the rest of your body. After washing your skin with water or alkaline soapy water, seek medical attention and explain the situation to your doctor.

See a doctor if you have suspicious symptoms! Don't apply the ointment yourself or scratch it with your hands to prevent secondary infection.

These methods reduce the chance of encountering it

1. Don't play with your phone in the dark, but also pay attention to not turn the lights on too brightly.

2. Keep a snack before going to bed Many times, cryptoptera has already helped you "warm" the bed in bed, so check more before going to bed to avoid pressure.

3. Regular "cleaning" to keep the indoor and outdoor environment clean to prevent the breeding of cryptopteryx.

4. Cryptoptera with window screens at home has phototaxis, when there is a light in the room, the insects will try to enter the room, and the screen windows and screen doors can play a good role in blocking.

5. When going out to parks, suburbs, and villages, wear long sleeves and long pants, and carry mosquito repellent and insecticides.

In summer, poisonous insects are active, and they are susceptible to a variety of diseases after being bitten, which can be serious and life-threatening

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Source: CCTV News, Health Times, Jiangsu CDC, Guangdong Health Online

Note! Don't shoot!
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