Giti Tire: T5 Qizhi Technology was launched

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On May 18, Giti Tire's 2024 Commercial Vehicle Tire Technology and Product Launch Conference was held.

The theme of this conference is "Digital Intelligence Empowering the Best Environment".

Nearly 300 industry experts and partners witnessed the official launch of Giti T5.

Giti Tire: T5 Qizhi Technology was launched

At the event site, Giti Tire's many "black technologies" presented a "feast of science and technology".

The T5 technology exhibition area, medium and long-distance high-speed - Shenju series, medium and long-distance high-speed - metric series, medium and short-distance heavy load, as well as products for the passenger market and light truck market, were unveiled.

At the same time, at the test site of the China Automotive Research Institute, a professional test ride experience of the reliability and durability test road of commercial vehicles and parts was carried out.

Test riders intuitively experience the excellent performance of Giti's commercial vehicle tires under different road conditions.

Innovation-driven, intelligent manufacturing upgrading

It is understood that Giti commercial vehicle tires in the T1-T2 era, with years of overseas production and manufacturing experience, have jumped to the leading position in China's bias tire market.

Giti Tire: T5 Qizhi Technology was launched

In the T3-T4 era, Giti Commercial Vehicle Tires took the lead in proposing the concept of market segmentation, based on the road of independent research and development, and created independent modular development technology to meet the needs of different market segments.

With the release of the Shenju series products, Giti has officially entered the era of independent platform development, leading the market with high-performance products and gradually moving towards the super segmentation field.

In today's digital era, the in-depth application of T5 Qizhi Technology, as the fifth-generation technology of commercial vehicle tires, has made it a key driving force for digital transformation.

Value leap forward, continuous empowerment

With the development of the times, new transportation scenarios will bring more commercial vehicle market segments.

Giti Tire: T5 Qizhi Technology was launched

As an important parts company, tires can only seize the tuyere period of the market segment faster by speeding up the R&D cycle.

In this industry context, Giti Commercial Vehicle Tire New Era T5 Qizhi Technology came into being.

Through in-depth insight into the development of the current commercial vehicle market, according to different freight conditions, road conditions and models, the digital platform is used as the capability base, combined with the application of subdivided scenarios, to optimize the layout of the product line.

With the support of the 5th generation technology, Giti can quickly provide comprehensive, customized and personalized tire solutions and refined pre-sales and after-sales services for commercial vehicle owners and fleets.

Digital transformation, accelerating

It is understood that Giti Tire has been deeply involved in the Chinese market for 30 years and has always actively embraced the window of opportunity and grasped the digital opportunity.

Giti Tire: T5 Qizhi Technology was launched

Giti Commercial Tires' comprehensive digital service system continues to create new competitive advantages;

TPMS intelligent tire management system to provide guarantee for the safe operation of the fleet;

The application of Cloud Manager and Gitigou's Mini Program has continuously improved the user service experience.

With the enhanced digital mindset and the application of innovative technologies such as intelligent digital platforms, Giti Tire's transformation and upgrading has been accelerated.

Strategy first, create a new situation

Over the years, Giti Tire has adhered to the highest standards in the industry to continuously improve product quality and customer service.

At the same time, breakthroughs have been made in all aspects such as the design and development of product performance, the upgrading of raw materials, the improvement and upgrading of production processes, and the evolution and innovation of manufacturing processes.

Giti Tire: T5 Qizhi Technology was launched

Focusing on the three strategies of "technology-driven, digital-driven, and talent-driven", we will build a positive cycle triangle with product strength, channel power and team strength as the core.

Through a rich product series, excellent product quality, and excellent market service, we create the ultimate product experience.

Giti Tire said that it will always adhere to technological innovation, deepen intelligent manufacturing, and continue to improve the commercial vehicle market segment with the vision of "building a recommended tire brand".

Leading the road of high-quality development with scientific and technological strength, we are committed to becoming an important force in promoting industry reform.

Giti Tire: T5 Qizhi Technology was launched

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