The Iranian president is unlucky and unlucky, and China is deeply worried

author:Yan Shujun

On May 19, a major accident occurred in Iran.

On this day, a helicopter in which Iranian President Raisi was traveling had a "hard landing" accident in a mountainous area in Iran's East Azerbaijan Province. The so-called "hard landing" is actually just a rather euphemistic statement, and some Western media have made no secret of the wording, which is the crash.

After the incident, although the Iranian side did its best to search and rescue, and Turkey and Russia also dispatched rescue forces to fully assist, considering the bad weather and low temperature environment at the place of the incident, and the lack of news for several hours after the incident, even if the Iranian president and his party were finally found, I am afraid that it would be more than lucky.

The Iranian president is unlucky and unlucky, and China is deeply worried

Due to the seriousness of the matter, on May 20, the spokesperson of the Chinese Foreign Ministry issued a statement early in the morning, expressing China's concern about Iran's situation and telling Iran that China will provide all support and assistance wherever it is needed.

To be honest, although the accident in Iran was affected by the weather, many places were too coincidental for us to worry.

The first coincidence, why this helicopter? It is understood that at the time of the incident, Lacey and his entourage had a total of three helicopters, but the other two did not have any accidents and arrived at their destination smoothly.

The second coincidence is that the place of the incident happens to be within the radiation range of Israel. Azerbaijan is also a Muslim country, but it is also a very important partner of Islam, as early as 1992, Azerbaijan established diplomatic relations with Israel, and since then, Israel has provided about 40% of its annual oil needs, and in return, Azerbaijan has received billions of dollars worth of advanced weapons from Israel. A month ago, at the height of tension between Iran and Israel, Azerbaijan provided Israel with three air bases near the Iranian border for Israeli air strikes and drone strikes against Iran. Can this be explained by coincidence?

The Iranian president is unlucky and unlucky, and China is deeply worried

And we found out that when Lacey had just had an accident, the Times of Israel immediately opened champagne and announced Lacey's "death", so impatient, was it pure hatred, or was everything in their plan?

All I can say is that this possibility is not ruled out.

Of course, when everyone pays attention to this matter, what impact it will have on our Middle East strategy and the China-Russia-Iran triangle will be most concerned about.

The good news is that the overall direction will remain largely unchanged and the impact will be minimal. Because although Raisi is the president of Iran, he is not the supreme leader of Iran, and Raisi himself is not the promoter of Iran's major policies, so his accident will basically not have any impact on Iran's foreign policy and the China-Russia-Iran triangle.

The Iranian president is unlucky and unlucky, and China is deeply worried

But the bad news is that Raisi's accident may cause Iran to have a hidden danger of civil strife, after all, Raisi is a disciple of Iran's supreme leader Khamenei, the successor on the surface, Raisi's accident will inevitably cause an earthquake in Iran's political arena, in the context of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, whether it will be used by the United States and Israel, and what serious consequences will be caused, it is really hard to say.

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