If you drink coffee right, it is also a "good Chinese medicine"

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If you drink coffee correctly, it is also a good "traditional Chinese medicine".

If you drink coffee right, it is also a "good Chinese medicine"

How does TCM theory view coffee?

Coffee beans are taken from the fruit of the coffee tree, according to traditional Chinese medicine: coffee is warm, bitter and bitter, and its sweet and mellow taste has a nourishing and alleviating effect, which can relieve pain; The pungent flavor diverges and the effect of qi can refresh and awaken the mind; The bitter taste has a dampness and laxative effect. Modern Chinese medicine research has pointed out that coffee has the effect of reducing cardiovascular burden, diuretic, stimulating, refreshing and refreshing.

Benefits of Coffee in the Eyes of Traditional Chinese Medicine:

If you drink coffee right, it is also a "good Chinese medicine"

1. Refresh your mind

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that aromatic substances can refresh the mind, and the bitter taste enters the heart meridian, so drinking coffee often has the effect of refreshing the mind and eliminating fatigue, which is very suitable for office workers. Modern medical research believes that coffee can easily pass through the blood-brain barrier and stimulate the central nervous system, which can make the mind more clear, responsive and improve work efficiency.

2. Awaken the spleen and dissipate dampness

The taste of coffee is fragrant and awakens the spleen, and drinking coffee can open up the spleen and stomach that are trapped by dampness.

For people with insufficient spleen and yang, the accumulation of dampness in the body is yin and evil, and it will lead to people having no appetite, being too lazy to move, and feeling sluggish, especially when they get up in the morning, even if they sleep enough, they also have the feeling that "the body is already at the workstation and the soul is still in bed". At this time, a cup of coffee, with the help of the aromatic warmth of coffee, dissolves dampness and turbidity, and opens the appetite; Boost yang energy, let fresh qi and blood go up to the brain, and start the good spirit of the day.

3. Invigorate the heart

Coffee can relieve depression and invigorate the heart.

When we are overstressed and in a bad mood, the qi of the whole body is stagnant, and the yang qi is trapped and cannot get out, so we will be short of breath and lazy, and our mind will be depressed. A cup of fragrant coffee will lift your heart. It can relieve anxiety and tension.

If you drink coffee right, it is also a "good Chinese medicine"

4. Wet bowel movement

The coffee has a bitter taste and a warm nature. Bitter can dry and damp, can increase urine output, reduce abdominal distension and edema. Warmth can help yang, which helps the role of kidney yang and water.

For people with heavy scorching and dampness, long-term stool problems, you can choose to drink coffee in moderation around 9 am to 11 am to make the intestines smooth.

5. Improve blood circulation

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that coffee is a bitter, warm drink that can stimulate the liver, gallbladder, stomach and other meridians.

6. Strengthen muscles and bones, waist and knees

Coffee enters the kidneys, caffeine can increase tendon strength, reduce fatigue caused by exercise, increase the body's sensitivity, and improve motor function.

How to drink coffee is good for the body?

The three types of physique should not drink more coffee

  • Qi deficiency physique
  • Yin deficiency constitution
  • Liver fire and strong physique

Of course, even if you don't belong to the above three constitutions, you should pay attention to the following points when drinking coffee:

Pay attention to the combination of other foods

From a nutritional point of view, coffee contains tannins, which can hinder the body's absorption of calcium and iron. If you want to use the principles of TCM diet therapy to resolve this property, you should try to avoid consuming foods containing a lot of calcium and iron, or drinks containing tannic acid such as strong tea, when drinking coffee. In the daily diet, coffee lovers need to supplement more calcium and iron, such as eucommia, southern jujube, red date, peanut clothing, etc., so as not to affect bone health and cause problems such as meridian blockage, qi and blood stasis.

Do not drink excessively

Excessive consumption of coffee can lead to liver fire, insomnia, irritability and other adverse reactions. Therefore, drink coffee in moderation. Don't drink more than 2-3 cups of coffee a day, preferably in the morning or early afternoon so as not to disturb your sleep at night.

Less sugar, less creamer

It's best to add less sugar and less creamer. These flavorings will only negate the benefits of coffee. It can be paired with some natural sweeteners such as cinnamon, honey, vanilla, etc.

Pay attention to your body's reactions

If you have adverse reactions such as palpitation, stomach pain, insomnia, and menstrual discomfort after drinking, then do not drink it, indicating that your body cannot accept this drink well, and there is no need to force it.

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