Liang Yan: Originally the No. 2 deputy attacker of the Chinese women's volleyball team

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Liang Yan: Originally the No. 2 deputy attacker of the Chinese women's volleyball team

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Today, Ms. Liang Yan has entered the golden years of her life, her career is as colorful as a blooming flower, and her family is like a warm harbor, carrying endless happiness and sweetness. In the past, as the right-hand man and soul of the Chinese women's volleyball team, she helped the national team win the glorious record of the magical "five consecutive championships" with her bravery, courage and outstanding achievements, and created an eternal historical name!

Time flies, and the "smiling black baby" who once shone with dark skin and vitality has left her homeland, and she has lived a quiet and peaceful life many years after retiring.

Liang Yue, the pearl of Liang Yan's palm, is now studying for a doctorate at Tsinghua University, and as a mother, she is very proud and proud of it. In order to be able to take care of her elderly mother wholeheartedly, Liang Yan has deliberately adjusted her work rhythm in recent years and devoted more time and energy to her family.

This hard-won happiness allows us to look back on Liang Yan's magnificent and wonderful life process.

Liang Yan: Originally the No. 2 deputy attacker of the Chinese women's volleyball team

In Liang Yan's dazzling volleyball career, she has made countless great achievements for the national team. In 1979, at the age of 18, she was appreciated by gold medal coach Yuan Weimin and successfully joined the national women's volleyball team.

Since then, Liang Yan has gradually emerged on the court and has become an outstanding athlete of a generation that has attracted much attention.

She is a gifted player with excellent jumping ability and a high smash percentage, and her power output is the backbone of the team's attack. At the 9th World Championships, Liang Yan showed amazing bounce height and stable landing skills, and she and her teammates Lang Ping and Lang Meizhu changed freely in front of the net, leaving the opponent's main "gunner" helpless.

In the fast-break re-dunk link, Liang Yan is even more unique in the world, contributing one-third of the team's active offensive score in a single game.

Liang Yan: Originally the No. 2 deputy attacker of the Chinese women's volleyball team

In the life-and-death duel with the Cuban team in 1984, when the Chinese team was in an unfavorable situation, Liang Yan scored continuously and blocked the opponent's attack, which greatly boosted the team's morale and laid a solid foundation for the realization of the "three consecutive championships".

In the World Cup and World Championships the following year, Liang Yan once again made great achievements for the national team and helped the team finally win the highest honor of "five consecutive championships".

As a skilled athlete, Liang Yan is not limited to launching powerful off-the-beatings with swift pace, and every attack of the opponent is blocked by her unmistakable accuracy. She has a graceful swing and a steady serve that makes her opponents difficult to parry. In the face of difficulties, Liang Yan has always remained calm and composed, showing her true heroic qualities, and can be called the "backbone" of the Chinese women's volleyball team.

In particular, in that crucial world championship, Liang Yan endured severe pain and discomfort in her body with her extremely firm belief and strong will, gritted her teeth and insisted on finishing the game. Despite suffering from diarrhoea and a shoulder and knee injury before the race, she continued to push forward and fight with her teammates to win the crown. This kind of perseverance and never-say-die spirit is really awe-inspiring and moving!

Liang Yan: Originally the No. 2 deputy attacker of the Chinese women's volleyball team

After retiring, Liang Yan resolutely decided to pursue her college dream, and she was admitted to the long-awaited journalism department of Chinese Renmin University as she wished, and began a new life journey. The moment she stepped onto campus, Liang Yan did not hesitate to choose to live in the school's student apartment with other students.

Judging from the many film and television star posters posted on the walls of her dormitory, it is not difficult for us to find Liang Yan's strong interest and infinite longing for the field of film and television entertainment.

During her time at school, Liang Yan was diligent and tireless. As one of the school's top students, she was always the last one to leave the classroom after class and devote herself to her studies.

Friends and relatives from her hometown in Sichuan often travel thousands of miles to Beijing to visit Liang Yan, a "sports star" who has made a name for herself in the international sports scene. Whenever relatives and friends visited, Liang Yan was always enthusiastic and dedicated to each other, and even booked tickets for them personally.

Liang Yan: Originally the No. 2 deputy attacker of the Chinese women's volleyball team

Liang Yan's star halo has always attracted attention on campus, and a large number of enthusiastic reporters and fans have been chasing her. In order to minimize unnecessary distractions, Liang Yan is always cautious when she goes out, trying her best to keep a low profile, wearing a pair of "tea" glasses and quietly shuttling between the crowd.

In 1987, Liang Yan ushered in a major turning point in her life, and she entered the sacred hall of marriage. Her husband, Niu Yi, is a native of Beijing and works in the Art Troupe of the Political Department of the Air Force as a band player.

As a "super fan", Niu Yi's love for sports is simply fascinating! It is this common interest that makes him and Liang Yan have a wonderful fate and create their eternal marriage.

In the days after their marriage, Niu Yi always cared for Liang Yan with meticulous care and warmth. No matter when and where, whenever Liang Yan comes back late at night, he will always carefully cook delicious meals waiting for his beloved wife to come home and enjoy. The two gave birth to a delicate and lovely daughter - Liang Yue (formerly known as Niu Yue).

Liang Yan: Originally the No. 2 deputy attacker of the Chinese women's volleyball team

In his busy daily life, Niu Yi knows that he is the backbone of the family, and he takes care of his family wholeheartedly, whether it is taking his daughter to and from school, accompanying his daughter to study, or taking the initiative to take on the responsibility of cooking food, he strives to do the best to ensure that his elderly father-in-law and mother-in-law can be carefully guarded and cared for.

In the early 90s of the last century, with the wave of China's reform and opening up, the boom of "going to the sea to do business" was like a raging flame across the country. With her keen insight and decisive action, Liang Yan resolutely bid farewell to the stable work of "New Sports" magazine in 1995 and created her own "Liang Yan Sports Advertising Company", which has since embarked on the journey of entrepreneurs.

Since the establishment of the company, it has achieved remarkable and brilliant results. It is particularly worth mentioning that during the 1996 Summer Olympics, Liang Yan's company successfully served as an advertising agency for CCTV, which won the company wide acclaim and recognition.

In 1997, she founded "Chengdu Liangyan Advertising Co., Ltd." in her hometown of Chengdu, Sichuan, which further expanded the company's business territory.

Liang Yan: Originally the No. 2 deputy attacker of the Chinese women's volleyball team

With the steady development of her career, in 2004, Liang Yan founded "Junda Advertising Company" again. In recent years, as her career has grown, Liang Yan has gradually shifted her focus to her family, and she has taken the initiative to adjust her work rhythm, hoping to spend more time with her elderly mother and her daughter Liang Yue, who is studying for a doctorate at Tsinghua University.

From a former athlete to a successful entrepreneur today, Liang Yan has created her own career kingdom and composed a wonderful chapter of life with her indomitable fighting spirit and firm belief in never giving up.

Liang Yan's story begins in 1961, when she was born into an ordinary working family in Chengdu, Sichuan Province. Although the family is not wealthy, Liang Yan's parents have never given up on the education and training of their children. Liang Yan has shown extraordinary talent and hard work since she was a child, she has excellent academic performance, has won many honorable titles such as "Five Good Students" and "Outstanding Young Pioneers", and has served as class president.

At that time, she devoted herself to literature with boundless enthusiasm and aspired to be a writer, at the same time, she also showed great talent in the field of mathematics and had a visionary hope that one day she would become an outstanding scientist, and in addition to Liang Yan's mastery of foreign language skills, there was a moment when her ambition to become a translator was ignited.

Liang Yan: Originally the No. 2 deputy attacker of the Chinese women's volleyball team

As a well-known sports superstar, Liang Yan will inevitably encounter some troublesome problems in her life. Since leaving her hometown in Sichuan, she has not been able to properly resolve the issue of her household registration, she has been deeply worried about not being able to pay party dues for a while during her university career, and the media coverage of her is often distorted and absurd, such as comparing her to "China's version of Ashin", which makes Liang Yan and her husband, Niu Yi, laugh.

However, these troubles did not shake Liang Yan's indomitable heart, she always greeted every challenge in life with a smile and maintained an optimistic attitude towards life.

The arrangement of fate is often full of mystery, and Liang Yan's life course is a vivid example. In 1975, Liang Yan, who was only 14 years old, was recognized by Cui Dianying, the new physical education teacher of her alma mater, and was then recommended by her superiors to enter the junior sports school for professional training.

At first, Liang's father, Liang's mother, and Liang Yan herself expressed strong opposition to this. However, under the teacher's patient persuasion, Liang's father and Liang's mother finally reluctantly agreed that their daughter would go to the junior sports school for a trial, and if she found that she was not suitable, she could return to the family at any time.

Liang Yan: Originally the No. 2 deputy attacker of the Chinese women's volleyball team

In this way, Liang Yan was pushed by fate to the new life path of sports. Although she didn't know anything about volleyball, she never let it deter, but instead went all out to improve her speed, endurance, and always maintained a never-say-die fighting spirit.

For example, in the daily 400m training, Liang Yan can complete the specified task in just 1 minute and 15 seconds, and can complete such a difficult challenge four or five times in a row, and she will also take the initiative to perform hundreds of one-leg jumps after each training session to make up for the lack of strength in her right leg.

This kind of tenacious struggle and indomitable spirit is where Liang Yan's respected quality lies.

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