Dongfeng Wind Planet Sea V9 - with the beauty of national style, leading the new trend of MPV design

author:Zhangzhou Jinchang is in full swing

Why do you need an MPV?

Standing at the time node in 2024, if you ask such a question with thousands of faces, then you will naturally receive thousands of answers.

However, the only thing that is certain is that regardless of whether the person being asked really intends to buy an MPV, "comfort" and "family travel" will inevitably be the first and second most frequent keywords in the answers, which is highly different from a similar survey more than a decade ago, and the feedback received at that time was basically focused on business and business direction.

Just as the simple insight of the masses, when the Chinese people begin to have the freedom to pursue advanced choices in automobile consumption, many families with conditions will choose to add an MPV, precisely so that the whole family can be together and enjoy the ultimate comfortable travel experience

But in the early years, such pursuits were often not satisfied. On the one hand, there are only a few models from individual joint venture brands available in the domestic market, and on the other hand, those limited options are not based on family use, and the style is highly business-oriented. What's more, unless the dealer's unreasonable price increase requirements are met, the pick-up cycle is unusually long......

As a result, a self-owned brand new energy MPV echelon nicknamed "China's 9 Series Car Tiantuan" by Chinese car owners has risen rapidly in line with the needs of the market and users.

From Denza D9 to ZEEKR 009, to Xpeng X9 and Trumpchi E9 at the beginning of this year, a number of models with the number "9" of their own brand new energy MPVs have brought a different scenery to the domestic MPV market with unprecedented comfort experience and strong power brought by hybrid/pure electric.

And in this spring in April, the "China 9 Series Car Group" will usher in a new member, the latest masterpiece of Dongfeng Fengxing new energy series, the powerful luxury new energy flagship MPV - Wind Planet Sea V9.

Dongfeng Wind Planet Sea V9 - with the beauty of national style, leading the new trend of MPV design

The rookie of "China's 9 Series Car Group" focuses on a full appearance and top meaning!

From the height of product positioning, the Wind Planet Sea V9 is a comprehensive surpass of the previous joint venture MPV.

In the past, one of the biggest pain points of family cars choosing joint venture MPVs was that the initial design of the vehicle was highly business-oriented. Regardless of the basic style of the exterior and interior or the configuration of various equipment, it is basically a serious business style.

This style is naturally suitable for the representatives of the management who come to visit, the dignitaries and the owners who occasionally take the ride. However, once you switch to the "family car" scenario, it seems very inappropriate.

Imagine if the whole family sat in a car, not only would there be lively and agile children, Chinese and traditional elders, but of course, we who are now generally obsessed with technology style, and the serious business style will seem very incongruous.

After all, no one wants to travel from home with everyone in the car in front of their seats. The travel stage belonging to the family must be relaxed and happy, and even full of laughter. Therefore, in the past, many families who pursued this often had to spend money to renovate the vehicle after buying a car to make it more in line with the home positioning. All this until the Wind Planet Sea V9 turned out.

The first thing anyone who sees this car will have to admit is its elegant temperament and beautiful styling. And more importantly, it is different from other products on the market at present, following the Chinese aesthetic design concept and shaping, the unique oriental charm.

The beauty of the Wind Planet Sea V9 is first reflected in the special front face style.

The front grille consists of a set of chrome trim strips that are staggered left and right, sloping downward. The lines are staggered many times to form a series of vertically arranged Chinese knots, and the vertical side of the front of the car extends vertically downwards to the front bumper, constructing a distinctive and tense front face mesh shape.

Of course, such a shape can also be interpreted as a beauty's bee waist and so on. The figurative interpretation of beauty itself is our own imagination.

The tassel-shaped headlight clusters blend perfectly with the front grille and the lower bracket with black and grey diamond decorations, respectively, to create a strong sense of unity.

In particular, the black lower enclosure with gray vertical rhombus and diamond-shaped hollow is matched with a silver vertical nine-way Chinese knot-style middle net, and the vivid color clash outlines a rich oriental beauty visual shape.

In terms of waistline treatment, the "eyebrow corner" that extends through the outline of the daytime running light/turn signal cluster pulls out a slender waistline that is extremely smart and has a bit of mystery. Starting from the silver chrome trim, the light and shadow pass by, like a ghost of the Milky Way left in the sea of wind planets, achieving infinite beauty.

Of course, the elements of Chinese aesthetics are not only reflected in the exterior design, but also in the cabin.

On the floating island sub-instrument panel, it is equipped with a 12.3-inch LCD instrument screen + 16.2-inch touch LCD screen + 12.3-inch co-pilot entertainment screen to form a 41-inch front intelligent triple screen. In addition, a touchscreen can be added to each of the middle seats for function control. These are all features that are not available in joint venture MPVs such as the GL8.

When you start the car, the 64-color colorful atmosphere lights arranged horizontally in the car, combined with the water ripple interior style, create a visual effect of embracing the landscape and being comfortable.

Under the brilliance of neon water waves and the brightness of the liquid crystal display interface, this scene is like Li Bai's famous sentence in "Daishou Mountain's Answer to Meng Shaofu's Moving Document" - the plate is thin for eternity, and the galaxy is like a galaxy.

Exceptional "First Class on the Road"

The exterior and interior determine the face of a car, but as an MPV, its essence is a car with specific functions. Therefore, while it meets the spacious and comfortable positioning of MPV, it also needs to meet the characteristics of a car as much as possible.

As mentioned above, so far, the configuration of new energy high-end MPVs has long been a bright card - the first row of science and technology explosion, the middle row of first-class enjoyment, the space strives to be maximized, highlighting a top level of comfort. But if that's all it takes, the Wind Planet Sea V9 is not qualified to be unique in the "China 9 Series Car Heavenly Group".

The biggest difference is that the Wind Planet Sea V9 is one of the few MPV models that solves the pain points of comfort and fully considers the driver.

The main driver's seat is not only equipped with seat heating, ventilation and an eight-point massage function with five preset modes, but also a sitting posture memory function to ensure that no matter who is driving, you can adjust to the most accustomed sitting position with one button when you open the door and sit down.

It is different from those joint venture MPVs that position the driver as a "tool man" and are purely oriented to business scenarios. Everyone in this car, of course, including the man who sits in the driver's seat all year round, has the right to enjoy the comfort and convenience brought by the vehicle.

Serving the whole family and belonging to everyone in the family - this is the greatest value that Dongfeng Feng Planet Sea V9 brings to Chinese families.

Of course, since the word "first class" is used, there is another advantage of this model that must be mentioned here.

The Wind Planet Sea V9 is the only MPV in its class with a sunken design for the third row of seats. The third row of seats can be folded and sunk to form a 1.8-meter-tall bed. This operation is very friendly to families camping outdoors, and it can be changed into a starry sky room, a movie room, etc. without additional installations. If you want to put your luggage for New Year's goods during the New Year's Festival, you will directly have a space of 2792L, which can accommodate 2 28-inch + 1 26-inch + 1 24-inch + 1 20-inch suitcase.

And even if the third row is not retracted, this car still has the largest tail space in its class of 593L, which can be loaded with 7 20-inch suitcases + 7 backpacks. It can be said that compared to space, this car is enough to make all joint venture SUVs of the same level ashamed.

This tremendous change is profoundly changing the pattern of China's auto market.

Just as the rise of autonomous hard-core off-road models in recent years symbolizes that our auto industry has passed the stage of learning and imitation, Chinese car owners have also ended the era of treating cars purely as tools. The rise of the self-owned brand medium and large new energy MPV model "China 9 Series Car Tiantuan" also indicates that we are bidding farewell to the era of using cars as a pure production tool and beginning to move towards the era of real "car life".

At this moment, just like other Chinese cars sold in all free markets around the world, the Dongfeng Wind Planet Sea V9 is also starting its march to the world stage - this car will open global pre-orders on the 18th of this month.

Standing at the time node in 2024, the Wind Planet Sea V9 and even the entire Dongfeng Fengxing brand show great confidence. This is not only the confidence in the strength of the continent's strong automobile industry, but also the process of creating the Wind Planet Sea V9 based on the national style design, which shows our self-confidence from traditional culture——

In the past, when independent brands were learning to build MPV models, they could often only come up with a style similar to Alpha or GL8-like products. Even though there have been huge changes in the vehicle structure, powertrain and even interior configuration, it is still difficult to get rid of the shadow of these two models in terms of appearance.

Until the "China 9 Series Car Group" began to rise, blowing a trend called the trend of science and technology. And this time, Dongfeng Wind Planet Sea V9 will once again bring a new style called Oriental Meiyun into the domestic MPV market.

There is no doubt that this is the cultural self-confidence we have been pursuing for decades, and it is also the aesthetic self-confidence of the Chinese!

Whether it is the Dongfeng Wind Planet Sea V9, or the entire "China 9 Series Car Group", or even all Chinese cars born in this new era, a great road is under our feet at this moment. This road leads to the same sea of stars.

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