Undergoing criminal trial, Trump 'lethargic'

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Undergoing criminal trial, Trump 'lethargic'

According to comprehensive foreign media reports, on the 15th local time, the trial of the "hush money" case against former US President Trump was held in the Manhattan Criminal Court in New York, which is also the first criminal trial against a former president in US history.

Early that morning, Mr. Trump arrived at the courtroom and said the trial was "a blow to political opponents."

Undergoing criminal trial, Trump 'lethargic'

Image source: Screenshot of the Reuters report

In the ensuing trial, the prosecution and defense engaged in several rounds of confrontation. The New York Times reported that Trump appeared to have snoozed multiple times during the trial. The report also said that Trump did not even pay attention to the note handed to him by his lawyer, "[Trump's] chin has been hanging down on his chest and his mouth has been flabby." The matter has also sparked discussion in American politics, with Bedingfield, the former director of public relations for current US President Joe Biden, saying in response to the report: "Sleepy Trump. In addition, former White House press director Pfeiffer also quipped, "What do you think would happen in the war room if Trump is too old and frail to stay awake during his own criminal trial?" The judge reminded Trump that he would have to appear in court every time during the trial, which is expected to last six to eight weeks. It was previously reported that the "hush money" case refers to the criminal case in which Trump allegedly embezzled campaign funds and falsified business records to pay "hush money" to female star Daniels before the 2016 presidential election. According to the indictment that has been made public, Trump faces 34 felony charges related to the investigation of the "hush money" case. Trump, for his part, has denied all wrongdoing. In addition to this case, Trump is currently involved in a number of criminal proceedings, including the case of allegedly trying to overturn the results of the 2020 US presidential election, the "confidential documents scandal" case, etc.

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Original title: "US media: Trump accepts criminal trial, and "takes many naps" in court"

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Undergoing criminal trial, Trump 'lethargic'

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