Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

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Ten babies are nine yellow, and there has always been a way for jaundice to "just bask in more sun." ”

But there is really a way to get rid of jaundice in the sun, otherwise it is equivalent to white sun.

Recently, a video of a father taking his baby to sundry jaundice in the car sparked discussion among netizens.

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

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In the video, a baby is lying in front of the car basking in the sun through the glass, which is very comfortable.

But netizens watched the video and started a heated discussion.

Some netizens said: Jaundice like this is a loneliness.

"My baby also has a little jaundice, the doctor asked me to go back to bask in the sun, and specially said not to dry through the glass at home, it's useless, to dry outside. ”

"It's useless to be through the glass, and such a small baby, the skin is very tender, and it can't be sunbathed, so it has to wear a thin cotton shirt and trousers, and the eyes must be covered with black things. ”

"When there is jaundice, basking the baby in the sun, through the glass, does not have much effect on jaundice. ”

"Basic common sense, ultraviolet rays can't penetrate glass, and it's white. ”

"Through the glass is equal to white sun. ”

"He did not do anything other than make the child hotter. ”

"Baby jaundice does not need to be sunburned, it is easy to sunburn when it is so small. ”

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

In summary, it is through the glass to bask in the sun, and the effect of jaundice is not great.

So why does the baby have jaundice? What are the correct ways to get rid of jaundice? Today, the pregnant mother will talk about it in detail.

Dad holds the baby on a hot day and gets jaundice

Netizen: "Children are going to be sunburned"

Pregnant mothers can often brush up on the videos of parents holding their newborn babies in the sun to get jaundice, and two of them are the most profound.

There is a jaundice baby in Bozhou, Anhui Province.

The doctor suggested that it was treated with blue light, but the father was worried that he would not be able to see each other for 6 or 7 hours with blue light, so he was not at ease, so he held the child to bask in the sun and fade yellow.

Although the time point in the morning and afternoon was chosen, the father was also sweating profusely, he said: It doesn't matter if he is hot or not, as long as the baby gets better quickly.

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

His intentions are good, but it is really not advisable to get jaundice in the sun in the heat.

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

There is also a father in Changsha, Hunan, who took the baby downstairs to bask in the sun in order to help the baby get rid of jaundice.

The weather in Changsha in August can be said to be in a high roast mode, and even in the morning and evening, the sun is very strong.

On a hot day of 39 °C, holding the child in the sun, the father was sweating profusely, and his face was loveless.

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

At that time, many netizens asked: Father's love is real, but can you do your homework.

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

"It is very dangerous for the baby to cover his face with a scarf for more than 40 days, and adults can't stand it on such a hot day, let alone a baby with poor body temperature regulation.

If it is not pathological jaundice, it does not require special intervention, and sun exposure can do more harm than good. ”

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

The reminder of netizens is right, specifically to remove yellow and go to the sun, the effect is not great and it is easy to get sunburned, which is really not cost-effective.

Baby jaundice, mild and severe, jaundice that does not need treatment, can be sunbathed or not, jaundice that needs to be treated, blindly insisting on basking in the sun, will delay treatment!

There is a jaundice baby in Shenzhen, and the doctor recommended hospitalization to take care of the yellowing, but the family felt that jaundice was a trivial matter, and it would be good to bask in the sun.

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

So parents, if you want to go to jaundice, you must be scientific!

Can sun exposure help children with jaundice?

Let's first understand what jaundice is.

Jaundice in newborn babies is a common condition caused by the accumulation of excessive bilirubin in the baby's body, and the baby's skin and the whites of the eyes will appear yellow.

Why do babies get jaundice?

This is because the newborn's liver is not yet able to break down bilirubin efficiently, resulting in the production > excretion of bilirubin, which is orange-yellow, so it appears yellow on the skin and mucous membranes.

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

Neonatal jaundice occurs in 60% of full-term infants and 80% of preterm infants.

Does sunshine help babies get rid of jaundice?

There is this method but it does not have much effect, and it is not recommended!

Theoretically, the blue-green light exposure in sunlight can help lower the level of blood bilirubin, which can help reduce yellowing.

However, if you want to achieve the same effect as blue light in hospitals, three conditions must be met in theory:

●The light source enters. The closer you are to the sun, the better.

●Plenty of time. Get in the sun for at least 8 hours.

●The light area should be large. Strip your clothes in the open air and dry them evenly on all sides.

Not to mention that these three conditions are difficult to meet, even if they are, they may not be able to achieve the desired effect.

Parents should keep in mind that the American Academy of Pediatrics and the World Health Organization have long since discouraged newborns from sunbathing to reduce jaundice, and blue light therapy is recommended if the jaundice is severe beyond a certain value, and patience is required if it is not severe.

What's more, although there is blue light in the sun, there are also ultraviolet rays, and children's skin is very delicate, and prolonged exposure to the sun is not only easy to get sunburned, but also exposes children to ultraviolet radiation.

For baby jaundice, understand its severity and correct care, in order to protect the baby, blindly insist on basking in the sun to jaundice, harmful and unprofitable.

Distinguish the severity of jaundice and deal with it

in order to better protect the baby

Baby jaundice, mild and severe, correct care and treatment, is very important.

In general, physiological jaundice < breast milk jaundice < pathological jaundice in terms of severity.

First: physiological jaundice

●Timing of onset: Slowly ascent 2 to 3 days after birth, 3 to 5 days for preterm infants.

●Manifestations: Starting from the face, as the bilirubin in the blood increases, it will spread from the "face→ trunk→ limbs, and eyes turn yellow", and the baby's mental state is normal.


●Time to regression: It usually resolves slowly within 2 weeks, and resolves in 3 to 4 weeks for premature babies.

Physiological jaundice coping - pay attention to observation.

●The best way to deal with physiological jaundice is to drink more milk and excrete more. Feed 1 time every 2 hours. Breastfeed every 1.5~2 hours during the day and 4~5 hours at night, and breastfeed at least 10 to 12 times a day 24 hours a day.

●There is no need to stop breastfeeding. Instead, it is necessary to increase the frequency of feeding appropriately, so that the baby can have more bowel movements to excrete bilirubin.

●Measure bilirubin values regularly. If the jaundice of the full-term baby is more than 3 weeks and the jaundice of the premature baby is more than 4 weeks, it is necessary to take the baby to the doctor for examination in time.

2. Breast-lactating jaundice

Breast milk jaundice is similar to physiologic jaundice, but bilirubin is slightly higher at more than 12.9 mg/dl.

Breast milk jaundice is divided into two types, early and late onset, depending on the time of appearance, and occurs in almost two-thirds of breastfed babies.

●Early-onset breast milk jaundice: Usually occurs two to three days after birth and is similar to physiologic jaundice because the baby does not consume enough milk, resulting in the failure of bilirubin to be excreted.

●Late-onset breast milk jaundice: Occurs one to two weeks after birth and is less severe than pathological jaundice because certain substances in breast milk impede the excretion of bilirubin.

Early-onset breast milk jaundice resolves in about 3 weeks, and late-onset breast milk jaundice lasts for a long time, even 2-3 months.

How to cope with breast milk jaundice – it depends.

●Bilirubin value <15 mg/dl: If the baby is normal, measure the bilirubin value regularly, as long as the value is within a safe range, there is no need to take special medicine, and it will generally subside slowly.

●Bilirubin values greater than 15 mg/dL: Stop breastfeeding for two to three days, continue to feed breast milk in small amounts and often if bilirubin decreases, and consult a physician to avoid high bilirubin levels.

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

3. Pathological jaundice

Pathological jaundice is more common in premature babies, neonatal hemolytic disease, G6PD deficiency, or liver disease, etc., it must be paid attention to, because it has a high bilirubin value, rises quickly, and is more dangerous, easy to cause brain damage, life-threatening.

●Occurrence of the disease: Occurs 24 hours after birth, is prolonged, or recursive.

●Manifestations: The range can affect the hands and feet, the progress is rapid, the degree of skin yellowing is obvious in a few hours or days, the baby's mental state is poor, crying, etc.

●Bilirubin value: 12.9 mg/dL > for full-term infants and 15 mg/dL >for preterm infants.

●Time to resolution: >2 weeks for full-term babies and >4 weeks for preterm babies.

Pathological jaundice coping - seek medical attention promptly.

What parents of pathological jaundice can do is to find this bad sign in time, and then decisively hand it over to a doctor for treatment.

If your baby has any of the following conditions, you should pay special attention:

●Your baby has high bilirubin levels on the first and second day of life.

●The bilirubin level rises rapidly in a short period of time (eg, within a day or two), and the baby quickly changes from face yellow to body yellow.

●Jaundice persists within the first 24 hours of life, resolves and recurs, or worsens.

●The mother has blood type O and the father has blood type A, B, or AB, and the mother has Rh-negative blood and the baby has Rh-positive blood and has jaundice within 24 hours of birth.

●The skin of the baby's palms and soles of the feet is yellow.

●The baby's jaundice is dark yellow, and the stool is light or white clay.

● The baby makes a high-pitched cry.

●Your baby may seem lethargic or sick, or have difficulty waking up.

For the treatment of pathological jaundice, there are phototherapy (blue light) and exchange transfusion, both of which need to be closely monitored by the hospital and doctors.

Parents must pay attention: pathological jaundice does not rely on the sun to get better, once the signs are found, you must take the baby to the doctor in time, need to be hospitalized for observation on observation, need treatment on treatment.

If bilirubin enters the brain cells and causes bilirubin encephalopathy, it will cause serious harm to the baby, so don't let ignorance harm the child.

These home remedies for jaundice

Don't give any of them to your baby

For neonatal jaundice, blue light is the most suitable source of phototherapy, as it penetrates well into the skin and is absorbed by bilirubin, converting unbound bilirubin into an isomer that can be excreted by bile to help reduce jaundice.

Blue light therapy is also the most direct, effective and commonly used method, and there is no alternative at present.

If the jaundice value has reached the phototherapy index, it is recommended to follow the doctor's instructions for blue light to reduce the risk of bilirubin encephalopathy.

Be sure not to blindly reject blue light, compared with home remedies and jaundice, blue light is the most direct, safe and effective way.

Don't give any of these home remedies for jaundice to your baby:

First: Don't shine blue light on your own

Blue light treatment is indicated, the doctor will judge whether to use blue light according to the baby's condition, and there are many precautions for blue light, the baby is to strip naked under the blue light, to protect the external genitalia and eyes.

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

There are also babies who are prone to crying in the blue light box, and there may be some adverse reactions such as diarrhea, fever or rash when illuminating, which require professional medical personnel to care and monitor the whole process.

Second: Don't rely on medicated baths to get jaundice

Because of the gullibility that medicated baths can go to jaundice, the baby who was born 2 days ago almost died.

Those who take cool herbal baths internally or externally, such as honeysuckle, peppermint, camphor, bear bile, Sichuan lotus, plum blossom, etc., are prone to induce acute hemolysis and lead to severe jaundice.

Dad took the baby to get jaundice in the car, netizens: It's really useless to dry like this

Third: Drinking glucose can not go to jaundice

Glucose is a carbohydrate, and it is impossible to remove jaundice in newborns. Moreover, glucose is a drug, which cannot be given to children casually, and glucose water will also occupy the baby's stomach capacity, affecting the baby's milk, thus affecting bowel movements, and bilirubin cannot be excreted without bowel movements.

Fourth: Don't use Gardenia Yellow to remove yellow

The State Food and Drug Administration issued an announcement in 2016: it is forbidden for infants and young children to use Yinyuhuang injection, and other Yinyuhuang granules, Yinyuhuang oral liquid, are not recommended for newborns.

Finally, I want to say to parents that for neonatal jaundice, the most important thing is to observe the baby more, and if you find abnormalities, you must seek medical attention in time.

I hope that the babies can be yellowed scientifically!

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