Wang Lei's "disappearance" is the sorrow and loss of the entertainment industry, what is the current situation?

author:Bi Yucicada


Do you still remember that Wang Lei, a king-level singer and film and television actor who caused a sensation in the city with a song "Jianghu Love Song"?

Because of a song and a play, he shines brightly in the entertainment industry, where is he now, and what kind of life has he experienced?

Wang Lei's "disappearance" is the sorrow and loss of the entertainment industry, what is the current situation?

Today, let me take you to relive the legendary life of this heavenly king, looking for his hidden figure for many years.

Oh, by the way, are you also curious about a superstar figure, what kind of magnificent inner world his inner world will be?

Extraordinary talent in the ordinary

Wang Lei was born in an ordinary family, and his parents were ordinary clerks.

However, this did not prevent Xiao Wang Lei from showing his extraordinary talent - he showed great artistic talent from an early age, whether it was music, dance or performance.

"I feel like I was born to act. Wang Lei once said.

However, it is undeniable that Wang Lei's upbringing process is not ordinary.

Because of his limited family conditions, he has been under the pressure of life since he was a child.

In order to realize his dream, he relied on perseverance and hard work to support himself - he worked as a newspaper delivery, washing dishes, and even made a living as an entertainer for a while.

This kind of bumpy experience has allowed him to build a tenacious character.

Perhaps, it is this quality that has made him brilliant in the entertainment industry in the future.

In fact, Wang Lei has had a soft spot for drama and movies since he was a child.

Whenever he came home from school, he always turned on the TV and rewatched his favorite movies over and over again.

Wang Lei's "disappearance" is the sorrow and loss of the entertainment industry, what is the current situation?

Especially "The True Story of A Fei" starring Mr. Leslie Cheung is simply his favorite.

"I especially envy the character of Ah Fei, he is so intoxicated with acting and so emotional, this is exactly the path I yearn for as an actor. Wang Lei said.

Even once, Wang Lei imitated Ah Fei's lines and expressions in the mirror, but was discovered by his parents, and both of them were impressed by his acting skills, and since then they have strongly supported him to learn Xi acting.

Wang Lei has participated in the school's drama performances since elementary school, and no one can beat him.

Teachers and classmates praised him as a natural performer.

Even though his family is poor, this has not dampened Wang Lei's enthusiasm for his dreams - on the contrary, it is his driving force.

In order to repay his parents' expectations, he worked harder to study his acting skills.

"I want to be a world-class actor and make a good life for my parents. ”

This sentence is the sentence that Wang Lei said most often when he was a teenager.

The low-key road of the king

At the age of 20, Wang Lei stood out in a talent show with his excellent acting skills and officially debuted as an actor.

At first, he could only receive some tricks and small roles.

Wang Lei's "disappearance" is the sorrow and loss of the entertainment industry, what is the current situation?

However, with his solid acting skills, he quickly made a name for himself in the circle - especially in a costume drama called "Mountain Flowers", Wang Lei's superb performance impressed the audience and became famous for a while.

Unlike many newcomers in the entertainment industry, Wang Lei doesn't like to use fancy external packaging to attract attention.

He believes that acting skills are the most important tool and inner quality of an actor.

"I don't care about external attention, I just want to explore the true nature of human nature through each character. That's his acting code.

In later interviews, many senior actors were amazed by his acting skills and low-key personality.

Despite the growing number of honors and accolades, Wang Lei's life is still very simple.

He did not buy a luxury car and live a rich life, but still lived in a rental house and lived a life that was not much different from before.

Indifference to fame and fortune is an important reason for his success.

In interviews, he often said: "I only pursue the excitement on the stage, and I don't care about anything else." ”

This low-key and pragmatic style has also won many loyal fans.

In addition to his acting skills, Wang Lei's comprehensive ability has also been admired by the industry.

Not only does he perform well, but he also has a knack for screenwriting and filmmaking.

Later, he wrote and directed several small-budget films, all of which received good responses.

Wang Lei's "disappearance" is the sorrow and loss of the entertainment industry, what is the current situation?

Gradually, Wang Lei is not only an excellent actor, but also an excellent screenwriter and director.

A song of sorrow, goodbye to the rivers and lakes

However, the good times were short-lived.

Just when Wang Lei's career was in full swing, a change in feelings hit him deeply.

Wang Lei was 28 years old that year, which was the time when men were at their prime.

He and actress Li Xiaomeng have been in love for many years, and the two are about to get engaged.

However, what caught Wang Lei off guard was that Li Xiaomeng proposed to break up on the eve of the engagement for unknown reasons.

The blow to Wang Lei can be imagined - he fell into unprecedented frustration and pain.

Wang Lei and Li Xiaomeng can be said to be a model couple in the entertainment industry.

The two began to know each other from participating in a costume drama, and gradually fell in love with each other.

Wang Lei is low-key and doesn't like to socialize, but when he is with Li Xiaomeng, he is very dedicated and sincere.

In his eyes, Xiaomeng is the only one who really understands himself.

Wang Lei's "disappearance" is the sorrow and loss of the entertainment industry, what is the current situation?

Because of this, the breakup hit him hard.

This sudden breakup not only shattered Wang Lei's love, but also ended his glorious time in the entertainment industry.

After that, Wang Lei could no longer concentrate on his work and lived like a living corpse.

Finally, at the end of that year, Wang Lei announced his official retirement from the entertainment industry.

"I'm tired and need a good rest. These were his last words to the outside world.

People speculate that perhaps this parting ended Wang Lei's gorgeous life in the rivers and lakes.

Those loyal fans still remember this sudden curtain call of the entertainment king.

Gloomy and sad incognito

After Wang Lei quit the entertainment industry, he soon disappeared.

He no longer appears in public, and he has not been heard from at all.

This has made countless loyal fans linger, and it has also made the entertainment industry lose a bright pearl.

Those who are familiar with Wang Lei revealed that after leaving the entertainment industry, Wang Lei's temperament changed greatly, and he was depressed all day long.

That sudden breakup not only robbed him of his love, but also destroyed his ideals and career.

"I've never seen him so decadent and depressed. Li Xiaomeng's friend said.

Wang Lei's "disappearance" is the sorrow and loss of the entertainment industry, what is the current situation?

Wang Lei chose to stay away from all the hustle and bustle and lived a reclusive life.

He moved to the remote town of Wushan, where he bought a small cabin, grew vegetables and flowers, and raised two dogs.

Except for a few old people in the town, few people knew about the whereabouts of the Heavenly King.

Over the years, Wang Lei has lived a life almost like a hermit.

He doesn't read newspapers, doesn't read entertainment news, spends his days alone, and has little contact with the outside world.

Occasionally, I would wake up in the middle of the night and play a love song alone, remembering all the past.

Today, the king of heaven is already an ordinary person who hides too much pain in his heart.

Wang Lei's life should not have been so decadent, and he lost everything because of an emotional runaway.

What else can we do but sigh?

Wang Lei's "disappearance" is the sorrow and loss of the entertainment industry, what is the current situation?

Perhaps, fans can try to find Wang Lei's whereabouts and sincerely encourage him to get out of the shadow of amnesia and regain his former glory.

Perhaps, the world still needs such a talented teacher Wang to tell more heartbreaking but clear stories.

This king deserves our admiration

Speaking of Wang Lei, we will think of his brilliant star career in the entertainment industry.

However, when he suddenly came to an end at the peak of his career, we also saw that a person's fate can be so complicated and full of indescribable emotions.

Wang Lei's life is full of glory and regret.

However, no matter what the circumstances, he always retains a sincere and kind heart.

We are still the same original question: Do you remember this king, dear reader?

If you remember, then you might as well bless him once - no matter how many unpredictable storms lie ahead, may he keep the courage to go on.

This unforgettable king, his story is worth pondering for everyone.

In the face of such a huge blow, many people may have chosen to give up, but Wang Lei is still insisting on his life.

This resilience and forbearance is truly awe-inspiring.

Wang Lei's "disappearance" is the sorrow and loss of the entertainment industry, what is the current situation?

Perhaps, when we ourselves are in adversity, we can also think of Wang Lei and absorb his spiritual strength.

"The mountains are high and the waters are long, goodbye to the rivers and lakes. ”

This unforgettable king will definitely return to our field of vision again!

I believe that in the near future, he will shake the music and film industry again with his warm and healing works.

Until then, we will still cheer and encourage him!


Dear readers, we revisited the legendary acting road of this king-level superstar Wang Lei today.

His unique artistic temperament and low-key way of dealing with the world have left a deep impression on us.

Even though he suffered a huge blow and quit the entertainment industry at his peak, his mental strength is also awe-inspiring.

Wang Lei's "disappearance" is the sorrow and loss of the entertainment industry, what is the current situation?

I believe that one day in the future, Wang Lei and his works will surely surprise and move us again.

Until then, we will still be cheering for this unique and great king!

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