Actor Du Xudong charged 33,000 yuan in pit fees and only sold a pack of fungus

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Recently, the "bubble" of celebrity live broadcast is fading, and a large number of artists have stopped broadcasting, causing heated discussions.

According to Jiupai Finance and Economics, on November 21, Anhui Cunshi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. said that it paid 33,000 yuan to Du Xudong's authorized company for participating in the live broadcast of actor Du Xudong on October 27, but in the end it was only sold for 64.9 yuan, and only a pack of fungus was sold.

Actor Du Xudong charged 33,000 yuan in pit fees and only sold a pack of fungus

The person in charge of the company said, "There are more than 30 products in the whole live broadcast, and it is estimated that Du Xudong collected about 780,000 yuan in pit fees, but only sold tens of thousands of yuan, which made us e-commerce companies and manufacturers miserable." [They] promised to rebroadcast and compensate, but it hasn't been fulfilled for a month, and now we are asking for a refund, but he has blocked it. ”

Du Xu Dongfang responded to reporters, "We don't know, and we don't participate."

Actor Du Xudong charged 33,000 yuan in pit fees and only sold a pack of fungus

The sales volume of a single product is only 64.9 yuan

According to Manager Wan, China Film and Broadcasting Union (Beijing) Culture Media Co., Ltd. previously contacted him from the Douyin platform to promote the star Du Xudong's Double 11 live broadcast to him, saying that Du Xudong sold tens of millions of yuan in live broadcasts a year, and the traffic was very high.

Considering the popularity of the artist Du Xudong and the high number of fans, Manager Wan paid a pit fee of 33,000 yuan. "I went from Anhui to Beijing to watch their rehearsal, but it overturned during the live broadcast in the evening, and the lamb shank was not sold in a single order, and the black fungus was only sold in one order, bringing us a total of 64.9 yuan. Manager Wan said.

Actor Du Xudong charged 33,000 yuan in pit fees and only sold a pack of fungus
Actor Du Xudong charged 33,000 yuan in pit fees and only sold a pack of fungus

As for the reason for the dismal sales, Manager Wan believes, "It's too unprofessional, for example, our product is cold mutton, but they directly put the frozen one on the live broadcast room, which is very funny, and they don't eat mutton during the live broadcast." It is far less than the maximum daily sales of more than 400,000 yuan when our Douyin store broadcasts itself. ”

Actor Du Xudong charged 33,000 yuan in pit fees and only sold a pack of fungus

After the live broadcast "overturned", Manager Wan asked China Film and Broadcasting Federation to compensate, and he promised to make up the broadcast once for free. But in November, Du Xudong caused controversy because he had made a birthday video for the head of the electric fraud, and he was riddled with negative news. The company refused to cooperate with it again, and after Manager Wan asked for a refund, he was once blocked by the relevant person in charge of China Film and Broadcasting.

"I once recorded a video to celebrate the birthday of the leader of the wire fraud in northern Myanmar"

Previously, Du Xudong publicly apologized

According to a previous report by the Beijing News, a recent news that "many celebrities recorded a video birthday celebration for Bai Yingcang, the son of Bai Suocheng, a major family in northern Myanmar", has aroused heated discussions on the Internet, and there are many celebrities in the birthday video.

On the evening of the 17th, actor Du Xudong posted a video on his personal social media, apologizing for his previous recording of a birthday video for the members of the Bai family of the Northern Myanmar Telecom Fraud Group, in which he said that this happened a long time ago, and he was entrusted by a friend without verifying the background of the Bai family, "out of the way, he cooperated with the recording of this video", and now he has deeply realized his mistake, "In the future, I will take this as a warning to restrain my words and deeds." ”

Actor Du Xudong charged 33,000 yuan in pit fees and only sold a pack of fungus

According to public information: Du Xudong, born on January 7, 1956 in Beijing, China, graduated from the People's Liberation Army Academy of Arts, Chinese mainland actor, national first-class actor. Du Xudong often plays supporting roles, and most of them play negative roles, and is known as a "villain professional".

In 1989, he starred in his first movie "Old and Young Masters on the Law Field". In 1991, he played the role of two bald men in the mainland anti-Japanese war movie "Fire King Kong". In 1993, he played Ha Shaofu in the TV series "Muslim Detachment". In 1999, he played Shi Lianzhi in the TV series "Turbulent" directed by Jiang Ruojin and served as the production director, and in the same year, he played Mei Qing in the TV series "Jianghu Smiling Man" starring Hou Yong. In 2000, he played a supporting role in the TV series "Mansion Gate" starring Chen Baoguo and Siqin Gaowa.

Actor Du Xudong charged 33,000 yuan in pit fees and only sold a pack of fungus

In 2001, he played Meng Qinghe in the TV series "Divine Doctor Xilaile" starring Li Baotian, and was well regarded by the audience. In 2008, he played Deng Bolong in the TV series "Seven Days That Shook the World". In 2009, he played Pang Tong in the TV series "Romance of the New Three Kingdoms".

A number of artists withdrew from the live broadcast to bring goods

Recently, the topic of "many artists withdrawing from live broadcast and bringing goods" has attracted attention.

Red Star News reported that in the past 3 years, many celebrities and artists have overturned their lives and live broadcasts due to poor delivery and quality problems. Moreover, the sales of many celebrity artists are seriously inconsistent with their coffee positions, and a large number of celebrity artists have chosen to withdraw from the live broadcast room. From 2020 to the present, when hundreds of celebrities and artists brought goods, in just three years, celebrities have cooled down significantly.

In August this year, Li Xiang posted on Weibo claiming that "I am retired", which made many netizens in a trance, and the first sister who used to be a star with goods has not brought goods live for a long time.

In 2019, Li Xiang made his live broadcast debut with the theme of "The First Disclosure of Private Good Things", becoming the first warrior in the entertainment industry to eat crabs. In half a year, she did more than 30 live broadcasts and successfully attracted millions of fans.

According to incomplete statistics, in 2020, at least 500 artists will make their debuts with goods, and artists such as Liu Tao, Chen He, Li Chen, and Qin Hailu have started new careers.

Chen He made a "live broadcast room with something", and brought goods on the same stage with the host Zhu Zhen; Liu Tao, the preferred officer of Juhuasuan, has a new character of "Liu Yidao", and it is rumored on the Internet that his contract price has reached an annual salary of one million. Relevant reports show that Liu Tao's live broadcast debut, the total transaction amount exceeded 148 million yuan.

After all, anchors are an industry with a strong head effect, and celebrities are no exception, which is especially obvious in 2022. The live broadcast business capabilities of the vast majority of celebrities quickly touched the ceiling, and the platform talent grabbing war basically came to an end, and targeted support was no longer provided in the later stage, and the live broadcast data of celebrities began to fall off a cliff. Starting from 2022, Liu Tao, Qin Hailu, Jing Tian and other once-hot star anchors have left the team or completely stopped broadcasting.

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