iPhone 15 Pro first sale started: squatted until midnight to pick up the leak, pure injustice?

iPhone 15 Pro first sale started: squatted until midnight to pick up the leak, pure injustice?

If the mobile phone market in September was lively in previous years, then this year can undoubtedly be described as boiling. Huawei quietly launched the Mate60 Pro at the end of August, and then Mate60, Mate60 Pro+, and Mate X5 appeared in turn, which fiercely pinched the attention of users.

In contrast, the annual update of the iPhone is much quieter, not only is the upgrade recognized as squeezing toothpaste, but the degree of discussion is also much lower than in previous years. Against this backdrop, many people assert that this will be the most deserted sale in recent years. In order to verify this, I also personally went down this time and grabbed an iPhone to see how the situation was~

1 Pre-order day: Apple's official website crashes for a long time, and picking up leaks in the middle of the night has a miraculous effect

To get the iPhone on launch day, the battle began on pre-sale day a week ago. This year's iPhone 15 series officially began pre-sale at 20 o'clock on September 15, and third-party platforms such as, Tmall, and Pinduoduo will also officially start selling at the same time. Since I participated in Apple's official annual renewal program, Apple's official website was my only choice.

iPhone 15 Pro first sale started: squatted until midnight to pick up the leak, pure injustice?

Unlike domestic third-party platforms that have seen winds and waves such as Double Eleven and 618, Apple's official website often has problems such as stuck on the pre-sale day every year, but in the first two years, every year new users can still finally order their desired iPhone model in the error.

And this year, even though I have prepared a 5G network, Apple's crotch pulling has slowed down the pace of my order. It wasn't until about 20:10 that I could enter the order interface, but I was never able to choose the new trade-in option every year, and it wasn't until about 20:30 that I placed an order for the 512G black Pro Max model I wanted, but at this time, there was no pick-up option on the first day, but the second batch expected to arrive on September 28.

iPhone 15 Pro first sale started: squatted until midnight to pick up the leak, pure injustice?

Since I wanted to pick up the order on the launch day, I had to keep scrolling through the official website to see if there was any possibility of missing it. It is also necessary to remind everyone that on the day of the first release, the possibility of picking up leaks is not low, and there will be some monitoring software that can constantly query the inventory information of Apple's official website, and the possibility of grabbing the first release will be much greater if you use it.

Although using "technology", Apple's Pro Max inventory this time is too small, brushing until two o'clock in the middle of the night only grabbed a 512G blue Pro picked up on the afternoon of the first day, so far the task of grabbing the mobile phone is officially over. According to my communication with friends, the third-party platform is also difficult to grab this time, almost all of them are seconds, among which Pinduoduo has the problem of cutting orders, and friends who want to buy also need to pay attention to it.

2 Launch Day: Stores still line up, scalpers remain

Considering the hot scene of pre-order day, the long queue at the Apple Store on the day of the debut is almost a certainty. According to the pickup time displayed when I pre-ordered, I arrived at the Apple Store Sanlitun store at 3:30 p.m., but there were still many customers waiting to pick up their orders outside the store. Fortunately, the speed of the team was not slow, and I entered the store after about half an hour.

iPhone 15 Pro first sale started: squatted until midnight to pick up the leak, pure injustice?

Once inside the store, everything is faster. The entire second floor of the Sanlitun Apple Store is used as a pickup area for new iPhones, and the clerks seem to be a little more than usual. Just show your QR code and ID card to the clerk who receives you to get your mobile phone, and the whole process is still very smooth. For me, the whole process is a little slower due to the need to recycle my old phone every year, but it only takes 20 minutes. But if you need a store assistant to help migrate your phone data, you'll need to be prepared for a long wait.

Finally, let's talk about the classic topic of the iPhone debut every year - scalpers. Although it is very difficult to grab the phone on the pre-order day, if you look at it comprehensively, the amount of goods sent by Apple on the first day this year is still not small, which also leads to the price increase of the new machine is not exaggerated. According to the results of our multi-party search, the current price of the standard version has broken, and the Pro Max has the largest price increase, according to the different capacity and color can increase the price of hundreds to thousands of yuan, compared to the Pro version can only slightly increase the price of one or two hundred yuan. It is also worth noting that due to the large number and not good-looking, the blue of the Pro series is obviously cheaper, and even some scalpers have clearly stated that they do not accept blue mobile phones, and friends who want to pick up leaks can pay more attention.

3 Get started: The perception of appearance improvement is not large

Now that you've got your phone, let's get started with a simple one. Compared with the previous generation, the iPhone 15 Pro has not changed much in appearance, whether it is the smart island or the rear camera module, it remains unchanged in size and design. The only thing worth noting is that the black edge of the screen of the iPhone 15 Pro series has been further narrowed, and even the mobile phone has been slightly smaller, which is a double upgrade in the look and feel.

iPhone 15 Pro first sale started: squatted until midnight to pick up the leak, pure injustice?

As for the titanium alloy frame that is the main one this time, I personally don't like it, although it brings a significant slimming effect to the iPhone 15 Pro, but its ability to stain fingerprints is also outstanding, if you plan to use it on bare metal, it must be quite painful.

4 Write at the end

Finally, let's go back to the question at the beginning of the article, is no one really buying a new iPhone this year? The answer is clearly no. And if you, like me, are the kind of person who wants to get a new phone in the first time, then Apple's official channel is quite good except for the slight flaws in the official website.