Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

Before the game, Andy Cole said "I don't believe anyone expects Manchester United to beat Bayern Munich away", triggering a massive self-reflection on the tainted milk among Bayern fans.

- "We didn't start well!" "Manchester United fans threw a long screenshot of the standings.

- "The curse of all the people has struck!" "Manchester United fans have posted the injury list and the non-injury duo.

- "The manager doesn't have good relationships!" "The Manchester United fans didn't have to say anything and smiled meaningfully.

Okay, the refutation fails.

Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

But when the game started, Manchester United at least didn't lose the wind at all. As if they really smelled a hint of poisoned milk, people began to seriously recall the arguments made by Bayern fans before the game.

To summarize briefly, they currently have the following problems this season.

There is a lack of continuous delivery organization in the middle, so the advance and offensive initiation are all counting on the wing; The's double back retreated deeply, helping the defense but also further limiting the midfield forward insertion. The frontcourt has not built a system around Kane, and the main output is all individual dribbling, and can be subdivided into bringing to the broken, bringing to the pass and bringing to the shot.

The above three items made a light bulb light up on Ten Hag's brain, with four big words written on it: Pressing in the front court.

Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

Yes, Manchester United in this game gave up the tactic of pulling Master and Anthony to double the two strikers to retreat deep and ensure a local numerical advantage to limit rib coordination when facing Arsenal, who are also strong on the wing. From the very beginning, the entire defensive line was pushed forward twenty or thirty meters.

First of all, after Casemiro returned to the solo drag, Eriksen reduced the commotion of returning and did not withdraw to the full-back position to receive the ball, ensuring that the ball was broken in front of the ball and could be sent as a threat at any time.

Secondly, Marcus Rashford and Pellistri remained within five metres of Leimer and Davies, preventing Bayern from easily catching the ball and turning and pushing forward. Hoylen also often moves to the sides, ready to form clips.

In the end, the midfielder boldly threw a long pass forward, not because he was so confident in the frontcourt competition, but because he lost the ball and continued to scramble on the spot.

This arrangement, which is obviously a special arrangement for Bayern's characteristics, has also received good results. Eriksen created chaos in the box in the opening period, almost allowing United to score first.

Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

Perhaps it was the warning of this goal, or it was more likely that Tuchel knew before the game that he was now afraid of pressing high, and Bayern's tone throughout the game was: first steady, don't wave.

The formation of the entire midfield is never in a hurry, and Kim Minya, Upamecano and Ulreich form an iron triangle of brush passing data to minimize the possibility of a defensive explosion. After squeezing out the opponent's stamina as much as possible, push forward with the return of the players in the front court.

Sorry I corrected, this frontcourt player refers specifically to Sane.

In the first 20 minutes, Bayern's attacking line can be divided into Sane horizontal belt, Sane vertical belt and Sane oblique belt. The starting price is at least 20 meters up, and the end is still familiar with the loss.

If Musiala and Kane say, the offensive will not reach the middle of them for a while. As for Gnabry, he had a successful touch in the first 15 minutes, which happened at the kick-off of the game.

Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

During this time, many people had the feeling that "the two teams were of similar level", and only Manchester United fans clearly saw the potential problems.

First, the team can play about 20 minutes of good ball per game, and there will be outrageous mistakes next. And this time, the opening is almost overdrawn.

Bayern finally found that Manchester United's high-level pressing was not as suffocating as it seemed, but rather had a refreshing autumn breeze. The formation began to slowly push upwards, Kimmich and Gretzka dared to press through the half together, and Kane was given more rights to participate in the game.

Sane then dribbled inside for the Nth time and played with Kane for the first time. Although the quality of the shot was not too high, Onana managed to save the ball into the goal.

Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

Second, there is a collective chaos immediately after the outrageous mistake appears, and any plan will be cleared and repeated.

Musiala went to the wing to pick up the ball and played what Bayern was probably the first all-out speed of the game. While all four Manchester United defenders were pressed to the line of the small penalty area, the two backs were chasing back at a constant speed and one was about to appear, assisting the defense to protect the stars of Gnabry.

It's something neither Thomas Tuchel nor his Bayern team-mates can do, and it's another night when Manchester United fans are nagging Amrabat.

Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

In four minutes, the title can change hands in a matchup between these two teams, let alone such a group game.

With a 2-0 lead, Bayern naturally has no reason to take the initiative to speed up, anyway, it can be knocked down with a single shot, and it is enough to continue to bet on Onana's eyes from a long distance. Faced with two goals behind, Manchester United had to make some tactical adjustments, the most direct manifestation of which was Reguilon's significant involvement in assists, on the one hand, he inserted himself behind the ribs, on the other hand, he created more 1v1 opportunities for Master La.

The good news is that they briefly regained their high-pressing execution at the start of the second half, and this time they paid off directly. Fat Tiger and others completed a successful tackle at the top of the arc, Marcus Rashford crossed the assist, and Hoylen's shot deflected on Kim Minya's leg to earn the first goal of the Red Devils' career.

Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

The bad news is that before the goal gap could be covered hot, there was another accident.

Upa's header was headed over by Eriksen, who was awarded a penalty by the VAR prompt. Kane hit a blast and Bayern returned to a two-goal lead.

Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

Another four minutes of consecutive goals, but from 0-2 to 1-3, added to the mentality of the Manchester United players was a critical hit full of damage. Because true despair is often not unattainable at first sight, but every time you think you see hope, the result is always out of reach.

For the next half hour, we didn't see any determination to never give up from the Manchester United players, nor did we see any courage for ten Hag to break the cauldron. Anthony Martial and Garnercho are both alignment/regular transposition adjustments, only Scott McTominay came out and stood directly in the front back to steal, dragging B fee back to play the playmaking back is a bit fresh.

Of course, the successful grab of wheat and then slipped and returned it is also a traditional retention project.

As for Bayern... Whether or not Tuchel's remote command, the second half was a field of imaginative tactical trial and error.

——It is not surprising that Koeman replaced Gnabry, unexpectedly replaced Sane and Koeman to the side of the foot, and it is even more incredible that the foot is not for crosses, and actually continues to force inward. As a result, they didn't know what they were going to do, and Kane Pestle looked confused in the middle.

Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

- replaced Musiala, the only one that can bond the side, and replaced it with Shupomotin. The double center continues not to play crosses, just to test Kane's ability to play well in the front with the top playmaking ability in the center. Although, the others still took the ball with a belt and did not give him much to his feet.

- Terr and Mueller came on and finally began to try to give the center a straight plug and a pick-and-pass pass. However, it is at the last moment of the game, is it really a big husband in the midfield who is resolute not to change new blood? Not to mention that the Lemer's accelerator keys are all pressed to smoke, even if you continue to kick De Ligt in the back for ten minutes, it is better than Gretzka taking the lead to clock in again!

All in all, Bayern did create plenty of chances to extend the score after leading 3-1, but thanks in part to their peers. They also chose to return the favor, first sending the Allianz post to patiently teach Onana: let's stand in this position, the first thing we want to think about is to sink down and shoot with the preparation, rather than how to pass the ball later to tear the space.

Then let Shupomotin brush Onana with saves and confidence, the main thing is: Cameroonian help Cameroonian.

Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

I thought that the game would end in such a "harmonious" way, but I never expected that the last six minutes were the climax of abstraction.

What Casemiro juggled all the way and sat in the cart, and ended up lying down and scored the ball. What Kimmich passed one night with the iconic knife ball and slow corner, as well as the iconic important interception and beautiful pick-and-go pass, Ter became the king of efficiency. What Bayern defensive free kick no one went to the top, if not for the replay to see the fat tiger floor flow, we would have thought that B fee directly spun into the goal.

Scoring goals so cheaply, but overflowing elements. It gave me a messy feeling of buying a game tangled up with the difference between the version and the historical low price for half a day, and the result was given away for free next month. The words pale and weak, see for yourselves.

Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?
Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?
Bayern vs Manchester United, balanced dishes or scientific nourishment?

In this way, the focus of this Champions League first-round battle played a very anxious 4-3 in the most absurd way. Bayern and Manchester United fans may have woken up feeling that they had missed something, but they watched the live broadcast in unison.

"The opposite side kicked badly, and we were also very dish."

Although, the judging criteria may not be uniform.

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