2-1! NBA Crazy Night: Jokic makes history again, the No. 21 rookie shines, and Spoo is helpless


After the series G2, the two sides fought 1-1, the Heat successfully limited Jokic's people through the joint defense in the final quarter, and Dunro and Butler took turns on the offensive end, and the Jedi counterattack successfully regained home court advantage, which made the Finals, which was previously regarded as one-sided, suddenly became interesting. In G3, the two sides moved to Miami, the so-called "Little King Mountain", and the data shows that 80% of the teams that won this game eventually won the championship, which shows its importance.

2-1! NBA Crazy Night: Jokic makes history again, the No. 21 rookie shines, and Spoo is helpless

Since the beginning of the playoffs, the Nuggets have always maintained a 7~8-man rotation, so even if the situation is passive, coach Malone does not have much room for adjustment, the two sides start as always, the Heat are on top of the winning momentum, in order to adapt to all changes. At the beginning of the game, they frequently looked for Jokic's defensive movement shortcomings by blocking and dismantling with Adebayo's high hand, scoring the first 4 sports goals, 2 times when Jog's teacher was under the basket and was shot from mid-range, and another time, when he tried to expand the defense, he was immediately attacked by Adebayo to attack the basket.

This also made Malone figure it out: Shooting from mid-range is always lower than a layup.

2-1! NBA Crazy Night: Jokic makes history again, the No. 21 rookie shines, and Spoo is helpless

So, throughout the game, they insisted on blocking and dismantling, contracting, preventing the ball carrier from snatching in front of them with all their might, and properly testing Butler's outside projection. In the first quarter, Butler was 4 of 8, scored 10 points and 2 rebounds, 14 points in the first half, you must know G1 and G2, he only scored 11 points in the first quarter of the two games, plus Adebayo's 13 points and 10 rebounds, the Heat always clenched the score, trailing by 5 points at halftime, it looks manageable, similar to the trend of G2, but the difference is that the 2 big stars in the team, especially Butler, entered the attack mode early, the consumption increased, and the performance of people around him, such as Strus and Lowry, was sluggish, and Vincent fell into foul trouble.

Meanwhile, after the loss, the Nuggets focused more on the offensive end:

——In the last game, Spall used Adebayo to defend the teacher single-handedly, tried not to assist the defense, and was cut down 41 points and 11 rebounds? That's okay, let his teammates around him only score Murray's 18 points at most. In this battle, Mr. Yo and Murray went deeper, even within the 3-second zone, and launched a block, so that at a slight opportunity, both of them could shoot;

——Counterattack speed, especially Aaron Gordon, who took the initiative to turn his back to find the two "black holes" of Dunrow and Vincent several times during the march.

2-1! NBA Crazy Night: Jokic makes history again, the No. 21 rookie shines, and Spoo is helpless

The Nuggets' persistence paid off from the second half, a wave of 6-0, the handicap widened to double digits, and as fitness declined, Adebayo went 2-of-9 in the second half, and Butler scored only two points in seven minutes in the final quarter. At the same time, Spoo's sudden two-point adjustment, judging from the results, did not work well. First, the upper line pinched Morey, strong side rotation cut to Jokic's passing line, the first round just changed did succeed, Vincent directly cut off the ball to Adebayo immediately, fast attack caused kill, but then let Murray directly find the empty Braun and Brown, the basket is easy to score; Second, most of the final quarter, insisting on using dual point guard Vincent + Lowry, the purpose is to speed up the conversion efficiency, but the two have not exceeded 1.9 meters, one head shorter than Murray, can not be prevented, landing on the ground with the ball, and there is no absolute speed, even if the teacher moves slowly, as the saying goes, a force down ten will, a high pressure end, they are difficult to complete the finish.

2-1! NBA Crazy Night: Jokic makes history again, the No. 21 rookie shines, and Spoo is helpless

In the end, the Nuggets won 109-94 and extended the overall score to 2-1. Jokic slammed 32 points, 21 rebounds and 10 assists, setting the first 30+20+10 data in NBA playoff history, and Jamal Murray also recorded a triple-double, with 34 points, 10 rebounds and 10 assists. At the end of the third quarter and early in the fourth quarter, the No. 21 pick in the first round of this year, "rookie" Braun stepped up, offensively, took the musket barrel of Porter Jr. and Pope, shot inside and outside, and even hardened Butler scored 2+1, shooting 7 of 8 from the field, scoring 15 points at No. 3 on the team, in addition to 4 rebounds. After the game, he was directly praised by the teacher Jo: "It is very hard, he must have a bright future".

2-1! NBA Crazy Night: Jokic makes history again, the No. 21 rookie shines, and Spoo is helpless

Often praised "Spodor Wisdom", but this time, there are also some mountains and rivers exhausted. The purpose of putting Kevin Love back into the starting line was to make up for the advantage in size under the basket, but in the first quarter, the inside allowed the Nuggets to play 20-8, and the Nuggets shot 36 of 62 from the field for 58% shooting. With 1:40 left in the third quarter, the Heat trailed by 16 points, timed out, and Spoo played a joint defense, 2-1-2 combined with 3-2, but the Nuggets were clearly prepared, only after missing one attack, they scored in succession.

Now, the puzzle has been thrown back to the Heat, 32-58 inside and 33-58 rebounding, like two straddles on their road to the championship, crossing the huge gap between them and the Nuggets, the answer written by this big dark horse will be presented in 2 days, whether it is right or wrong, we will wait and see. You know, 1-3 and 2-2, but two completely different situations.

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