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- Nagoya (doorstep)

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Nagoya City (なごやし), located in the western part of Aichi Prefecture, is the capital of Aichi Prefecture (prefecture is larger than city) and the fourth most populous city (Tokyo, Yokohama and Osaka). Historically, it is an important birthplace of Japan's Sengoku culture.

What we see today


Nagoya City, Minato-ku Shingang Kitasho, let's start here today.

Japan Tour (2)

Xingang Beizhuang (Home)

Awa Onsen

Japan Tour (2)

canl ResQrt

It mainly features open-air hot springs and rock baths

Japan Tour (2)

Admission to the restaurant

The open-air hot spring is mainly carbonated spring, with salt bath, sweat steaming high-pressure water and pool configurations of different water temperatures (open-air hot spring baths are divided for men and women, and the bath needs to be stripped) for 700 yen; There are more than 5 types of hot rock in the rock bath, which costs 700 yen; There is a leisure area and a restaurant in the middle, and meals can be consumed freely. All areas are unlimited for any time, so you can enjoy the whole day leisurely.

Daily Charge

Japan Tour (2)

Self-help Japan cooking

Japan Tour (2)

The beer is really delicious

For dinner, I was invited to a buffet Japanese restaurant, which is expensive but delicious, it should be very authentic, right?

Street view

Japan Tour (2)

The mall is very neat, and the prices of the goods are clearly marked

Japan Tour (2)

A lot of text can be understood

Rest assured meat, conscience meat, very clear.

Japan Tour (2)

Japanese cables are not buried in the ground

Soaking in the hot springs, tasting Japanese food, and watching the street view made for a leisurely and enjoyable day.

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