China's sports flow year is not good! From Li Meng to Zhang Jike Is the result really a death-free gold medal?

In 2023, a "sports small year" with neither the World Cup nor the Olympic Games, Chinese sports have dominated public opinion again and again because of off-site news.

From the anti-corruption and anti-gambling storm in football opening the crazy mode, to Li Meng falling into the "small three doors", "nude photo door", and then Zhang Jike almost lost his reputation overnight. In the recent sports circle, the focus of contributions and the storm of public opinion have been constant, from CCTV5 to CCTV12 and even one day on CCTV1.

Li Meng is the current national player of the women's basketball team, Zhang Jike as a former table tennis grand slam, just imagine, what they experienced, if it happened to any entertainment star, then the result may have been "social death", or even completely disappeared from the public eye.

But these things happen in sports circles, and public opinion seems to be different. It seems that everyone is accustomed to talking about social contributions: sports stars have won Olympic gold medals and won honors for the country, what do you entertainment stars? With tens of millions of salaries at every turn, and a brain running to Khorgos to open a company to avoid taxes? Which is higher and which is low?

Since when did our moral requirements for sports stars seem to be lower than for entertainment stars?

When it comes to the entertainment industry, many people casually put out a point of view: your circle is too chaotic. But in today's sports industry, where top athletes are increasingly being circled and traditional values are collapsing, negative news occurs no less frequently than in the entertainment industry.

Far from it, just the recent new round of football storms, involving a wide range of areas and people, is staggering. The sports industry is chaotic, compared to the entertainment industry. It's just that in the past, the entertainment industry was used to being in the spotlight and vanity fair, and the sports industry was an ascetic industry.

But now the situation is different, the developed entertainment industry is more and more infiltrated into the sports circle, coupled with the promotion of social rice circle thinking, sports stars are becoming more and more seriously idolized. To some extent, it can make the public understand them more intuitively, but from another point of view, it also changes their mentality.

Do you want results, or do you want followers? Do you want gold, or money? Do you want to suppress desire, or do you want to let go of yourself?

Recently, there has been a rise in view. The private virtues of public figures and the observance of public order and good customs should be discussed separately from their athletic achievements. To put it bluntly, it doesn't matter if you can't be a person, as long as you play the ball well.

At first glance, it makes sense, after all, in a contradictory and changeable society, we can't completely kill a person in one shot. But if you think about it, such a view is actually a very wrong value guide.

It is undeniable that both Li Meng and Zhang Jike have won glory for the country, and it is reasonable to be chased. Even public figures deserve some private space and should not live under a microscope.

Taking a step back, even if you live under the microscope, some faults can be tolerated and understood, such as selling goods with quality problems during live broadcasts; Another example is receiving some untimely endorsements; Or what controversial words were said. Considering that your past cousins have also turned a blind eye, after all, no one is perfect, since stars are also laymen, they will definitely make mistakes if they are laymen.

But the question is, if every bit of mistake accumulates, is not reminded or even condoned, and eventually leads to crossing the bottom line and red line, then what attitude should we have to deal with? From the competent department to the attitude of every little fan, in fact, it largely determines the future direction of this team member's life.

For example, Li Meng's case is a bad negative textbook. In fact, the national team has long known about the two, but the punishment result was only to fire the male leader, Li Meng himself was not affected in the slightest, and then won the World Cup runner-up with the team, appeared on the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, and his life was highlighted.

However, for the sake of its own interests, the competent unit has severely trampled on the public order and good customs of society by ignoring or even helping to cover up. In the newly announced women's basketball list, Li Meng was selected again, as if nothing had happened.

And the rabble in the rice circle, from not knowing the truth, to the truth after the truth is revealed, are still only willing to believe the truth they understand, ostensibly supporting, but in fact, secretly pushing it to the other side of the universal value of society.

The practice of forcibly kidnapping "national honor" to whitewash it is really cheesy, what era? The country has long been not the era of poverty and whiteness in the past, and there is no need to rely on sports achievements to enhance national self-confidence. We just appreciate the tenacity of sportsmanship, not the need for a "hero", so don't give us the value of "heroes are unquestionable".

Speaking of Zhang Jike, is he involved in gambling debts? Did you distribute other people's private videos without authorization? Do you take your ex-girlfriend's intimate video to settle your debt? These three "accusations" are intertwined, and the nature of each is worse than the other.

If it is true, it is already suspected of breaking the law and committing a crime, and it is not a simple "slag" that can be qualified. We have to wait for justice to intervene, not just brain gossip. This incident has developed to the present, and it is not an entertainment gossip incident, but a serious social incident and a legal incident.

Even if the final investigation results have not yet been released, the "handsome and charming" character created by Zhang Jike's team has completely collapsed, and 16 brands have urgently cut it off, and the commercial territory has completely collapsed.

These are retribution, which he should have endured, and which he should have thought of when he did evil in the first place. When the limelight is in the limelight, you say that he is domineering by kicking over billboards, and that he is cute with sleepy eyes at the Olympics. Looking back now, do you still think so? A person's bad behavior is by no means cultivated in a day, but is the result of the habit of going on for years and over time, thinking that achievements are the "gold medal for avoiding death", which can open the way for everything and can act recklessly.

The concept does not change, the evil is constant, and the only fate that awaits is the spurn of society, because they represent more than themselves.

They have been held in extremely high positions, reaped extremely high social status and unattainable income for ordinary people, and have become role models for teenagers, which should influence some people to a certain extent. But now that such a person is collapsing, how do you make teenagers believe in the meaning of chasing their dreams?

At a large scale, what happens to them is even a very bad guide to the values of teenagers.

There is also a view that our public opinion environment is too harsh for athletes, unlike foreign countries, even stars with bad personal morality can still swagger. Please, using foreign standards to measure Chinese athletes is a false proposition. Some countries are not illegal to carry guns, and even some places are not illegal to smoke marijuana, can China? National conditions are different, can the value judgment standards be the same?

Those who hold this view are either intentional or simply stupid.

Morality is the basic self-restraint, and the law is the minimum requirement for human beings. People who regard the two as child's play will end up living their lives as child's play.

The top of the industry that has once climbed to the top will eventually become a blur. There is no endless youth, let alone a life that cannot be destroyed.

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