The first in the ratings for 2 consecutive days, as soon as this spy war drama was broadcast, Liu Yunlong finally had an opponent

For a long time, spy war dramas have not lacked audiences, and each of them is a ratings hit.

In 2006, Liu Yunlong's "Dark Calculation" was born, opening a new era of domestic spy war dramas.

Three years later, Sun Honglei's "Lurking" pushed the spy war drama to another peak.

Later, the birth of "Before Dawn" and "Cliff" expanded the depth of spy war dramas.

Looking at this year's list of domestic dramas, it will undoubtedly be a big year for spy war dramas.

Zhang Songwen's "Lonely Boat", Wang Jinsong's "Thin Ice", Wang Zhifei's "Lurker", Sun Honglei's "Shocking Strings"...

However, to say that the real highlight is Jin Dong and Wang Zhiwen's "Infernal".

In my opinion, the reason why "Infernal" has attracted so much attention is none other than the following three aspects.

First, the cast is strong.

Wang Zhiwen, Zhang Zhijian, Jin Dong, Wang Likun, from the protagonist to the supporting role, are all old drama bones or powerful people, such a lineup is full of highlights.

In particular, the strong duel between Wang Zhiwen, Zhang Zhijian and Jin Dong exploded again and again.

2. Story.

The story takes the Anti-Japanese War as the background, telling that in that turbulent situation, the revolutionary ancestors mediated among various forces for the sake of the great righteousness and lofty beliefs of the country and launched a life-and-death game with the enemy.

"Fog" sets the tone for the suspense of the entire show, and "Justice" highlights the core theme of the entire show.

Third, there is a strong atmosphere of spy warfare.

As a spy war drama, the blood of "Infernal" is pure, and the unique atmosphere of spy warfare is full of eerie murderous atmosphere, which makes people shudder.

The costume road and scene arrangement have a sense of age, and the filters of cold tones give people an indescribable sense of tension.

However, the innate advantage of spy war dramas is to fill the suspense of the story before the saber rattling, each ghostly character fights wisely, and all forces play secretly.

After watching 3 episodes of "Infernal", Seventh Brother couldn't stop at all.

Perhaps, in 2023, "Infernal" will create a new benchmark for spy war dramas.

01. The angle of breaking the problem is novel, with "big" to see "small", and the suspense is progressive

Filming spy war dramas, the most taboo is overhead history.

Quite simply, without the support of history, it is difficult to attract the audience.

And "Infernal" sees "small" with "big" and "small", setting the background of the story in the period of the Anti-Japanese War, which is very familiar to the Chinese people.

In such a context, there are still many "undercurrents" hidden in the background.

Lu Feng, who grew up in an orphanage, was ordered to carry out a special mission.

In the end, with his superb wisdom, he successfully undercover into No. 76 and became the highest-level agent.

Not long after the story of "Infernal" opens, all the main characters are thrown.

These roles are broadly divided into three categories:

The first category is our agents with a clear identity;

The second category is military commanders in Cao Ying's heart in Han;

The third category is military command agents;

You sing and I appear, and the relationship between the characters is complicated.

After completing the layout of the characters, it is time to lay the groundwork for the story.

02, three confrontations, leading the audience into the game, a complex spy war drama

A good spy war drama, the audience can hardly predict how the next plot will develop, without seeing the end, it is impossible to predict the mystery.

Lu Feng received the teacher's task and was ordered to enter No. 76 undercover to standby, but he did not expect to be discovered by Shen Xiao, who was suspicious by nature, and almost exposed his identity.

The first confrontation was full of gunpowder.

As soon as he came up, Shen Xiao tortured Lu Feng and exhausted all kinds of torture methods.

Generally, agents who have not undergone special training may be beaten and eventually killed.

Fortunately, Lufeng withstood the test and successfully turned the danger into a disaster.

Next, it was the turn of the land wind to fight back.

He angrily shattered the glass of the interrogation room, when a gloomy face was reflected on the broken glass.

The eyes of the two sides clashed, and they only felt a murderous aura rushing towards them.

The second confrontation was between Lu Feng and his former lover Chen Xi.

The first time the two met on a ship, Chen Xi was suspected by the Japanese army.

With his special identity, Lu Feng successfully helped her solve the siege.

It stands to reason that when old lovers meet, how can they also greet each other.

As a result, Chen Xi drugged Lu Feng's wine, and he instantly became unconscious after a cup.

I thought that the fate of Chen Xi and Lu Feng ended here.

Unexpectedly, when the two met again, Chen Xi aimed his muzzle at Lu Feng.

Obviously, Chen Xi's identity is not simple, but which party does Lu Feng belong to?

In the third confrontation, a mysterious man infiltrates a certain room and seems to be looking for something.

As a result, the next second there was a sound of footsteps outside the door, which was obviously surrounded.

The two sides immediately fought each other, and after some fighting, the mysterious man was obviously not an opponent.

When everyone gathered around, the mysterious man crushed the medicine in his mouth, and died of poison in an instant.

But before dying, he had completed his mission, leaving an important clue.

In just three encounters, it is difficult to connect them, and it is difficult to connect the subtle clues.

However, "Infernal" relies on strong suspense to show the audience the quality that a spy war drama should have.

And "Infernal" also captures the important core of spy war dramas, making the audience enjoyable to watch.

03, reproduce the spy war classic, rewrite the ceiling of domestic spy war dramas, Liu Yunlong has an opponent this time

The spy war drama is not exciting, the most important thing is to look at the "people".

In my opinion, "Infernal" is similar to Liu Yunlong's "Kite".

"Infernal" puts a thick pen and ink on the undercover agent's identification with his own identity.

After experiencing the test of life and death, and the choice of human nature, he can still adhere to the noble beliefs in his heart.

As a spy war drama, the characters in the play are not facetious, and there is no simple distinction between good and evil.

Instead, the personal fate of the protagonist Lu Feng is integrated into the background and plot, presenting a complex section.

In addition to Lu Feng, the other characters are also very interesting.

The unfathomable Muxi Crane, the old traitor and cunning Han Tian, the calm and calm flash official, the sinister and cunning Shen Xiao....

Although some supporting roles are not many, under the blessing of the acting skills of the old drama bones, each has its own characteristics, which adds a lot of points to the whole drama.

It is worth mentioning that "Infernal" has only aired 3 episodes, and it has been two consecutive days, ranking first in the national satellite TV ratings.

Such results are enough to prove the charm of this drama.

In short, "Infernal" has successfully rewritten the ceiling of spy war dramas.

At present, the overall narrative rhythm is still relatively fast, and the amount of information is also very large.

As long as the plot is stable and steady, and the character does not collapse, "Infernal" definitely has the potential to explode.

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