There is an embarrassment called Wan Qian playing sexy, limited conditions show loneliness, and was ridiculed for the big Zhou Dongyu

Since March, the red carpet in the entertainment industry has been held one after another, and female stars can finally show off their figures.

For example, Yang Mi, who appeared in a tight red bandeau dress on Weibo night, showed off her S-shaped curves, plump upper circumference, and slender waist, which is simply a sexy stunner.

There is also Zhang Meng, who shined on the red carpet of the TV series quality ceremony, also dressed in a red dress, revealing her charming career line, and her good figure is at a glance.

There are good figures, naturally there are the opposite, such as Wan Qian, who attended the red carpet with Zhang Meng that day, judging from the color of their dresses, one is beautiful and eye-catching, and the other is low-key and calm.

Wan Qian's face state is very bearing, but the design of the dress exposes the shortcomings of her figure.

From the side, Wan Qian's arms have excess flesh, and the design of the halter neck needs to see if she can support the clothes, but obviously Wan Qian does not.

The upper body is deep V split to the navel, the beautiful back is exposed, Wan Qian's shape is difficult not to grab the camera, but unfortunately her figure is too shriveled, whether from the side or the front, it is a horse flat chuan.

However, she stood next to Zhang Meng again, compared with Zhang Meng, who was plump and fair-skinned, Wan Qian looked too bleak, and was even ridiculed by netizens as a copy of Zhou Dongyu.

Wan Qian's skeleton is not large, her figure is very thin, and her chest is too flat, so she must be especially cautious in choosing a dress, but she has to play sexy, which is quite short and avoided.

Dressed in a silver sequin dress, under the spotlight, Wan Qian's skin was snow-white, but the exposure of her shoulders and neck exposed the trapezius muscle of her right shoulder, and the uncoordinated high and low shoulders have always been a major defect for her.

At a fashion event in 2020, Wan Qian appeared in a black dress, and the chest gave people a hollow feeling due to the taiping, and the high split of the legs almost reached the base of the thighs.

I have to say that Wan Qian really dares to wear it, but because there are too many exposes, the whole process is quite a bit of a feeling of loss up and down.

In a close-up view, her trapezius muscles and high and low shoulders are exposed again, which may have become a major feature of her, and the ribs on her chest are also looming.

Even if it is a retouched picture sent by the studio, it is difficult to hide Wan Qian's flat, paper-like figure, and her chest is flat like an "airport", which shows how thin she is.

It can be seen that Wan Qian likes the design of the high slit very much, and even the suspenders are not spared, but it is a pity that the flat body cannot support it at all, and such a beautiful skirt is wasted in vain.

Because of the limited chest conditions, coupled with the trapezius muscles at the shoulder and neck, her shoulder straps slip from time to time, especially when sitting, her legs are also at risk of walking away, why dress like this?

In Wan Qian's fashion blockbusters, she also does not forget to be concave and sexy, such as this silver sequin dress, the chest is crossed deep V design, but with it comes her rib chest.

Wan Qian's entire figure looks very thin, but it is because the fat place is not fat, resulting in her figure without curves, and it looks like a capital H.

Wan Qian once had such a look on the stage of Sister Lang, with a red suit and sequin underwear, like a strong woman in the workplace, wanting to be concave and sexy, but the exposure was somewhat unsatisfactory.

There is also this style that was complained by netizens like it was tied by five flowers, and the bandeau is still a familiar formula, but there is no doubt that it has overturned again, and I have to say that Wan Qian is too thin.

Openwork, V-neck, split and sheer, this white dress really uses all the sexy and stained designs, but it can't hold the body shriveled, the chest is flat, leaving everyone with only skinny beauty.

At a certain party award ceremony, Wan Qian wore a coffee-colored coat with a sense of drape, her chest did not have a little curve, and her clothes hung down straight like this, which shows how flat her figure is.

On the red carpet of the 72nd Cannes Film Festival, Wan Qian attended in a costume holding Hu Ge, and she chose a white dress on the day, and the design of the back shawl exposed the beautiful back.

The front looks like an ordinary sleeveless dress, but this time she chose to cover her chest with fabric, but the design of the skirt did not allow her to wear the momentum of a queen, but a little petty.

After Wan Qian became popular, some netizens once turned out the dancing video of her early participation in variety shows, in fact, it can be seen from that time that she likes to use some caution in her clothes, especially the sheer design, but in the end, she was complained about poor clothes because her figure could not be supported.

In fact, Wan Qian is not unable to play sexy, such as the black and white outfit she once wore on the red carpet, a white suit with a black shirt, and the buttons on the collar of the shirt are unbuttoned, giving people a beautiful and sassy feeling, turning into a strong woman in the workplace in minutes.


Sexy, is a big weapon for actresses in the entertainment industry to dominate the red carpet, good figure can be overwhelming, on the contrary, like Zhou Dongyu was complained that children stole adult clothes, Wan Qian's repeated rollovers are a clear example.

In fact, if you want to take the sexy route, you don't necessarily have to show as much as possible on your clothes, Shu Qi's black dress is very conservative, but it shows the charm and sexiness of a mature woman.

It can be seen that whether a person is sexy or not has nothing to do with the exposure of clothes, the important thing is to wear the right clothes that suit you, promote your strengths and avoid your weaknesses, and highlight your own style characteristics.

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Author: Gu Xinyue


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